DE GOP Renounces Scott Walker

The Midlantic Dispatch has obtained a Delaware Republican Party (DEGOP) State Executive Committee official statement that strongly renounces and disavows its 2018 Republican congressional candidate, Scott Walker:

Dear Fellow Delaware Republicans,

The Republican Party of Delaware stands squarely as the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Regan for the principles of:

• Equality and respect for all.

• Personal freedom and liberty

• Smaller government.

Through a series of unfortunate events, we have on the ballot a candidate for Congress whose actions and views do not in any way represent the principles of our party.

Under our Party rules, a candidate can only be formally endorsed in a primary, if he or she has received 60% of the vote of the delegates to our spring convention. No candidate for Congress was put forth at that convention.

Shortly after the convention, Lee Murphy, who had previously agreed to run as our candidate for a State Representative seat, came to me and offered to run for Congress. I accepted his candidacy willingly. Lee met with the various party leaders and workers statewide. They also welcomed and encouraged his candidacy. Under the rules, we could not at that time make a formal endorsement but Lee was our man.

Scott Walker, who had run as a Democrat in the 2014 Congressional primary, came to a Republicans candidate school that we ran in the spring. I personally knew of his background and heard some of the views that he had publicly expressed through social media. I told him he was not welcome and could not participate. Nothing was heard from him again until shortly before the filing deadline, when he filed to run for Congress.

Frankly, there is no one that I or other party leaders have talked to who can explain how he actually won the September 6th primary.

Since that time, Walker has expressed views on social media that do not in any way represent our Party. We vigorously condemn those views and his actions.

I feel that it is necessary all voters understand the firmness with which all party leaders and I feel about this action and his presence on the ballot.

At the executive committee meeting of party officials on September 20th, I was given unanimously, the authority to express our united view, that despite his presence on the ballot, no Republican organization will give any support to his candidacy. The Executive Committee formally censured his candidacy.

We apologize to the voters of Delaware and our Party faithful, that these series of unfortunate events have led to this situation. 

Thank You

Mike Harrington Sr.

State Chairman

Republican Party of Delaware



There is no official word as yet as to whether the Delaware Republican Party will actually support or endorse another candidate for U.S. Representative. However, the tone and conduct of the Walker 2018 campaign after his surprise upset in the September 6 primary over GOP favorite, Lee Murphy has left DEGOP leaders dumbfounded and has caused considerable consternation and dissent among party members.

According to the official statement, neither the state executive committee nor any other Delaware Republican organization will fund or aid the Walker 2018 campaign. It is not known at this point as to what effect that the now-disavowed Walker congressional campaign is having on other GOP campaigns in Delaware, especially Rob Arlett’s U.S. Senate campaign. Mr. Arlett has already distanced his campaign from Walker and the Walker 2018 campaign, according to knowledgeable sources.

On September 20, The Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director, Jesse Chadderdon in a WXDE 105.9FM radio interview, called for the Delaware GOP to officially renounce Scott Walker as a candidate, citing his “consistent pattern of insensitive, harmful, and now racist rhetoric”.

Walker responded by saying that the Democratic Party calling him a racist is “like the pot calling the kettle black”. He further stated that he would welcome an official Republican Party disavowal because he is reaching out to Democrat voters and also said that he believed that the Delaware GOP does not really exist at the state level.

Republican participation in the 2018 Delaware State Primary reached a major low of eleven per cent, resulting in an unexpected victory for Scott Walker.


One of the highlights of Scott Walker’s 2018 congressional campaign is his frequent posting of rants and insults on Twitter and Facebook. The Walker campaign does not have a website or a coherent platform. Walker, who also unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Representative nomination in the 2016 Delaware Democratic Primary, was previously known mainly for nailing his handmade wooden signs to live trees on vacant lots along roadsides and was not considered a major political factor.

He faces one-term incumbent Democrat, Lisa Blunt-Rochester and Independent Republican Populist write-in, Andrew C. Webb. Marvin Davis and Paul Johnson have also filed as congressional write-in candidates.

Andrew C. Webb, citing the voter’s need for a greater range of ballot choice, declared his write-in candidacy on September 13 in response to the result of the 2018 Delaware Republican Primary. His website was launched three days later.

Delaware voters can compare the candidates positions at their respective websites: and


3 thoughts on “DE GOP Renounces Scott Walker”

  1. As I recall, the rules of the DEGOP do not allow the DEGOP not to support the nominee, unless there is some formal process for disavowing them.

    In the past, the DEGOP has violated those rules.

    Looks like their instinct is not to pull the party plan off the shelf and dust it off but to simply do whatever the hell they want.

    However, the idea that the DEGOP will withhold its help is rather a joke.

    The DEGOP has nothing to offer, sadly and unfortunately.

    The DEGOP has resisted for a couple decades the urgent flashing red lights and warning sirens that they need to wake up, smell the coffee, and actually rebuild an actual genuine political party.

    Just names on a letter head and an occasional picnic do not constitute a political party.

  2. Thank you for your accurate and cogent comment. The current
    DEGOP Dilemma, as well as the fractous division within The Democratic Party, are a subset of the Decline of Politics as Usual.

    In the face of Information Age economic, scientific and cultural reality, bipolar political ideology and party organizations are rapidly losing their relevance in a post-political environment.

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