Crime In Delaware

Dover’s bloody Sunday with 2 two dead and 1 in serious condition for the normally quiet Capital City’s 2nd and 3rd murders is cause for concern. 3 murders have occurred in 31 days after only 1 murder in more than a year and a half. Two occurred in broad daylight and at least one may be linked to a Pennsylvania assailant. The other was a shooting as people were leaving a party. Two were injured, the two had no connection except being at the same location last night. Of course Wilmington had an issue this weekend as well. Speaking specifically to the fact that 3 black youth have been killed in my district in the past month, I think we have a real problem. Sure at least some of the problem is out of state criminals visiting people here, but why haven’t they been reported? A group has approached those of us on city council about alleged lynchings in the area. At least one person was indeed brutally assaulted and an attempt was made on his life. He has been of little help because of his changing story, which may have resulted from a head injury suffered in the assault or others point to his drug dealing conviction in past and question whether he is covering up a drug revenge crime. Regardless, he did not assault himself and it is disturbing the assailants are still at large especially in the light of pro-lynching flyers. However, it seems that from the crime statistics, the larger threat we have in the black community is internal. We need to fight the enemy within with at least as much passion as the one without. It appears the Klan, WAR, or any other racist group is much less of a threat than a culture mired in apathy, poverty, family breakdown and dependence. Let there be no doubt that I oppose racism everywhere it manifests itself. That however seems less of a threat to my constituents than the thug culture which devalues education, family, and respect for authority including the police. This discussion must be had soon. It is understandably sensitive but vital. I think we need a larger conversation about how we achieve deep cultural change. I believe it starts with spiritual change, relationship training, valuing education, achievement, and entrepreneurship. We need to honor our achievers and offer a hand to those who want to escape a criminal life. We need to stop grinding people into the ground who reach out for change. We need to have a system of rehabilitation not retribution, especially for non-violent people who are getting out of prison or off probation anyway. We are going to live with those people. We can either bring them back to the mainstream or push them further into the criminal subculture. Of course the big music industry promoting Gangsta Rap and other celebration of the criminal culture doesn’t help. The liquor industry, the predatory lenders, and the pop music industry are making money off of an enslaving of the mind or robbing of opportunity to succeed. Crime and violence is not a black thing and anyone who wants to make it so should be called out. Honor service, and dignity are our heritage. We need to celebrate that not just in February, but year around. Economic opportunity must be for all. Economic inclusion has to be part of the discussion. Until Rand Paul broached the issue of poverty, it has largely been lacking from both parties since Jack Kemp passed. We can no longer redline communities into areas of economic and cultural depression then hope for productive pursuits. Of course crime in Delaware is not an Urban or Suburban issue. Rural areas have it as well. A recent home invasion in Greenwood illustrated the issue. If you go into the background there, you will also find with at least one of the defendants (all three are white), there was a broken family and a cycle of dependency. I have not had the opportunity to look in all three backgrounds throughly. The same core issues exist. As we see the disrespect of marriage and the breakdown of the family grow across the board, we see the crisis of crime spread. Delaware needs to get back to basics of life, faith, family, basic fair play for all, and honor.

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  1. Not to devalue all your good intentions, Dave, but (1) YOU are a city councilman, what are you doing to implement these intentions? Since you can’t do it alone, how are you building support with your fellow councilmembers and other elected officials? (2) No one between Jack Kemp and Ran Paul has raised the entwined issues of economic inclusion and poverty? Your political blinders are showing. (3) the African-American community is not well served by a lot of self-inflicted things that happen, as you correctly point out. How about starting by working with the liberals on the council to INCREASE public employment in areas that disproportionately go to people of color? I know, I know, that would cause taxes to go up and that would impact on the job creators, etc.

    There was a chance during the legislative session just completed to take action, when the fight over saving Dover Downs and its jobs came up. Where was your voice? Moral re-armament is nice, but an intact family begins when there’s a breadwinner, not a food-stamp casher.

    Making change is hard work for a politician, any politician. But you’ve got the chance. Take it.

  2. Nice words, do your research before you pontificate.

    I think an important part of policy is explaining to the public what needs to be done. That needs to be done repeatedly because the public has a short attention span. That thing called life demands people attention. They have to work, raise a family, pay attention to state and national news, and deal with health or other issues.

    Frankly, I have policies that have been advanced and more on the way. People need to know why coming proposals are important., especially issues of economic inclusion, crime control, and promotion of privately funded marriage workshops and exspongement workshops. 3 years ago, we had higher unemployment, higher crime, and more vacancy. The changes so far have worked, but more needs to happen.

  3. A good place to start would be to suggest that girls graduate from high school and get married before having babies.

    An illiterate teenage drug-addict mother is ill-equipped to raise children; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Thousands of black men are murdered by black men throughout this nation, year-in-and-year-out. White cops and the KKK are a minuscule threat in comparison, but they offer a convenient diversion from reality.

  4. “That however seems less of a threat to my constituents than the thug culture which devalues education, family, and respect for authority including the police. ”

    Yes there is a “thug culture” abounding in our society, and unfortunately it is now part of the authority including, and especially in the evolving police state.

    In the upcoming elections, I’m already getting the feeling that the Democrats are going to make the , overzealous, militarization of the police a key issue in order to bring out their base.

    The GOP needs to supersede the Democrats, and claim this platform before the Democrats turn it against the Republicans.

    After all. It’s the true conservatives, and Libertarians who own this platform, not the Democrats.

  5. ….but (1) YOU are a city councilman, what are you doing to implement these intentions?

    What are you doing?

  6. ….I’m already getting the feeling that the Democrats are going to make the , overzealous, militarization of the police a key issue in order to bring out their base.

    They may be playing with fire if they do that. Entertainment and the “war on women” is safer.

    Once people begin debating something more significant than the fossil fueled price of free birth control (for now) for some clueless trendy that feels like there is “war” on her (Lulz) then that may open up a real can of worms.

    Here’s a “Made in America” juxtaposition between the rioting over the shooting of an “unarmed” man (except for the huge arms he just throttled a diminutive shopkeeper with) and the shooting of an actual unarmed, single mother:

    When it emerged that the woman shot dead by police on Capitol Hill was a depressed single mother, questions surfaced as to why police fired a stream of bullets at an unarmed driver who had an eighteen month old baby in the back of her car.
    New details surrounding the death of Miriam Carey are swiftly changing the story’s turn of events: originally, one in which she was accused of being armed and confronted by police heroics during a government shutdown, into one about over-zealous police gunning down an emotionally-troubled woman in front of her child.
    The option of taking a suspect – even one considered a deadly terror suspect – into custody alive is a proven possibility, as was the case with one suspected Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He remains in prison at the moment, despite having been accused of perpetrating the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombings. He was captured alive by police. [After an hour long gun battle with an unarmed man, according to the most official of all official sources. etc.]
    Back in May, 27-year-old Ibrahim Todashev who had alleged links to the other Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar’s brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was shot six times during [“]questioning[“] by the FBI after apparently [“”””]attacking[“”””] one of the agents. He appeared to have been unarmed and there are still no further details of the situation. Tamerlan himself died in a stand-off with police in April.
    However, the separate cases are incomparable. While the Boston Bombings killed three and injured over 260, there is no evidence that Carey had any intent to cause danger to another human being. Link But she made a wrong turn in the national security state, panicked and couldn’t call 911. So she was guilty until proven innocent…. as everyone will be eventually. No word yet on any form of accountability for her executioners, i..e the low level auxiliaries and mercenaries playing pretend about being heroes. No accountability. Let alone the culture creators that created a “war on terror” that wound up cultivating these cultural trends among the gullible based on utterly botched anthrax attacks (oops) and so on. Not to mention that the Boston Boys were probably just another iteration of Operation Cyclone that “blew back” before they were even made use of. Just because something “seemed” like it worked once, using the Mujaheddin against the Russian in Afghanistan, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea forever.

    It’s debatable if it was even a good idea for anyone but the degenerates of America’s growing oligarchy in the first place.

    Some of these juxtapositions… like the rioting over the shooting of a thug that just strong armed someone vs. the silence over the shooting of an unarmed, single mother who probably just had a bad day could only happen in America.

    Actually, there wasn’t even a moment of silence. Congress was too busy applauding.

  7. Too bad she wasn’t wearing a burka- I’m sure they’ve been instructed not to offend “good Muslims.”

    Many of today’s cops are unfit to be cops. And it’s going to get worse.

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