7 thoughts on “Crazy Stuff, Only 2016’s Campaign”

  1. David, “Just sayin’ ” is about a disingenuous as it comes. Why are you publishing this garbage?

  2. Well Jaded Observer, if it weren’t for the fact that the main stream media can no longer be trusted, there probably wouldn’t be such a market for alternative media.

    The main stream media is approaching the end of it’s ability to control the narrative. We are witnessing it in it’s death throes.

    The media has been in the “week before election mode” for about six months now. I’m looking forward to what they are going to do the actual week before the election.

  3. The concept of bad money drives out good is at work here. If, as you suggest, the MSM is in its death spiral, how are they pulling this off? When respectable conservative newspapers in Nebraska, Texas, and other red states pick up on Trump’s unique unqualified-ness for office, what are they supposed to do, turn a blind eye? Please accept that DJT is an awful candidate compared to Hillary (which is pretty impressive).

  4. Pulling what off? Are you suggesting that they pulled something off…lol.

    Equating good money with the MSM is a mistake I believe. People are rapidly turning away from traditional media and I believe that the ridiculous one sided slant that we are witnessing right now is one of the reasons….and the fact that anyone can get all the news from the many outlets on the internet before the talking heads present it on their news programs.

  5. Why are you publishing this garbage?

    It is a known fact that Bill Clinton was a passenger on Epstein’s private jet, on several occasions. A known fact.

    The only “garbage” mentioned in the video is Bill Clinton. A man who paid $800k in a settle the to a woman he raped, a man called a liar by a federal judge (Wright), a man disbarred, a man who disgraced the office of the presidency by using his position of power to induce a young intern and a man accused of raping several women. Now, that’s “garbage” of the human variety.

  6. Vote for a woman that did everything in her power to smear women that were raped by her husband.

    According to Hillary, the last-minute revelations by women who were supposedly groped by Trump is sacrosanct; the accusations by women who were actually raped by Hillary’s husband are rejected as being part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    How compassionate was Hillary toward Monica Lewinsky, a young intern who was a victim of a man using his position of absolute power to use her as a sexual toy?

    “Oh, the sex was consensual.” Really?

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