Courageous or Dumb: Tell me

The famous Army doctor Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin who refused to deploy with his unit because the President was “not a native born American” has pleaded guilty to one count and is expected to be booted from the Army two years short of retirement.  Obviously, he should not go to prison when others who do not deploy for other reasons are just booted.  Losing his retirement and benefits as well as a less than honorable discharge for failure to obey a lawful order should work. The Colonel let the troops down.  Doctors with his skill are needed.  The issue was one for the electors and Congress to decide.  The issue was brought before the courts, can we allow everyone to be the judge of qualifications beyond their own vote?  This war did not start with President Obama.  It was duly authorized by the Congress of the United States.  The order was confirmed by the Secretary of Defense who was appointed by President G. W. Bush who everyone acknowledges was born in America.  I do not see the basis even if I buy his assumption.  What I do see is a man who let the Army down when he was called.  That is below the honor of an officer and he does not deserve that title. Some want him persecuted because of his deeply held political beliefs.  I don’t buy into that either.  The man is either a courageous patriot sacrificing himself to bring attention to an injustice or he lost his mind.  Either way, it is not worth wasting another dime on him to make a point.  We can use doctors out here.  Send him to some high needs area for a year in exchange for freedom.  If the left doesn’t understand why not imprison him, just pretend he said that he doesn’t want to die for oil in Bush’s war.  Those people weren’t imprisoned.  The Lt. Colonel was a highly decorated flight surgeon and an American hero.  It is a shame that it came to this.  All he asked to see was the birth certificate, I wonder if it would have been more advantageous to produce it. What’s your view courageous or dumb?

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  1. I vote for courageous.
    I agree that the Sec. of Defense signed the orders and that he was born in America and that is not a requirement of his position. However, being born in America is a requirement of the President and Commander in Chief of the United States. There is much speculation in America that Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya instead of Hawaii as he claims. Until he clears this matter up beyond reasonable doubt, he has no right to be the President or the Commander in Chief of American Military Forces and the Sec. of Defense has no right to accept these orders.
    As for Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin’s responsibilities in this matter. He is required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to not follow an unlawful order. Indeed, he can be prosecuted for such an act. (ie. being ordered to murder prisoners of war or innocent civilian non-combatants in a time of war). He is being railroaded as a political example by the administration. Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin acted appropriately and should be exonerated.

  2. That birth certificate will never be produced as it will likely have as the religion-Muslim listed and that fact is untenable by the Obama brigades.

    I am not sure how liberals can glorify homosexuals who are discharged but this man’s heartfelt beliefs are dismissed. Liberals are devoid of any IQ or sequential thought.

    Mike Protack

  3. Mike
    I am a conservative republican but I don’t agree with the statement, “Liberals are devoid of any IQ or sequential thought.”
    Although I disagree with everything they stand for, I believe that they have IQ’s and intelligence. They are devious and untruthful and we don’t usually call this intelligence, but it is.

  4. All he asked to see was the birth certificate, I wonder if it would have been more advantageous to produce it.

    That assumes you have one to produce. As far as I know, no court asked him to produce it, and Hawaii is Chicago and Louisiana.

  5. David
    I don’t see a signature of any kind on Obama’s birth certificate. This leads me to believe that this document on your link is false.
    I just went to my lock box and viewed my birth certificate and it has the doctors signature on it.

  6. David

    We differ on that call. I don’t believe the guys legitimate. It doesn’t matter, because we probably will be able to get rid of him in 2012. He will work hard at wreaking a lot of damage before then.

  7. My point though is that for sake of argument suppose he is right. The proper Constitutional authorities installed the President until he is constitutionally removed, all of his orders especially ones done under Congressional authority like the war are lawful. An individual doesn’t make that call.

    I agree with Mike, he should not go to prison for his heart felt political beliefs. As an officer who served his eight years, he could have just resigned his commission. I would have favored letting him do so with an Article 13 which says you leave honorably but can’t come back.

  8. David
    The fat’s in the fire now. This is a political issue and I believe that they will not give him a break. If he seriously believes that Obama doesn’t legally deserve to be President and Commander in Chief, then his actions are correct. As a leader and an officer in the US Military, it is his duty and responsibility to resist an unlawful order.

    It was his superiors duty and responsibility to produce a copy of the birth certificate and convince the officer that it was indeed authentic. I personally question Obama’s authority to be president.

  9. A lot of people agree with you Don. I don’t disrespect those who have a different point of view. I blame the President for dragging this out. Look at the link. He put the fact checkers through the mill. It makes no sense unless you apply my entrapment theory.

    His people for whatever reason didn’t get feel a need to respond because they thought it was silly. When they saw a real and growing concern, they dragged it out. Why? They wanted to divert energy from the opposition down a rabbit trail. Then they belatedly produce some document and say these folks are crazy birthers. Don’t pay attention to anything they say. All of a sudden you get painted by the sycophant press a crazy for asking legitimate questions. They then dismiss the rest of your legitimate concerns saying that you are not in touch with reality.

    I see it as a very clever trap. The Colonel fell into it.

    It is the modern day equivalent to being called a Conspiracy theorists even though it is obvious there is one to impoverish Americans and destroy our constitutional government. Now that even people like Geidner and Phillips documented it, they move the posts.

    I also agree that we don’t need to make heros political prisoners and we will watch this case.

  10. Mine from D. C. doesn’t have a doctor’s signature.

    Mine from D.C. does. I thought that a doctor had to ‘certify’ the birth?

    No matter, BO has done his damage already.

  11. Dumb, to the point of insane. This is not a “debate”. This is manifestation of a dark political ill among a handful of disturbed white extremists. Mike Protack says the President is an illegal Muslim. That’s how sick it gets. David thinks it’s all a trap to get conservatives. I personally think it has to do with people hating other people so bad they go nuts.

    Dr. Rodney T. West delivered Barrack Hussein Obama at Kapiolani Hospital in HI. The first black President’s certificate of birth is identical to all born there at that time. All officials in HI from the Governor to every health department official involved certifies it as so. There is the traditional live birth announcement published in the newspaper in 1961. His mother was a US citizen. The certificate of live birth is widely available as is the birth announcement. Family and friends of the deceased Dr. West recount stories relating to the birth of President Obama.

    Yet we have certain white extremists who question the depth of the embossed seal on the birth certificate. Say they need a new, different kind of certificate – something more “official” than the official one people born in HI get. Say maybe the newspaper printing the birth announcement in 1961 is not official.

    The problem is, the President being part black, with the black father from Kenya and all, has caused many white extremists to go over the edge. The idea that we elected a black liberal democrat named Barrack Hussein Obama is enough to make some folks crazy. And crazy it is. So don’t make it sound like this is a “bone of contention” or a “controversy”. Or everybody is entitled to an opinion. It’s just crazy extremism rooted in racism. Insanity induced by a guy named Barrack Hussein Obama got elected. It can’t be real can it? Maybe he was never even born. They even question the citizenship of his mother.

    There is nothing more the President can do, except to continue to conduct himself in the Christian manner we have so far become accustomed to.

  12. Anon
    The color of the president’s skin has nothing to do with this conversation. This is about the legality of his presidency and whether or not he was born on US soil. He has already shown by his actions that he does not like America or Americans. I question his policies and his motives. All of his actions have been moving toward tearing down America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. He promotes socialism on a grand scale.

    Your’s are the rantings of a racist. After all you brought up race.

  13. Dumb, to the point of insane. This is not a “debate”. This is manifestation of a dark political ill among a handful of disturbed white extremists.

    Yeah, a ‘handful.’ Like millions.

    The reason he hasn’t produced an authentic, signed birth certificate is because he doesn’t have one. It’s that simple.

    Can you imagine anon’s wrath if it were COD’s birthplace that was in question?

  14. The interesting fact is that since his mother was a citizen and he grew up here, it doesn’t matter where he was born. I researched federal law governing 1961. If either parent was a citizen and lived here at least 5 years, it is done. The law was specifically revised to include unwed mothers. The Constitution then requires that he live here 14 years to qualify. That is beyond dispute.

    The constitution does not require a birth certificate. There is ample proof and other offical documents including a certificate of live birth works. The evidence is so strong that even if the birth certificate itself is lost in the archives, enough other material proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. I think this has grown to an article of faith. Even Glen Beck has tried to convince people of the fact the President was born here.

    Are we to believe that in 1961 people knew he would be important enough to plant stories in the paper and fake documents with the state? I don’t buy it. What interested me is why then Senator Obama didn’t hand over the evidence for months. The left never addresses that, but instead just attacks people as crazy racists.

    That is why we can never have a dialog about these things. People would rather divide us than address a legitimate issue. Even when they are right, they find ways to turn you off then complain about things being so charged, hateful, and partisan.

  15. To deny there are racists, is like denying evil. Smearing the first black President as a fraud unfit to hold the office is every racist’s dream come true. Saying you’re not a racist is not enough. You need to show respect for other people in general. That is the Christian way. That applies to how we address the office of the President.

    David mentions Glenn Beck. It was national television spokesman Beck who announced to America that the President had a deep seated hatred for white people, white culture and that Obama was a racist. Let’s not make pretend everybody is color blind.

    Anytime some white guy comes along spouting white trash that the President is not our legal President, that you believe he was not born American, not a U.S. citizen, not even a good American – then you can expect somebody on the other side to say that sounds so hateful that it’s racist.

  16. I agree with anon. It’s dumb to the point of insane. As Bill O’Reilly himself once noted on his show (no lefty he), why in the hell did two local Hawaiian papers carry the news of Obama’s birth (in the very small “births” section of their respective papers) … if he wasn’t born in Hawaii???

    As for Protack — good God. I always knew he was a nut. Now it’s confirmed.

  17. Hube, I agree. But why does Obama keep spending the taxpayers money defending the various lawsuits? Just produce it already.

  18. Why doesn’t he release the document? Because it allows him to paint all opponents as the sort of idiots who cannot accept credible evidence of American birth for a black man. It allows him to distract America with a silly controversy that rallies sane people to his side.

    And as far as anything embarrassing on the certificate, it won’t be a religious designation because birth certificates do not carry them. What the problem would likely be is his being listed as being illegitimate — at least if we take this loony woman as credible.

  19. What document needs to be released? Do you mean released in a way that you can touch it or does digital suffice? The digital certificate of birth certified by Hawiii is widely available to all. Is there a baby footprint you need analyzed in order to believe Barrack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States? Is there some kind of political dementia going around where Americans can’t even recognize each other anymore?
    If his name was George Herbert Walker Prescott Bush III and he wore cowboys boots, would you be sniffing out his birth certificate wondering if he came from America.

  20. Like any good liberal from the thought-police brigade, anon thinks crying ‘racism’ ends the debate by delegitimizing the critics. Stalin used the same technique. Too bad, but the American people still have the right to raise questions and discuss the issues, whatever they may be.

    I used to condemn Clinton regularly. But, we are both white, so the ‘racism’ charge doesn’t fit. So ‘liberals’ just find another pejorative; so-called liberals use ‘racist’ so often and so inappropriately that the term has lost its meaning.

  21. “That birth certificate will never be produced as it will likely have as the religion-Muslim listed”

    Really? What religion is listed on your birth certificate? That of your parents? What do they list if the parents have different religions?

    Or, better yet, what religion were you born believing?

    This “religion on the birth certificate” thing always makes me chuckle. Nobody ever asked my wife or me anything about religion when our kids were born.

    And, Don, try heading over to the vital records office for your birth certificate and see what you get from the State of DE. They haven’t issued anything resembling the thing in your lockbox in ages. What you will get is a computer printout on security paper, and they will apply the seal at the vital records office. It will not have a doctor’s signature, little footprints, or any of that other stuff on it.

  22. Nitpicker: All you say might be true, but I don’t know what the case was in Hawaii back then.

    There must be some reason the Obama camp doesn’t want to release the long form. Remember, it’s a “long” form, so perhaps it does ask the parents their religions. It’s possible that, knowing opponents would use it to brand him a Muslim, he doesn’t want to release it. This is the only thing I can come up with that makes logical sense (or, rather, it makes the most sense). I”m pretty sure Protack adopted that position after hearing me say it.

  23. Anon
    I’ve found in the past that the ones that use the race card are the real racists. I’ve also found that they use the race card to move the center of attention from the real issues and center everything around the race issue, destroying any real debate of the issues

  24. I take racism very seriously. That is why I don’t toss it around like candy in a parade.

    Sure the fact that one of his parents was an alien fuels this. obviously everyone has records of Bush Sr. in Congress and the War and elsewhere so there is no doubt about Bush jr. That has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the fact that this is the first time we had a President whose father was a foreign citizen.

    As I said, the doubt is misplaced. He is the duly certified and elected President of the United States. He was born here, but even if he weren’t the law would still make him a citizen so all of this stuff is moot.

  25. Anon I’ve found in the past that the ones that use the race card are the real racists.

    That’s right. So much for the liberal’s ‘colorblind’ society. Frauds.

  26. “All you say might be true, but I don’t know what the case was in Hawaii back then”

    Well then why don’t you take a look at one issued the same week in 1961. This one belongs to Susan Nordyke:

    Is there a space for “religion”? No. Mike Protack is simply making stuff up.

    Now, you’ll also notice that is a certified copy that was made in 1966. That’s how states used to issue them when requested. Most states don’t do that anymore, including Delaware. Like I said, go get a copy of your BC from DE vital records, and see what they give you. Hawaii hasn’t provided copies of “long forms” in over a decade. Why? Because there were so many different types of forms that a set of standard guidelines have been implemented by most states for the purpose of making things like passport applications, etc. administratively simpler, so that authorities don’t have to deal with 50 different types of birth certificates.

    I was born in Delaware and don’t have a copy of a long form BC either. The last time I had one was back in around 1978 when I applied for my first passport. Along with a lot of other papers, I just don’t have it any more, so when I needed one a few years back for a new passport, I got what DE currently issues.

    So the answer to the question of:

    “There must be some reason the Obama camp doesn’t want to release the long form.”

    …is really pretty simple. They don’t have one, and Hawaii doesn’t issue them. The only reason that is kept alive as a “suspicious question” of some kind is that there are people who are unaware of the basic facts of what you get when you go to most state offices for a certified copy of your birth certificate these days. There is nothing to “release”. The entire controversy thrives on the ignorance of people who buy into it.

  27. Nitpicker
    Thank you for that link to the 1961 Hawaii birth certificate. My New York birth certificate has the items, like official signatures and other items. The birth certificate on the link that David provided, is devoid of the kind of detail that a Hawaii birth certificate on your link provides in the same year.
    I am extremely suspicious that it is indeed a fraud and that power and money were used to manipulate some officials to make it happen in our fair island state.

  28. “The birth certificate on the link that David provided, is devoid of the kind of detail that a Hawaii birth certificate on your link provides in the same year.”

    You really don’t get it. The one on the link that David provided is what the State of Hawaii has provided for the last decade when you request a certified copy of a birth certificate – even if you were born in 1961. The link to the Nordyke certificate shows what they gave out in 1966 (read the bottom).

    States don’t DO that anymore. In 1978, when I requested by early 1960’s birth certificate from vital records, they provided me with a photocopy on which they would put a seal – like the Nordyke one. Now, when I request one, they provide a print-out on security paper, and emboss a seal on that. What you fail to understand is that Barack Obama has not been toting around some piece of paper from the 1960’s. The one that has been released is a certified copy obtained from Hawaii in 2007, most likely in a batch in order to file paperwork with various state election offices. They don’t *have* a “long form” and Hawaii doesn’t issue them anymore. The last time I saw my own long form birth certificate was in 1978, and the State of Delaware won’t give me another copy either.

    The sad part of all of this is that LTC Lakin is an otherwise decent person who fell for this crap, and is now paying with loss of his pension, six months in prison, and a very real likelihood that he will not be able to maintain a license to practice medicine in quite a few states if any.

  29. And, since I didn’t answer the question in the blog post, I feel that I should.

    Lakin decided that his unfounded suspicions were more important than his duty. He is no more honorable than the service members which refused to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan, because they believed Bush was “illegally elected” or that they were “illegal wars”. The uniform of a branch of the US armed forces is not a clown costume in which to play politics. The US military, and no member of it, is empowered to determine whom is a “legitimate” president, when that president has been duly elected, the election certified by Congress, and the president sworn into office. Again, the Constitution empowers Congress and Congress only to impeach the president. That is a political function, not a military one.

    To call Lakin a “patriot” is to call every other member of the armed forces who has duly deployed and risked their lives for our freedoms a traitor. Sorry, I do not believe the Army has one “patriot” and a million traitors. Maybe, to you, every other service member is a “coward”, and you can get in line with those who spit on returning vets.

    One man with real courage is Major Dobson, a less experienced trauma surgeon who was deployed on short notice to replace Lakin’s position at the Forward Operating Base. Shortly after deployment, Lakin’s battalian took heavy casualties, and Major Dobson was responsible for the immediate treatment and stabilization of 16 wounded soldiers, while Lakin was used to raise donations for the huckster lawyer he eventually fired, was the toast of Birtherstan, and made YouTube videos and CNN appearances – while his battalion brothers were fighting, bleeding, and dying in the service of this country.

    Lakin is an egotistical narcissist who is no different from the draft dodgers and deserters we’ve always had who, when duty calls, suddenly find some “higher principle” to keep their butts out of combat. He endangered the lives of others in his unit by depriving them of the skill for which he was trained and duty bound to provide, and showed no remorse whatsoever for Major Dobson, who had to cram study trauma techniques and leave a two year old son behind with little warning or preparation.

  30. Sure the fact that one of his parents was an alien fuels this.

    Shrug, their country of origin doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they were Leftist ignoramuses.

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