Courage of Your Convictions

   I was hoping to be able to move on to more important topics. You know like the un-employment rate. The exploding deficit. The fact that the Democrats have hi-jacked the health care system of the United States.   But no, the little brains around here what to continue to focus on the fact that Vance Phillips is taking a paycheck from the Glen Urquhart campaign.   That’s fine I guess.  I am noticing that there are some new names showing up on the blogs. That also is a good thing I guess. The more people that join a conversation, the more ideas there are to share.  But what really burns me up are the cowards. The screen name sissies. Don’t you people have the courage of your convictions?   Or, is it that if your identities were known, your bias would also be known?   Would your true identities prove what many of us already know. That this so called controversy is nothing more than a made up controversy. That those who are trying to keep it going are a group of people from several different factions.  In my view you have some Democrats who are afraid to run against a real conservative such as Mr. Urquahart. Then you have some Republicans who are supporting another Republican candidate, who are afraid to run against a true conservative. Of course you have some people who just out and out hate developers and those who support growth. Then you have those who are just out for revenge.   I have said a lot of things on this blog and my own  , that have angered people. I have been called names and had my intelligence called into question many times.  I don’t ask everyone to agree with me, but I do stand behind everything I say and I have the courage of my convictions. I put my name to every word I post. I have never created a second anonymous screen name just so I can give a conflicting point of view.   So I say to all of you out there who wish to challenge Mr. Phillips and Mr. Urquahart on anything they have done, either do it in your own name or crawl back in the holes you crawled out of. Put up or shut up.

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  1. Not a lecture but a trip to reality. Blogs are electronic graffiti when the random unnamed comments take over any substance.

    Mike Protack

  2. Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth or at least what he really thinks. I understand Frank’s frustration, but some of the anonymous comments have been thoughtful and engaging. I welcome them. Sometimes you have to chew the meat and spit out the bones. The nonsense ones are the bones and people can spot them a mile away. I have confidence in the intelligence of our readers 99% of whom never comment.

    I just wish people would get on to the real issues, but when one of the major newspapers fuels this, other campaigns follow. It is a mild storm. It will pass. Too many people have a vested interest to let it die easily. It will continue until they look so silly and petty that they realize it is hurting them more than the targets.

  3. Isn’t it great to get a lecture from Frank Knotts. I feel better already. ahhhh, great therapy.
    The only real conservative in this race is Mr. Kevin Wade, who has gained all his donations from grassroots Americans that work for a living. If Mr. Urquhart runs out of current funds, which of course, he seeded into his own campaign to the tune of $500,000, he will simply continue to fund himself.
    That, my friends is what they call buying an election. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mr. Urquhart, it’s not about you and your ego, it about the people.
    Kevin Wade is a man of the .people and the people who work on his staff are unpaid staff. They don’t have conflicts of interest. These are people that would work tirelessly and endlessly for the cause. The cause is we the people and Kevin understands that.
    It’s going to be along hot summer and we will see you at the polls Mr. Urquhart with all your paid staff who will then be out of a job.
    How does it feel Mr. Urquhart to have to pay people to tell you how great you are!!!!! Now that’s real ego.

  4. Both Wade and Urquhart are good guys and so is Mrs. Izzo a fine conservative. I want to see the process work out to see who the best standard bearer for us is. Any of the four will be better than Carney.

  5. Yes anyone on the Republican side is better than Carney! But the question that I ask is “Who will stand up for the Working Class people that are now in a crisis due to loss of employment etc”? I feel that Mr. Wade would be the only one that would sit down and offer guidance to someone in this position. I can not see the other candidates doing anything due to their “Social Status”. I have seen this too many times. There are so many residence in Delaware that need help and believe me they are in your on backyard.

  6. To Frank’s point…I’ve often shared his contempt for the cowards who hide behind their computer screens and who don’t have the courage to present their true identities when discussing these issues. David, Frank, Mike, Jason and others unafraid of their opinions and views. THEY are the true majority and the ones “speaking for many” which is why they don’t hide who they are. Most of those cloaked by pseudonyms are ironically NOT speaking for most of the people and they know it. That’s why they must hide who they are. They are ashamed of their opinions because deep down, despite their arguments to the contrary, they know that their progressive agenda is shallow and not shared by the masses.

    As to which GOP candidate will win the day or SHOULD win the day, I say may the best candidate win. I have my personal opinions and favorites in the race. I’ve met all of the candidates and while I’ve spent more time with some than others I can honestly tell anyone who reads this that they are all fine individuals. I hope that the infighting within the campaigns ceases. Primary battles are often filled with backhanded compliments and cheap shots but for the sake of the Republic I hope that this group of 4 civilized American citizens, who are each worthy of praise for their willingness to step out of traditional comfort zones and into the fire of Congress, can work together on their differences.

    I recieve phone calls and emails from every direction as a leader of a patriot group and I can tell you that I’m actually rather annoyed by it all. “He said that (name removed) was too rich!”…”Don’t you think (name removed) is a bit underqualified?”……Can’t you people…on all sides of the aisle…put down your d*** measuring sticks and pick up some common sense? Don’t you people see what is happening to our country!? The only one rising above this childish banter, is the woman that none of you people will invite to a DEBATE.

    I like Glenn, Rose, Kevin and even Michele. I think they all have good points and they also have things they need to work on. I would like to spend more time getting to know where some of them stand on issues but unfortunately we’re stuck in a popularity contest within the GOP. Isn’t it about time we saw a real debate on issues and not on who has the largest bank account, pays their staffers or has the most friends inside the party elite?

    No wonder the Democrats CRUSH the Delaware GOP annually. Even if the progressive Democrats are wrong on just about everything they’ve ever thought of…they can at least unite when they know they need to. All of you…grow up…wake up and act like the founders did.

  7. Frank, I hear you loud and clear w/ the anonymity piece–but “cowards” vote too–and do so anonymously–so I guess it might be prudent to hear what they have to say.

    The other garbage posts of vitriolic verbage, may get sensationalism, but rarely sustainability. A tempest in a teapot….whoops….you know what I mean.

  8. Dear Evan Q,

    You are hitting alot of good points but you are missing alot also.

  9. I agree with Evan. I see good in all 4 candidates and could vote for any of them in November. I said all 4, but named only 3 because I still have an interview out with two and haven’t spoken to one at all. We have had to reschedule a few times. The fact that I declared 3 conservatives and left out one is not met to be a slight. I will decide on the 4th when I have all of the information.

  10. For all I know, Evan and Frank are made-up names too. I don’t care who is making the point; it is the point itself that matters.

    Who cares? … the only reason to learn someone’s identity is so you can try to shut them up through some means external to the actual debate.

    If you can’t handle discussing a point without knowing the identity of the author – you got nothing. You are admitting the point itself is intellectually beyond you and you are looking for ad hominem factors to fling.

    I agree that anons with wild insults should be shut down… but we don’t see that too often on these blogs. If you want wacky anons go to the News Journal comments (mostly right wing anons by the way, so you “progressive shame” theory breaks down).

  11. They aren’t fake. I know them.

    I just have a problem with people who are anonymous attacking personally those who are not such as the Bill Sammons insult or the anon name calling that I deleted. I give a lot more leeway to a person who is out front than one who is not when it comes to non issue interaction. Frank expressed a frustration that I hear a lot from people that say they read faithfully but don’t comment. They are afraid of being attacked by an anon. That is why we monitor libelous comments here. We want this to be a forum with civility. Mr. Phillips is a public figure so that is a different standard. A person just giving an opinion does not open themselves to public ridicule. I am not saying that you are guilty of that. I am just explaining the guidelines.

  12. The name-calling in this thread seems to be Republican-on-Republican violence.

    With a very few exceptions, the bloggers who use their real names tend to fall into two categories:

    1. Those who have some level of financial security (family business, vast family fortune, or simply a retirement pension).

    2. Those with nothing to lose (you know who you are).

    Everybody else is in that middle-aged, middle-income category where they want to participate but can’t risk some wacko employer retaliating against them for their political views.

  13. I guess Frank and I are in neither catagory. We just believe in what we believe, but in these times, I respect people who wish to speak freely without retaliation. That is why I will always allow it.

  14. I also concur with the opinion that any of the field of four republican candidates would be far superior to Mr. Carney.
    However there are large differences between the candidates and their ability to do the job and actually represent the people and hold to the values of the constitution.
    Before a month ago, I had never written in a blog but find the exchange of ideas interesting. I find that people using a handle will tend to be more relaxed and say what they really think.
    The real issue here is America and it’s people. In this election we have a real chance to gain back the US House of Representatives and and stop the Obama steamroller in its tracks.
    If we gain a majority in the House we can stop the bleeding in America and start the long process of rebuilding what is broken. It will take all of us but the focus here is America and its people.
    I too have spoken to all of the candidates except Mrs Rizzo and have chosen Mr. Wade because he only wants to serve three terms. I believe what he says and I believe that Washington has the ability to corrupt anyone no matter what their values are if they stay too long.
    I believe that Mrs. Rizzo should be included in these debates. This is America and she is a qualified candidate and should be heard so people can decide on their own. She is not my choice for the position but she certainly has the right to be heard and not excluded. This is America and Losing America is not an option that I will accept. Not on my watch.

  15. Anon..presenting the opinion openly without shame is what I’m talking about. If you have a valid point, why hide behind an alias? If I’m going to have a debate with someone, I want them to speak from their heart and give me the truth openly. That doesn’t happen here on these blogs in many cases. It’s a waste of time to argue a point that the other person doesn’t actually believe.

    The fact is, if you won’t make your point and put your name behind it, how valid is the point? Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you can do that, I’ll respect you and your opinion. If you cannot, what’s the point?

  16. Windjammer – All of the candidates have accepted the concept of limits on their terms but I respect your right in backing Mr. Wade and your reason for doing so. These are the things we ought to be basing our opinions on instead of who has more (or less) money, who is better looking (I’ve actually heard this argument made…not here but I’ve heard it made) or who is more popular with the party leadership.

    Issues and principles people…Issues and principles.

  17. If you have a valid point, why hide behind an alias?

    If the point is valid, why deny it for some irrelevant reason?

  18. I would love to speak out but the best thing is to say the “Working Class” People in the state of Delaware are barely making ends meet. With the economic in state that it is currently in these people are scrambling to keep up with “Who said What”. Why is it the the 9 12 and Tea Party Folks have taken off like they have? More power to them! There are so many in the United States of America that are hurting and need help that we tend to over look our next door neighbor and or our business partner.

    These are issues that I see everyday and what is being done about it? Why do we not see or hear these candidates bringing some type of plan to the table so that some people may have a glimmer of hope before they hit bottom? Life with out the basic necessaties is “Tough”!

    We need help at home first, then we can move onward.

  19. “If you have a valid point, why hide behind an alias?

    If the point is valid, why deny it for some irrelevant reason?”

    I repeat…if the point is valid why hide behind an alias? The reality is that people with valid points generally do not hide behind an alias because they are unafraid to make the argument. Those who second guess their own opinions and are insecure about them are the ones who need an alias.

  20. Evan Q

    I don’t agree that they have all accepted term limits. I heard glen Urquhart speak recently and has indicated that he would let the people determine his term limits. That tell me that if elected that he would like to stay so long that he would die in office.
    It is not the only reason that I chose Mr. Wade for my choice. First he will never support a bill that overreaches the constitution. He will never vote for a bill that weakens the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment. and he will won’t accept a raise. He believes that they are making more than enough and it’s the peoples money.
    When talking to him, I found the content of his character to be exceptional and above reproach.
    I don’t see all of that in the other candidates. I don’t think they are bad people. I just think that Kevin stands out in the field of candidates and will go to Washington and do what he says.

  21. There we go Wind! These are the kind of discussions we need to be having!

    I’ve personally spoken to all of the candidates as well and I have to tell you that I find them all to be well intentioned and reasonable. I would agree that Kevin is certainly an impressive candidate and would urge everyone to continue to look for principles over party.

  22. Ben Franklin did most of his letters to newspapers as Silence Dogood. We all know Mark Twain was not Mark Twain.

    Samuel Adam organizer of the Boston Tea Party penned many of his revolutionary essays under the pseudonym “Candidus”. Strange how modern Tea Party is down on pen names – a real departure from the tradition of the Founders.

    Anybody interested in keeping great tradition alive should go easy on pen names. The were heavily used by the Founders, and are still well suited to these times.

    David, I think it’s good you are starting to police the comments. Most of the big time blogs do not permit borderline psycho vicious personal attacks. You need to moderate more, not censure, just keep the discourse civil. Also, very few blogs permit identity theft as I have experienced here. Where the host of the blog or the bloggers go to the trouble to find out the identity of a pen name then publish it. Just for spite. In all the blogging I do, I have only experience that kind of spiteful violation of privacy on two blogs. Here and at Resolute. Both conservative blogs.

  23. “The reality is that people with valid points generally do not hide behind an alias because they are unafraid to make the argument.”

    My reality is that when I did post under my own name, somebody who didn’t like what I had to say actually went to my boss and tried to have me fired (it was a lefty, not a conservative). Sorry, I realize shades of gray are often unwelcome, but that’s the truth.

  24. There ya’ go Geezer. Nobody should have to explain why they use whatever name they want. How do you define freedom? It’s the little stuff. Like being able to use pen names without the thought police coming to out you.

  25. DELAWARE GRAPEVINE AS PER CELIA COHEN–THE STORY JUST WON’T GO AWAY AND IS GROWING LONG LEGS–Vance Phillips ( Sussex County Council President) apparently was shopping his services for money to others for the Delaware Congressional Seat now held by Mike Castle (R) soon to be open. Glen Urquhart apparently was the first to bite?? Is Vance’s political method of operation KINDA LIKE THE OLDEST PROFESSION ? 🙂 🙂 Scroll Down to read CELIA Cohen’s facinating article below:

    By Celia Cohen
    Grapevine Political Writer

    “Before there was Glen Urquhart, there was Tony Wedo, another well-off Republican new to Delaware politics with a hankering to run for Congress.

    Wedo was not surprised at all by the sideshow that has been consuming the state’s political class, ever since the latest batch of campaign finance reports came due April 15 for federal candidates.

    Vance Phillips, the Republican who is the Sussex County Council president, turned out to be on Urquart’s campaign payroll, a queasy arrangement if ever there was one.

    Politics does not have much experience with mergers and acquisitions. It has led to a jumble of conjecturing about who is extracting what from whom and who is beholden for what, made all the more complicated because Urquhart is a Sussex County developer.

    Wedo says Phillips tried to put the touch on him earlier.

    “I met Vance in the exploratory [phase.] He offered his help, and I declined it,” Wedo said. “He commented to me that for ‘x’ amount of money, he would be involved with me and help me with Sussex County. I didn’t think that was appropriate.”

    Wedo never did become a candidate. A business executive who was with PepsiCo/Kentucky Fried Chicken and Boston Market, he currently consults with a New York investment firm on restaurant ventures. He has been trying for a couple of years to move across the line from Pennsylvania to an old house he is restoring in Greenville, but the work has gone on and on and on.

    Phillips acknowledges some talk about money, but not the way Wedo described it.

    “I said, you can’t afford me. I knew he had no candidacy because he didn’t live in the state. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings,” Phillips said.

    As Wedo faded out as a potential candidate in February, Urquhart came on. Urquhart drew a certain amount of interest, only to be eclipsed when Michele Rollins, one of the state’s most prominent business executives, declared she wanted to run.

    They have their sights on the congressional seat Mike Castle, their fellow Republican, is leaving after nine terms to run for the Senate. The Democrats have John Carney, the former lieutenant governor, looking to replace Castle.

    It is a secret what Phillips’ price is. The campaign is being financed almost entirely by a personal loan from Urquhart of $565,000, with Phillips so far collecting a salary of $5,000. Phillips would not say how much more is coming — “you will be able to count it up as the reports come out” — and neither would the campaign.

    “He is still a paid consultant, but as his role diminishes in the campaign, his pay will also diminish,” said Kim Stevenson, a campaign spokeswoman.

    There appears to be no precedent for a Delaware officeholder to be on the payroll of another politician. Certainly there is plenty evidence of cooperation, such as Tom Carper, the Democratic senator, setting up a PAC to help other candidates, or Castle appearing at a fund-raising reception for Colin Bonini, the Republican candidate for treasurer, but nothing this coldly transactional.

    There is even the model Phillips himself followed in his involvement with the 2008 campaign of Bill Lee, the Republican candidate for governor. Phillips was reimbursed for expenses totaling about $7,500. His college-age daughter and a nephew were paid staffers.

    “I made no decision on whether Vance got salary. I believe he got expenses,” Lee said. “He made a tremendous commitment. I’m sorry he’s in this present controversy. I wasn’t a rich developer.”

    Phillips is unapologetic about his new paycheck. He says it compensates for the hours he would otherwise be spending on his real estate dealings and farming. As if he were being forced into subordinating those interests to his political reach.

    Wedo, by the way, has not soured on politics. He expects to spend this campaign season helping out Rollins and some Republican legislative candidates. He enjoyed his exploratory campaign, especially the time someone in Sussex County prodded him to find out whether he knew anything about chickens.

    As a matter of fact, Wedo knew everything there is to know because of his experience buying tens of millions of pounds a year at Boston Market and KFC. When it comes to chicken, he outranks Colonel Sanders.

    Not to mention Wedo is up to playing chicken with Vance Phillips, too”

  26. Anonymous political statements have a long and proud history in America. I find it amusing that people who go on & on about their patriotism would call into question the integrity & patriotism of individuals who use such a time-honored and dynamic instrument of our country’s political experience. By using a pseudonym a writer is able to make their position & argument the focus of the debate, without any consideration being given to who they are or what position they hold in their life.
    Many people who post about the debacle that Urquhart & Phillips have created may have many reasons for doing so anonymously. They may currently have a matter before the Sussex County Council, or they may be an employee of Sussex County.
    Phillips should not be accepting a salary from a developer who has previously had business before the Sussex County Council (even more so when Vance voted in favor of the projects), and likely will again in the future. Their relationship may be completely honest and honorable, but my 15 year old son could make a reasonable case for the inherent conflict. This is a text book case of “appearance of impropriety”. Now there are stories that Vance Phillips approached another (potential) candidate with an offer of his support & help for the right price. Phillips denies these charges, but it only further demonstrates the problem with his position on the Urquhart campaign. It looks like Urquhart is trying to buy his way into office and it looks like Phillips would be willing to support any candidate who has a checkbook with a sufficient balance to pay his price.
    I have previously argued that Phillips need only resign from the Urquhart campaign and return the monies paid to him or resign from the Council. Now I am forced to take the position that the only acceptable action is for Phillips to resign from both. His position with the Urquhart campaign will only serve as a question on the integrity of Uurquhart. And any decision he ever makes on the Sussex County Council will be met with suspicion regarding his motivation. I’m not entirely surprised to see the GOP is still capable of self-destructing.


    —– Original Message —–
    To: Judson Bennett
    Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 10:34 PM
    Subject: RE: Sussex Council President offered political services to others?

    “Hi Jud, Seems like I am a very popular guy these days. If you would be so kind as to forward this note to your network, I would appreciate it. After reading Celia’s blog post and your comments, I was compelled to jot down a few thoughts….

    Regarding Celia’s blog post, my side of the story is accurate, although Wedo may have been misled by Dave Jones who was doing the facilitating. It doesn’t matter, I like Tony, its just not his time.

    After Wedo, came an overture from Colin Bonini to work on his campaign via a mutual friend. In this case, I felt like Bonini would be worth working for because of his viability and his principles. But the offer was less than the salary I had set.

    The reason there was a salary, is because I knew that I would not be able to participate in politics any longer unless it was in an occupational context. The Bill Lee campaign taught me that I am unable to control my political passions and that it was killing me personally. My family suffered by a) not having the head of the household at home and b) not having a secure revenue stream to take care of them. In 2006 I helped folks like Ferris Wharton and lots of local candidates. In 2007 I became the vice chairman of the Republican State Party and spent untold hours throughout the state working on campaigns. Since 2005 I have eroded my personal finances to the point that I have lived off previously accumulated equity. My farming operations have suffered tremendously, with my acreage going from 400 acres back then to 50 acres this year. My active real estate work ended many years ago, again a victim of a divided set of priorities.

    I have an addictive personality and I cannot participate in the political arena halfway. So after Bill Lee’s campaign and helping several other local candidates in 2008, I was left broken in so many ways and I made a promise to myself and my wife that I would never run another campaign without appropriate compensation. I was content to sit the 2010 cycle out and even considered retiring from County Council myself, but was encouraged to file by many good folks making the argument that I needed to do my duty and continue to serve.

    Then came someone who had heard that I would consider putting a campaign together as a job. I confirmed and a month went by before they contacted me again to tell me it was Glen Urquhart. I was skeptical, but agreed to meet with him and his wife Angela, together with my wife. We had dinner at Glen’s house and we listened to him tell his story. We asked lots of questions and after two hours I told him I would think about it. When we left, I again assured Lisa that I would not get involved without her consent, and I meant it.

    That night I prayed about it and was given peace in the form of Lisa’s discernment of Glen. The next day Lisa told me that she approved, that Glen seemed like a good candidate and a likable guy. I waited a while to absorb what I was about to commit to and then called him and told him I would help him.

    Since that time, I have been spending every waking hour thinking about this candidacy. I have lived at our condo at the beach near Glen’s five nights a week, while putting in a solid 70 hours per week working on the campaign both in Rehoboth and during the two days that I am home. With the exception of church, my cell phone is always on and I have again completely fallen off the political wagon. Maybe its a disease or maybe just a passion. I love it and I hate it. I am told that I get it from my grandfather who ironically was the Sussex County Democrat Chairman in 1950

    If that makes me a whore, then so be it. My motives are noble, but I still have two daughters in to carry through college, a significant mortgage and a wife who deserves to be comfortable, especially in light of the fact that she is a political widow every other year.”

  28. I have seen several references to the historical fact that many of our founders used pen names, well last itme I checked we couldn’t be dragged from our home and hung or be shot for denouncing the King, but give it time it may be coming. As for why a person may use a screen name like “bulldung1111” and why it is a problem, first off if my employer would fire me for expressing my views on my personal time then maybe I would be better off.
    Knowing the identity of the person making the point is relevant. A person making a point may have a relationship or association that colors their point of view, if they hide behind a screen name such as “notalottosay412 1/2” , we are less likely to know the complete story of their opinion.
    In many cases individuals will create several screen names to use on the same blog to create the “PERCEPTION” that there is a larger concensus then there is.
    I am who I am, I say what I feel and believe, I stand behind all that I say with no fear. If someone is going to use it or hold it against me that is their problem.
    When I meet someone for the first time I extend my hand and introduce myself and receive the same in return. I suggest that this is the way to start all honest conversations.
    Many have suggested that to hide behind a screen name like”alotofwind463785945342335465″ enables people to be honest, maybe, but in my opinion it is the opposite. I feel that people who hide their identities may have even more to hide.
    Signed, Frank Knotts

  29. Anonymity has its place in politics and it certainly has its place in blogging. If you can’t handle replies from anonymous people posting, maybe blogging isn’t for you.

  30. Frank, stop bitching about people doing what they want on blogs. It’s none of your business what name anybody uses. Stop with the superiority complex and MYOB. People in American have privacy rights, freedom to do a lot of stuff you don’t like, including using pen names.

    Why are conservatives the most authoritarian when it comes to personal freedom?

    On Vance’s addiction. Great. Quit your job as public servant and be a political operative. I might be a vice cop who is addicted to the idea of running a whore house. Do one or the other.

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