Consequences, Elections have them and so does Legislation by: Larry Mayo–Guest Post

As we look forward to the new legislative session in Dover, to see if the newly elected and also the re-elected Representatives and Senators fulfill the promises they made during the campaigns. I have to wonder to myself, what will change? My best guess is, next to nothing! Why? Well I’m glad you asked. You see, during the election, nothing changed. We, the voters, continued to ask our politicians to solve problems our government has neither the ability nor the authority to solve, and they continued to promise to do just that. After all, the purpose of civil government is what? To do for us what we can’t do for ourselves? No. To level the playing field? No. To spread the wealth around? No! The purpose of OUR government is simply, to secure our rights, those rights which were given to all of us by our Creator. Period! I know this because the men who created our government wrote it down, so we would not lose sight of this basic fact. The thing is that most of the problems that need to be fixed are in fact created by our government overstepping its authority in the first place. You see, laws have consequences. The natural law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, applies not just to Physics it also applies to laws. Let me site an example. Last session a bill became law, mind you with the best of intentions, to save lives, which made it illegal to use your cell phone while driving without a hands free device. So now, of course the roads are safer as a result. Yeah, right. Now every contractor, every teenage driver, and every other driver who has become overly dependent upon these devices just stopped using their phones while driving, right? Well, not really. Now those people are using their devices held low enough not to be seen by the passing police car. So instead of holding their phone in front of them, in their field of vision while driving, they are looking up and down, up and down again to dial, or end the call. Now their eyes are actually on the road less, thus the roads are less safe. If you look at virtually every law enacted recently you can find an equal and opposite reaction for it. Our drug laws ,give us a black market and street crime, business regulations and higher fees and taxes, all bring about an under the table labor market. The gender neutral bathroom bill, in an effort to solve one problem, creates another, and on and on. Now I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do have a suggestion on how we might endeavor to find them. Our framers gave us an owner’s manual for the government “of the people”. Maybe, just maybe, the answers are in it. How would we know, most of us have never read it. Heck most of our elected officials, who by the way swear an Oath before God, to uphold and defend it, have never read it, at least not since grade school. Perhaps it would be a good start if we all would take an hour out of our busy lives to read for ourselves, the U.S. Constitution and another hour or so to read the Delaware Constitution. We might just find that the solution to our problems is to simply stop creating more problems, by not reading the owner’s manual before operating the complex machinery of our governance. You see our ignorance of the how and why of our government system also has consequences.

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  1. I have to wonder to myself, what will change?

    Delaware faces a major emergency. The legislature must grapple with the problem of electronic cigarettes.

  2. Larry welcome aboard, I’m glad you accepted my suggestion/ offer to be a contributing writer for David’s site.

  3. Welcome aboard Larry, I remember talking to you at the Delaware 9-12 Patriots’ meeting about you becoming a contributor at DPand I’m glad David has made this very good choice.
    Good Post, hope to see more in the future.

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