5 thoughts on “Common Core Slashes GED Grads”

  1. It speaks loudly that Common Core just doesn’t want people to have a second chance in life. Not all people finish high school for one reason or another, but many have used the GED system as a second chance and succeeded in life.
    Everybody needs a second chance sometime in their life.

  2. The GED, incidentally, is a privately-run operation which had doubled the price and reduced the number of testing locations in NY, which is why the state went to an alternative. As noted in the article linked in the post, many people believed that discontinuation of the GED in NY meant that there was no test available at all, which is what reduced the signups.

    What is deceptively left out of the article is that the GED has ALSO been revised to track Common Core subject knowledge:


    “The New York State Education Department decided to use the new TASC after a revamped GED — also Common Core-aligned — doubled its price to roughly $120 per student.”

    But, never let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh David?

  3. It seems to me that you proved the point. Common core made it more expensive and harder so fewer people took the test and fewer passed. Even more interesting is that it is not based on knowledge that will actually help most of them in their careers.

  4. No, David. NY cancelled its contract with Pearson, which owns the trademark for “GED”, because Pearson jacked the price and reduced testing locations. NY pays the cost of the test for those who want to take it.

    In response to Pearson’s price hike, NY came up with their own test, but since they can’t call it “GED”, there was a misperception that “the GED” was no longer available in New York. That’s what reduced signups.

    And, yes, the Pearson GED was a pretty easy test to pass. Why? Because it doesn’t do a profit-driven test company any good to have people deterred from taking their test by a perception that they might not take it.

  5. Despite Nit being correct, the test is still harder because of Common Core… Apparently, I can’t pass this new GED (take the test)… Can any of you?

    When you take the test, ask yourself, why is our GED now aligned at A+ student capabilities back when we were all in high school?

    The GED was supposed to mean you could pass the minimum and were knowledgeable enough to function in real life.. It was never intended to get you to build rockets without finishing high school…. Common Core will do the opposite of what it proposed which was to make the next generation smarter. It will turn people off education all together…. That is a very bad thing for this nation 50 years from now.

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