9 thoughts on “Comments on Harry Reid’s Retirement”

  1. No one has been a worst Majority leader in the last 100 years than Harry Reid. His retirement comes 6 years late. He is the architect of Washington dysfunction. Sadly, the house that Harry built of disrespect, disfunction, and disregard for the Constitution and traditions of the Senate will out last him. Let us hope that it will not be for long.

    That is the real deal.

  2. It is certainly way past time for this snake in the grass to get out of government. The damage he has done to this country is immense. He should be marched right out to the firing squad for the things that we know about not counting the things we have not found out about yet. He needs to take that idiot nancy pelosi
    with him because she is too stupid to be allowed to walk around unsupervised. He is only trying to sidestep possible charges coming down the line. This administration is all about misdirection and harry reed was a huge facilitator. I am poor but at least I am not a criminal, snake in the grass.

  3. William
    I was wondering how best to phrase what I think of Harry Reid without using profanity and “snake in the grass,” sounds great.

  4. Farewell to the godfather of Nevada and the U.S. Senate. Dispersing largesse to his family while acting as the enforcer for the Obama administration, it is no wonder some question whether he was literally so beaten up by thugs that want his place that he decided it was wisest not run. (Exercise equipment accident be damned.) 😉

    Seems he also got the message from the horse head in his bed. Just kidding. But maybe not…

    Anyway, here is National Review’s take summed up:

    “He has been as near to a personification of everything that is wrong with American public life as we ever hope to see.”

    I could not agree more. Read the rest about the Democrats’ favorite pugilist.


  5. what follows is admittedly a little thing….but little things mean a lot….I’m among those who believe that the gentleman’s departure is both welcome and over due, but I have a little trouble, in this high tech, easy to verify facts world, with political blog sites that want to be taken seriously and, yet, can’t manage to accomplish the simple task of insuring that Harry “Reed”‘s name is spelled correctly….can’t wait to see how “Pelosi” gets mangled when, God willing, the time comes…..

  6. This is great news for the State of Delaware, as US Senator Mike Castle, eh, Christine O’, eh, US Senator Chris Coons will continue his climb to the top.

    Another victory claimed by Sherwood and the Sussex GOP.

  7. This is great news for the State of Delaware, as US Senator Mike Castle, eh, Christine O’, eh, US Senator Chris Coons will continue his climb to the top.

    What good did it do Delaware to have Biden at “the top?” In thirty-five or whatever years, what exactly did Biden do for Delaware?

    [hint; nothing]

    Coons climbs toward the top- of the minority.

  8. and….with the mystical touch usually only associated with Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy….poof!……a new day dawns and Reed has become Reid……effort noted and appreciated….original point remains made……cheers…….

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