Colorado Shocker, Gun Control Advocates Recalled

The President of the State Senate John Morse and an ally were fired for their support of limiting the right of self defense. This will send a chill through efforts in other states except maybe the most blue. There will be no more national push on this issue. Governor Hickenlooper now wants to change the subject to jobs, education, and a healthier state. I bet his allies wish he thought of that in the first place instead of limiting the rights of people in need of self protection.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Shocker, Gun Control Advocates Recalled”

  1. It is good to see the people of Colorado are on the ball. Delaware should have the right to Recall and Referendum. That’s part of the IPoD platform, along with Term Limits and Election of Judiciary. Hmmm, we’ve also included Family Court Reform as well as a Sheriff with full powers of “Conservator of the Peace.

    What a novel idea.

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