Clinton Rushed Back to Campaign Trail

Why do they have her flying out to a speech added after the pneumonia diagnosis. Didn’t the doctor say a week of rest? I would set up a studio in her home and do satellite links and radio talk show interviews. In this day of technology, there’s no reason to risk your candidate. Have a surrogate go to NC then have her give a five minute link up speech from home. Michelle Obama is literally twice as popular and a better speaker. She is willing to go.

This campaign defies my understanding. They should have cut half of the events Immediately Friday past. They let her literally run herself into the ground against medical advice and now she’s back early. They are risking the first debate and maybe by default the campaign. Then again, I should be happy with their foolishness as a longtime critic. Could it be that deep down that I care more about her as a person than her own senior staff? Candidates think that they are indestructible. Staff has to find ways to manage their ego and eagerness. If they can’t do it now, how would they do it in the White House?

Clinton sounded weak but looked healthy. She tried to relate her health problems to Americans who cannot afford sick days. It was a sad performance.

To distract from Clinton’s episode of illness, Team Clinton has resurrected the so called “birther” issue. This is a fake issue on both sides. There are two ways to be a natural born citizen, to be born here or have ONE parent who was born a citizen. It is undisputed that President Obama’s mother was born in Kansas and was a citizen. Even if she insanely flew to Kenya and gave birth in primitive, third world conditions just to fly back in time to register his birth in Hawaii, it does not matter. One the other hand, it is hardly an attack on all black people. Most are not immigrants. It is hardly racist. Hopefully, Donald Trump has finally put it away so we can focus on real issues.

Trump is now tied or in the lead in recent polls. In the electoral college, it is too close to call. If the election were held today, it is possible that Clinton would win with the most narrow of victory. The momentum is on Trump’s side currently. Clinton is trying hard to regain it, maybe even risking her health to do it.