Christine Loses Plan B

I have been asked many times, what I thought Christine O’Donnell would do if she lost in the September 14th Primary.  I found the question odd. I find the question odd because I assumed that most of us would do what I intend to do and that is I am going to vote for the winner of the Republican Primary in the General Election.  Regardless, of one’s personal preference, the Democrat alternatives are much worse than any of the Republicans.  I remember being chastised for supporting McCain after the primaries (I did not support McCain during the primaries).   In 2008 I was told that anyone would be better than that RINO McCain as president.  To those folks (some good friends) I say “Some people should not think about becoming fortune tellers.”  Now I don’t expect anyone who loses in a primary to jump up and hug the winner, turn over campaign dollars, organize a fundraiser, and pretend nothing happened.  Instead I would hope they would spend some time assisting like minded candidates in other races and in November vote for the Primary winners as I will do.  I had been informed by many that Christine O’Donnell intended to run either as a third party candidate or a write in.  At the time I thought this was rumor mongering and that there was no substantive proof of either scenario.  I know that Christine is well aware that either of these scenarios would hand the Senate seat to a Democrat for the next 20 years.  When I asked these folks For proof of Christine O’Donnell’s intentions I was referred to this post by Frank Knotts on August 11th.  It is here:  In this post Frank references a caller into WGMD who asks Christine O’Donnell what her plans would be after September 14th  .  To quote the article, “One asked, if she were to lose, whether she would support Castle in the general (Election).  She answered with grace by basically saying, her future would be determined by the voters.” A couple of friends with very long memories state that this statement mirrors other statements Christine made in 2006, prior to the Republican Primary.  Christine subsequently ran a write in Campaign .  Their view was that this was a window into her intentions.  I did not agree.  My view was that this did not say much of anything in and by itself. However, It appears that Christine has in fact been putting a Plan B together in the event that she is unsuccessful in the Republican Primary.  In Today’s News Journal : “The Constitution Party had nominated Republican Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate after she sought their endorsement, party Chairman Pell Sherman said.” It appears that Christine O’Donnell actively sought the endorsement of the Constitution Party and that she was nominated at their convention in early August.  The filing of Certificates by minor parties is required by August 15th.  Yet we have no press release nor web page announcement of this coup in early August no doubt days before the Bill Colley appearance on August 11th    which was referenced in Frank’s Bill Colley post.  In my experience these types of nominations prior to a primary are not positive for the candidate in question.  Loyal Republican voters do not want to hear that a candidate is playing footsie with another party.  The fact that the O’Donnell Campaign is keeping this nomination quiet after the fact confirms this.  The News Journal attempted to contact the O’Donnell’s campaign on her Constitution Party nomination.  The Campaign response was:  ”O’Donnell’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment about the nomination.” In the end it is all for naught.  The Constitution Party could not secure the 300+ registered voters required under Delaware Law.  The Constitution Party will not be on the ballot in 2010.  The only reason I see for O’Donnell to be a write in candidate is to elect the Democrat.  Why she would pursue such a policy, makes no sense to me.  However,  I was wrong in telling others that she would not pursue a 3rd party nomination.  I could be wrong on this again.

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  1. Okay….let me understand this.

    Allegedly O’Donnell sought the endorsement, and received same, of the Constitution party? She got this endorsement in early August of this year but do we know when she supposedly sought this endorsement?

    Not that it much matters except I dunno, if she went after this endorsement right after, say, the Republican convention when Castle got the nomination, well that is logical/understandable. If she sought the nomination this past month, well that makes no sense because she is running as an Independent, no? Why would she run as both a Constitution party candidate and as an Independent?

    At any rate, as the post points out, the Constitution party didn’t garner the requirements to get on the ballot so why mention it except to gather more whooping and hollering from the O’Donnell haters?

    Now as to O’Donnell running, after she should lose the primary, as a write-in candidate…on this I must ruminate.

    First, how does one run as a write-in candidate? Does one up and say…”Hey, I’m running as a write-in contender for Delaware Senator against Mike Castle…please write me in?”

    So could I up and decide to run as a write-in candidate against Castle? Couldn’t ANYONE run as a write-in candidate?

    Now I understand that O’Donnell has a loyal base, a bunch of dummies mostly from Sussex county who know nothing and stick to their guns and bibles. Thus O’Donnell would likely be more successful at running a write-in campaign than, say, myself.

    I suppose TW that you are asserting that should O’Donnell lose the primary she should discourage the heathens who voted for her from going any further, that it’s best to allow the voting, Coons versus Castle, to go on unfettered, with the hope that the “Conservative”…using the term loosely, Castle, will win.

    Said scenario is not at all clear as TW describes this O’Donnell campaign possibility. It could happen and I must suppose that some will vote for her under that scenario even though she has not a hope to win as a write-in in that case.

    I really doubt, even as stupid and unwashed as O’Donnell supporters are, even as dumb as they must be all having been born at night, last night, even the idiots who probably watch NASCAR even….probably won’t waste their vote like this.

    If O’Donnell doesn’t win this primary I am NOT going to cast a vote for Senator for my state. I WILL vote in the other races but I refuse, big, fat, ugly, dumbbell that I am, to cast my vote one more time for Mike Castle that he should pee upon my feet and tell me it’s raining.

    I might be fat, ugly, dumb and poor but I don’t want to add smelling like pee to it. I would NOT bother casting a write-in for O’Donnell.

    And I’m not so sure other O’Donnell supporters would either but like we all know, they are really stupid and smelly and not at all as smart as those supporting Mike Castle.

  2. Pat I don’t recall anyone calling you fat and ugly. If you read my post, I rejected the idea that Christine would run a 3rd party candidacy but evidently she covered her bases there. Pat You can vote whatever way you want. Keep in mind a vote after the primary for anyone other than the Republican nominee (and this nominee could be Christine and I will vote for whoever is the Primary winner) is a vote for 30 + years of Democrat votes in the Senate.

  3. I will not vote for Castle in the general. Period.

    If we’re going to put another Democrat into the Senate, he might as well have a ‘D’ next to his name.

  4. Someone cast aspersions upon my looks…not you, TW…but on this board. It’s no mind…I was being tongue-in-cheeky but perhaps not so much.

    Again, I am NOT going to vote for Coons. I wouldn’t know Coons if he came up and kissed me. Besides I’ll not vote for a Democrat unless somebody held a gun to my head.

    But I’m sure not going to cast my one and only precious vote for a fella who’s betrayed me over and over.

    I’m just not going to vote for Senator this time is all.

    I WILL, and I’ve stated this time and again, vote for Michelle Rollins should she win the nomination. I’ve got my doubts about her but as of now she’s done nothing to have me withhold my vote. I’ve got proof positive with Castle.

    Some might argue this non-vote is, de facto, voting for Coons. Way I see it, it’s the same as if I stayed home. At the worst, Delaware will actually have a DEMOCRAT voting with the Democrats instead of a Republican voting Democrat.

    What’s the diff?

  5. TW
    I know what you will do if she loses the primary. You will be busy trying to find someone else to slam and denigrate. Half of your posts. I call them posts because they certainly aren’t articles are devoted to verbally stalking Christine. Good God!!!!!
    You’ll be lost and will have to find someone else to hate. I still don’t know the extent of what she did to you to cause the bile to rise in your throat. You must be eating a lot of tums.
    When she wins, that ulcer of hate will burst your stomach wall. Find someone else to bash for awhile will you. When she wins, you will actually get six more weeks of free bashing while she faces her opponent Chris Coons.

    C’mon man, get a life.

  6. I know that most of the readers on this blog are dyed in the wool Republicans, and all they care about is to see Republicans elected. But if Christine loses the primary, and you want a senator who believes in the Constitution, Delaware sovereignty, and small government, there is another choice. Jim Rash is the Libertarian candidate for Senate. It may go against your tribal instinct to vote for someone without an R after their name, but if you really believe in Constitutional small government, you’ll send a louder message with a vote for Jim Rash than by not voting at all. And if you vote for Mike Castle, well, you’ll be the one who has to live with yourself for the next six years.

  7. Heard that with Obama Rick, how’d that work out?

    I’m glad you brought that up. It worked-out exactly like I said it would (on WGMD, many you GMD regulars know).

    If we had elected McCain, where would we (conservatives) really be today? With a wishy-washy career appeaser at the helm of the party, with no future. Besides, you can’t win every election, and Bush stacked the deck against Republicans.

    Instead, I suggested sitting-out the presidential election- let BO run the nation into the ground; the American people would finally see what the Democrats really are…Socialists; and there would be an unprecedented reaction.

    And that is exactly what has happened; the Socialist-Democrats are going to lose a whole generation of ‘young progressives.’ More importantly, conservatives are now galvanized and motivated.

    Sure, some of their insidious and counter-productive work must be undone. So what? Soon we will have an opportunity to repair the damage and finally address America’s real concerns and objectives.

    So, ‘how’d that work out?’….Splendidly, thanks.

  8. The ad hominem attacks on Mr.Fish probably come from me because I expect much from literate Delaware voters. I don’t insult everybody – mostly Dave Anderson, because after all, he s such a large target. I come to this site because many of the posters and commentators are intelligent. I also looking for reasons to vote for a qualified candidate outside my party. Aside from the horse guy, you all seem to be the party of O’ as well as the party of no. Why don’t you people get Charlie Copeland or Greg Lavelle up front?
    And PLEASE stop being constitutional scholars! You are not. You pick and choose through the bill of rights like a catholic at Denny’s during lent. You actually look quite stupid.

  9. TW,
    Ignore this moronic echo chamber in here. I made phone calls for my local candidate last night and most people don’t even know who their local candidates are much less those running nationally. If Opossum does run a write in campaign (just as she pretty said she will on GMD if she gets one vote) she will only hurt herself. The Opossum story gets better. Check out

  10. TW
    You poor thing, ignore the moronic echo chamber. Actually, TW you are the one with the bully pulpit and like a lady she has been ignoring your repetitive echo chamber.
    I know that cookie has a beef with her and I know what it is.
    I just don’t know why you spend so much time and energy on slamming someone that won’t comment back.
    By the way, this must give you some idea of how insignificant she thinks your are.
    Yes, you poor battered soul, Just ignore Windjammer, because he just wants to mock you. Sob Sob Sob.

  11. Yep, BingeJammer, don’t change tactics now. Stay the course!
    I bet you’ve got all the excuses lined up when your pretty little liar gets her clock cleaned 9/14. You can borrow one of my stand bys “It was Bushs’s fault!” Tailor to your own needs.
    COD never had a plan B, as dim as she is even her handlers knew she had a snowballs chance so the write in was ALWAYS the main thrust. The mortgage must be paid after September, right?

  12. I hope O’Donnell wins the primary, but if not, it will be time for her to go away. No more write-in campaigns or deals with third parties.

    Assuming that Castle wins the primary, I will support him in the general election, if only because there’s a chance that the GOP could take back the Senate (with the help of constitutionalists like Rand Paul), and I’d like for them to do so if possible.

    On the other hand, I will not be supporting Rollins, whether she wins the primary or not.

  13. Joe Cass
    Yes, everything is Bush’s fault according to you Obama freaks.
    You are a small minded person, insulting Pat Fish’s physical appearance. I wonder what you look like. Only people with low self esteem, seek to make others feel bad by pointing out their physical defects. Pat sounds like a good person to me and that’s all I need to know.
    If you are so great, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we can point out any defects you might have.
    Not so much fun now, Is it?
    You may think Christine is a pretty little liar but you are a mean minded bigot.

  14. I will be supporting whomever wins the primary in both the House and Senate races. To do otherwise would be considered lunacy.
    I will be supporting O’Donnell in the primary, and if she wins, I believe she can easily beat Coons but if she loses, as much as I don’t like Castle, I will support him.
    When the rhetoric of these primaries is finished on Sept 15th, we should coalesce as a party and campaign hard for our party to win.
    I know this sounds like a pipe-dream but it is what we should do. Feelings get hurt in these hotly contested elections and everyone feels that they are on the right road with the support of their candidate but the voters will decide and that should settle it.
    It is the way that our system works!

  15. I think Christine will never bow out of the race. It’s a matter of finance, her own to be specific. I don’t trust most politicians these days, and that goes double for O’Donnell.
    You may think I’m nuts for saying this, but I think there is a criminal element to Christine O’Donnell, and I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  16. ehhhh what’s wrong with a Democrat or a Republican being a Constitutionalist? Do you even know the platform of a Constitutionalist? I don’t see this as a big deal. I’m sure Christine was just trying to cover all her basis. I mean Charlie Crist broke away as an independent to keep himself on the ballot. So she gets ostracised for doing so? She has said over and over again that she a Republican and a constitutionalist. It should be to no surprise.

  17. Pat Fish – after this comment -I really doubt, even as stupid and unwashed as O’Donnell supporters are, even as dumb as they must be all having been born at night, last night, even the idiots who probably watch NASCAR even….probably won’t waste their vote like this.


    “Now I understand that O’Donnell has a loyal base, a bunch of dummies mostly from Sussex county who know nothing and stick to their guns and bibles”

    of course they also advocated to allow people to die in the street rather than treat them in the ER if they didn;t have the proper immigration papers – obvioulsy they thump that Bible but have never read it….

    I think I just might like you again


  18. WJ – where you smokin’ crack this am – or dod someone put meth in your wheaties – or you got some of Jasons shrooms??/

    coz after this cooment “I will be supporting O’Donnell in the primary, and if she wins, I believe she can easily beat Coons”

    i would suggest meds, at least

  19. It turns out that in addition to everything else she is, O’Donnell is a huge hypocrite. After months of calling Castle a Republican In Name Only, she turns around and tries to get on the ballot of another party. She’s not even a Republican in name! What a joke.

  20. responding to joe cass – “And PLEASE stop being constitutional scholars! You are not. You pick and choose through the bill of rights like a catholic at Denny’s during lent. You actually look quite stupid.”

    1. that was hysterical!!!

    2, they aren’t BEING constitutional scholars – they’re TRYING to be and failing…miserably

    probably coz they forget or don;t realize that there is 200 years of case law they have not read between those founding documents and 2010 – that defines and upholds the intentions of the founding fathers.

  21. Heh.

    Joe Cass….what a great guy.

    I also heard he has babes following him across the planet such are his fabulous looks. And let us not forget his very kind and thoughtful personality.

    Although I’ll allow as the Catholics picking through Dennys was a smile.

    Again, if O’Donnell sought the Constitution party’s endorsement right after Castle got the pub nomination, I’m at a loss as to why this reflects poorly on her.

    But forget that for now. I understand that there’s Republican concern that she might launch a write-in campaign should she lose the pub primary….which she statistically probably will.

    I hope she does not do that as it’s not as if she’d have a chance of winning anything. Such an action would be viewed, at least by me, as very poor sportsmanship.

    Apo Witchy…heh…evidently satire is lost on her.

  22. It is all meaningless. She is running for the GOP nod and is not on any other lines. For the record, I happen to be with Ms. O’Donnell when some people from the Constitution Party sought her out and not the other way around. She was not interested at the time. I have no idea what happened after the Hoffman crowd came in and can not speak to it. The Chairman may not be aware of this, but it was his party that made the first move.

    The party does have a right to nominate you without you seeking it, but you have to accept it to make it official.

  23. We have two and a half more weeks of hoopla and the primary will decide it. The voters will speak and it will serve nobody to have a write in candidate with no chance of winning.
    We should support the winners of the primary.

    Crack and Meth sound more like your style than mine.

  24. Pat and others –

    Anyone can run a write-in campaign, but in Delaware, in order for those votes to count, you have to be officially registered with the state as a write-in candidate by 4:30 p.m. Sept. 30. It’s stupid, I know. Anyone should be able to vote for anyone else.

    Christine “Cash On Demand” O’Donnell does still have time to run as an unaffiliated candidate in November. She has until Sept. 1 to file her petitions for that, but they had to have been circulated between January 1 and July 15.

  25. You miss the point that she is seeking the GOP nomination. I guess since she speculated that Castle might switch parties, turnabout is fair play.

    Like the Castle speculation, I say focus on the 14th. This other stuff is background noise. I actually heard the same thing about Michele Rollins going independent. I don’t believe it for a second. I am sure Glen Urquhart’s rumor must be out there too. This season is ripe with party changing rumors and independent runs. I blame Chris, Specter, and Murkowski for that.

  26. It is not uncommon in many states for major party candidates to seek a second line. For example as we saw in New York last year, it is nearly impossible for a Republican to win in many instances unless he is also cross endorsed by the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party serves as a check on a Republican Party that has become almost indistinguishable from the Democrats in that state. That is why there is nearly nothing left of the New York Republican Party. I wonder at times if Delaware needs something like the Constitution Party to be able to step up and fill that role.

  27. Well Fishy – or whatever – something smells there

    o’donnell has shown everyone what her true colors are – living off campaign donations

    and Izzo is another one – where did she go – and those contributions as well?

    sheeple – really – some one waves around the constitution and the bible – you all rush to throw money at their feet and POOF – they are gone and you are left holding the bag..

    gee sounds like Beck’s “retstore honor” rally with the KOCH bros paying to bus in folks – did you notice the diclaimer ay the bottom – all monies FIRST go to pay the expenses of the rally – what is left over – if anything goes to the troops?? he is a multi-millionaire – why doesn’t he foot the bill if he is sooooooo dedicated to the cause.

    the conservatice bigots and fools are thowing money at him too just like the religious right did at Jimmy Swaggart and the Bakers


  28. What charity does not pay its expenses first? If it loses money, who do you think is on the hook? Your comments are weak this morning. Comeback in the afternoon and try on another subject. Maybe you will get the Mojo back.

  29. Windjammer: “We should support the winners of the primary”
    –I agree, amen.
    David: “What charity does not pay its expenses first?”
    –so now Christine is a charity? Give me a break. She stiffs past employees but makes sure to pay her own expenses. Real smooth. She is totally unelectable in a general election.

  30. “It is not uncommon in many states for major party candidates to seek a second line. For example as we saw in New York last year, it is nearly impossible for a Republican to win in many instances unless he is also cross endorsed by the Conservative Party.”

    Mike the point is not about cross endorsement, the point is why did she deliberately withhold this information when directly confronted on August 11th on the Bill Colley show. She knew as early as July 30th that she had a 3rd party nomination.
    For the record, unlike New York, When was the last time any major party candidate need a second nomination to put them over the top in a general election???

  31. Apo said:
    …they aren’t BEING constitutional scholars – they’re TRYING to be and failing…miserably

    probably coz they forget or don;t realize that there is 200 years of case law they have not read between those founding documents and 2010 – that defines and upholds the intentions of the founding fathers.

    Before you play pretend about caring about the intentions of the Founders consider an interesting contrast:
    To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.
    (Letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Charles Jarvis (Sept. 28,1820) in 15 The Writings of Thomas Jefferson 276, 277(Andrew A. Lipscomb & Albert Ellery Bergh eds., 1904) )

    What judges who can pull decisions out of their own penumbras think of themselves these days:
    Like the character of an individual, the legitimacy of the Court must be earned over time. So, indeed, must be the character of a Nation of people who aspire to live according to the rule of law. Their belief in themselves as such a people is not readily separable from their understanding of the Court invested with the authority to decide their constitutional cases and speak before all others for their constitutional ideals.
    112 S. Ct. 2816 (1992) (emphasis added) Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey

    Vs. those who believed in being free men:
    In denying the right they usurp, of exclusively explaining the Constitution, I go further than you do….
    The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax, in the hands of the Judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any Government is independent, is absolute also; in theory only at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law.

    April 21, 1859
    Washington, D.C., Vol. XIII No. 642 P. 61) (emphasis added)

    You are the sheep that you claim that others are. So perhaps it’s best if judges make your decisions for you. After all, they are the experts and constitutional scholars and you’re just another member of the Herd.

  32. Socialist-Democrats wear their nose-rings proudly; they enjoy being led-around like cattle. Security over liberty.

  33. Hey TW, in Delaware the answer, as you know, is never. My point was that the Constitution Party (such as it is) would like to fill that role in Delaware. Not that they’re having much luck.

    I was not attempting to comment on any dishonesty or evasion Christine O’Donnell committed on the Bill Colley show. I’ll leave that to the community at large.

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