Chip Flowers Drops Out

The latest scandal took too much of a toll on Flowers. He is moving to Massachusetts after his term is over and getting married–GOD help her if the other three women weren’t lying. We wish both of them the best. This means that debate loser, but war hero Sean Barney now has a clear path to the Democratic nomination for state treasurer while Republicans have to settle on a candidate next month in the primary. The timing of this is bad luck for Republicans, but the office is now an open seat and the Democratic presumed nominee has been shown to be unprepared and less than qualified for the office by the aborted primary campaign. It is a 50/50 proposition which party wins and the best prospect for a statewide GOP pick up. Democrats also benefit by ending the cloud of scandal–justified or not is for you to decide– on their ticket.

3 thoughts on “Chip Flowers Drops Out”

  1. Thank goodness for Charlie Copeland. The NJ article never identifies Flowers as a Democrat. At least Charlie referenced the culture of Democrat corruption.

    One has to wonder, which Democrat gave permission for dumping fill next to I-495?

  2. Isn’t it funny how that works. If a Republican has a scandal, it is Republican X. If a Democrat has one, the party is on the second page of the article.

  3. I find it utterly amazing that one of the most important bridges on the eastern seaboard had to be shut down and very little or nothing has been said or done about the persons responsible for this gargantuan dirt pile!
    MANY people know who did it.
    A friend of mine (DELDOT Engineer and project manager) showed me photos and video of the pilings where they placed a special instrument on the one leaning the most the day after they shut the bridge down.
    When the dirt pile was removed, this instrument showed a market change in degree of lean to a more vertical or “plum” position.
    Who allowed this? It is a very visible location where many, many state employees literally work nearby in transportation-related leadership positions.
    They ALL looked the other way? No, they ALL gave it the ubiquitous ‘Delaware Way’ eye.

    It is an outrage!

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