Chicken Little Republicans

Failure to pass ban on late term abortions favored 2 to 1 highlights the need to educate some.

Some Republicans are so intent on not failing they are afraid to succeed. That is what caused them the majority in 2006. Back then, they had the war fatigue factor and the Foley scandal. The only thing to change the topic would have been action. Financial reform and tax reform would have saved the economy from later collapsing. It would have been good for the country, but coincidentally, it would have been good politics. Call it collateral benefit.

Some moderate Republicans who are skittish over the idea that 5 months is too little time to actually report a rape for a rape exception, caused Thursday’s vote to be delayed. I reject the notion. If you can report a rape to an abortionist, you can report it to police. If you want to add a doctor, minister, or therapist to the list, go ahead. Don’t distract from the big issue of 10 thousand viable children being killed in painful fashion. My solution would be for them to offer an amendment not blindside the leadership after planning and hashing it out for almost a year. If you so not like the language, change it. Unfortunately, this is going to be like the partial birth abortion ban. It took momentum being built over a few years. The public understood the issue then a Republican President was elected the next election by values voters to sign it.

The same is true of immigration reform. We need it. First we need to stop illegal green cards from being issued and undermining the rule of law. Everyone should agree on that. We can’t stop non-enforcement of the law, but we can stop breaking the law. Republicans should focus on that aspect in the Homeland Security funding and let the public debate get focused. We cannot have a debate over immigration reform if we do not have any faith that whatever law is passed will matter. Moderates need to stop wringing their hands and present a unified front on that simple issue. Then the party can show its diversity on the issue with the actual solutions. Let it be messy. Let Democrats have a say. They were elected, too. Build a national consensus not just a Republican one. When we get a solution favored by a majority of the majority, it will have broad support, but their is no need to have one favored by just one party or the other to gain passage.

Republicans need to pass an agenda which benefits the American family. President Obama opened the door on College funding. We can own that issue. Reform and bolster Americorps, give tax credits to match at some level 529 contributions which must go into the account, and enhance the Guard and Reserve plans for college. President Obama’s Community College initiative is wrong headed. First he undermines saving for college to pay for it by limiting 529 tax free savings accounts for college. Many states already have it. Those who do not can choose to change or not, it is a local decision based upon resources and the structure of the community college. Making it an entitlement like k-12 undermines high school discipline. Most community college students are over 21. The median age is close to 30. Flooding the system with 18 year olds will raise the price for the people it is meant to serve. It may push job training to the back burner. More federal money will jack the cost up and change the focus. There are 3026 four year colleges in this country that cater to the 18 year old. The Community College has millions of them especially in states like Delaware who offer scholarships to those who make an effort. It is a reward not an entitlement. Delaware designed its SEED program to reward those who try to keep their grades at 2.5, stay in school, and keep out of felonious trouble. It works. Republicans have a chance to address the college debt problem by representing our values. Reward service, help those in need, and encourage people who are trying to do the best they can by saving on their own. Anyone should be able to get a higher education appropriate for them who wants one and is willing to work for it. We need to encourage choice not one size fits all solutions.

Republicans also need to seize the infrastructure momentum. Pass the Delaney Blunt Bill. Attach Keystone to it. President Obama favored Keystone before his reelection and just backed Delaney. Instead of it being an either or as he wants, make him take both at once to show he really meant what he said about the two sides working together. Pass the Rubio/Coons bills. The America Innovates Act will advance our private scientific research structure. The Agree Act will enhance our entrepreneurial infrastructure. We need to remind Americans that it is not just government funded infrastructure that matters. This also includes our utilities. We need to modernize our power grid and our water/wastewater infrastructure. Blunt/Delaney needs to be adjusted to insure that reality. All of these bills have bipartisan support. Republicans can show Reid and Democrat leadership was the problem. President Obama will be hard pressed not to sign them. If he does, Republicans show they can govern. If he does not, he shows that he can’t.

It is time to be bold. Support life, the family, and the American economy. Put aside the hand wringing and go to war for the American People.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Little Republicans”

  1. I notice that our two intrepid “favorites,” Bush and Romney, were not in Iowa. I wonder why? I guess they didn’t want to associate with those with whom they disagree- the base of the Republican Party!

    I hope that Republicans don’t let the “mainstream” media choose their candidate, as they did in ’08 and ’12. The PMSNBC crowd is touting Bush and Romney as the candidates that Democrats “fear.” In other words, they are the two candidates that can’t win.

    It is also revealing how the left-wing media totally ignores Ted Cruz. The intent is to imply that a CRUZ candidacy would be incomprehensible- even proposterous. Which means they know that he could do what Reagan did- annihilate them.

    Listen not to the lying left.

  2. @David
    “It is time to be bold. Support life, the family, and the American economy. Put aside the hand wringing and go to war for the American People.”

    You’re absolutely correct, it is time to support life, if that’s what you believe in. Too many people running for office will not even initiate or discuss the abortion issue because the believe the so-call moderate wing of the Republican Party will not vote for them.
    Chicken Little, is the correct appellation for these cowards. However they still get voted in and claim they are conservatives. ROTFLAMAO.
    Until people actually will stand up and profess what they believe, instead of cowardly refusing to discuss the abortion issue on the campaign, it will only get worse. Our legislators don’t have the “courage of their convictions.” That is, if they have convictions of any kind!!!!!

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