Chemical Abortion

The Administration is mandating paying for chemical abortions in its new women’s health care guidelines.  The next move will be to make pharmacies carry it.  First will be the so called Morning After pill.  If they get away with making you pay for a human pesticide, will they expand it?  This mandate for special status health coverage with no co-pay and no deductible coverage for certain women’s health care benefits includes contraceptives.  I have no objection to insurance companies covering contraceptives (if it is not a chemical abortion) if they so desire, most do, but why should it be no co-pay while life saving medication is not?  Why should it be a special status?   Do these guidelines have more to do with a left wing social agenda than fairness in health care? Most us agree that regular check ups will save money.  Putting those on a par with children’s wellness benefits makes sense.  The idea that women should get those check ups without co-pays or deductibles, but men not have the same benefit is morally objectionable.   Obviously statistically, men are in even greater need of screening.  I have no objection to wellness checkups for women and children, but men should not be left out because they are less likely to vote for the party in power.  No liberal friends, I am not objecting to women getting what they need.  I am objecting to using the mandate power of government to try to create a constituency for the unaffordable health care act.  If it were about health care, wouldn’t all be included?

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