Changes at Justice

Attorney General Matt Denn had an interesting second day. He announced his new team and created an office of Civil Rights and Public Trust. The early moves at the State Attorney General’s office show the different public mood is than when Attorney General Biden took office 8 years ago. Then the big issue was the sex offender, now it is civil rights, police incident investigations, and public integrity. The move to establish a Civil Rights and Public Integrity office is definitely informed by the political mood of the day, but it is an idea that is long overdue in this state. The current structure is inadequate. There is a void between the Human Relations Commission with its limited jurisdiction and federal action in many cases. Having police shootings and use of force by neutral prosecutors will help give some degree of insulation on those decisions though the radicals who bizarrely confuse Police uniforms with KKK robes will never be satisfied. Only time will tell if it is properly structured, tasked, and staffed or a mere show office. Of course, such an office could be an impediment to its stated objectives in a worse case scenario. I think that is unlikely. Denn is pretty far left but not a radical. I am less thrilled with the reappointment of the Criminal Division head, State Prosecutor Kathy Jennings due to the fact that she seems to like to waste money with high profile retrials such as those documented on these pages by two of our authors. Meredith Stewart Tweedie is now state solicitor who leads to civil suit side. I hope she does a better job at getting settlements that benefit the people harmed not just state coffers.

2 thoughts on “Changes at Justice”

  1. Sounds great in theory during the first five seconds of the newscast, but it’s probably window dressing. Watch what they do not what they say….

  2. Civil Rights???

    The DoJ continues to prosecute Dr. Jahi Issa for allegedly resisting arrest in the absense of evidence and won’t prosecute its star witness for possession of a firearm by a person prohibited and terroristic threatening of an officer of the court ( defense attorney , Joe Hurley) in the Bodenweier case, itself based on no credible evidence.

    So, civil rights and equal protection are subject to official fiat and caprice.

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