Chairman’s Corner

The Chairman’s Corner An Informal Informational Up-Date From The Desk of the Chairman of the Republican State Committee of Delaware August 8, 2011

  Good morning, and welcome to “The Chairman’s Corner”: Preliminary Report on the 2011 Summer Meetings of the Republican National Committee: I have just returned from representing you at the RNC’s Summer Meetings, in Tampa, Florida, the site of next year’s Republican National Convention where we will nominate the Republican candidate who will put an end to Barack Obama’s systematic attack on our most precious American dreams. And, where we will choose a VP Nominee who will retire Joe Biden back to Delaware – permanently. I was joined in Tampa by your National Committee Woman, Priscilla Rakestraw, and your National Committeeman, Laird Stabler. And unlike many of our peers on the RNC, your Delaware Delegation is proud to announce that we paid our own way with our own dollars and that your hard-earned Republican donor dollars remained safe and sound right here in Delaware. There were six (6) Resolutions passed by the RNC during its plenary session on Friday afternoon, all of which were enthusiastically supported by all three members of the Delaware Delegation, and for one of which all three of us served as co-sponsors.  They were as follows: RNC RESOLUTION OPPOSING “NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT. This resolution addresses the same topic we have been discussing here in Delaware with our own HB 55, the “I Hate Delaware Bill”. I was a co-sponsor of this Resolution as were both National Committee Woman Rakestraw and National Committeeman Stabler. I was also privileged to be chosen by the Resolution’s Chief Sponsor, Debbie Joslin of Alaska, to be the second person to speak in support of the Resolution and in opposition to NPV. The full text of the Resolution may be found here and the text of my floor speech in support of the Resolution may be found here. RNC RESOLUTION TO STOP MAKING AMERICA PAY FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ENERGY AGENDA.  Again, all three members of the Delaware Delegation supported this measure and I was privileged to assist in the editing and drafting of this measure. The “Resolved Clause” reads as follows: “RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee calls on the Obama Administration to: (1) Stop using taxpayer money to fund foreign oil exploration; and (2) Stop picking winners and losers in the American energy industry; and (3) Stop the EPA’s new regulations on coal-fueled power plants; and (4) Issue drilling permits not only for America’s deepwater areas, but also open up ANWR; and (5) Lift the federal tax on gasoline in order to ease America’s pain at the pump.”

The full text of the Resolution may be found here. RNC RESOLUTION CONCERNING PROTECTING AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND DEFENDING INDIVIDUAL SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS FROM UNITED NATIONS INTERFERENCE.   This measure addresses the issue of United Nations treaties which would impinge upon America’s sovereignty and deprive individual American citizens of their right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes. I was privileged to serve as the Chief Sponsor for this measure and to be supported by the balance of the Delaware Delegation as well as co-sponsors from 16 other states. The full text of the Resolution may be found here. I am happy to report that this measure passed by voice vote without the need for a floor debate. RNC FOREIGN DECISIONS RESOLUTION. This measure addresses the growing propensity for America’s courts to adopt or rely upon foreign laws and religious sectarian law (including Sharia Law, Cannon Law, Halacha and Karma) when applying American laws and interpreting the U. S. Constitution. This measure also passed by voice vote and without the need for a floor debate. This is an extremely important and comprehensive Resolution the full text of which may be read here. RNC RESOLUTION CONCERNING FREEDOM FROM COMMUNIST CHINA’S INTERNET THREATS.  This measure, which also passed on a voice vote and the unanimous support of the Delaware Delegation, (1) “recognizes the evidence that Communist China has committed attacks and acts of aggression against the United States and its citizens” in the form of repeated cyber attacks; (2) calls upon Congress to hold hearings on U.S. cyber security and oppression against human rights activists in Communist China; and (3) “supports Senator Richard Lugar’s call for the State Department to adequately fund the Broadcasting Board of Governors for anti-censorship work in Communist China”. The full text of this very important Resolution may be read here. RNC RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL’S PRESENT BORDERS.  This measure, in reaction to President Obama’s recent remarks concerning a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders, also received overwhelming and broad support by the voting members. Your Delaware Delegation was, again, united in support of this measure. The full text of this Resolution may be read here. Now on to local matters: Delaware Republican Presidential Straw Poll – I want to say “THANK YOU” to all of our Presidential Straw Poll Volunteers who braved the heat to work our booth at the Delaware State Fair and who assisted in conducting our Republican Presidential Straw Poll throughout all 10 days of the Delaware State Fair.  Despite oppressively hot weather and abnormally lower attendance at this year’s Fair, voter turnout was very good. Comments made to our volunteers and to me during balloting by Republicans, Democrats and Independents, alike, indicate a general and overwhelming dissatisfaction with President Obama. In case you missed it, here are the vote total percentages by candidate (A more in-depth report will be sent to you when it becomes available):     Michelle Bachmann        18%               Ron Paul              6% Mitt Romney                    15%               Rick Santorum     2% Rick Perry                        15%              John Bolton          1% Chris Christie                   12%              Jon Huntsman       1% Sarah Palin                     10%              Tim Pawlenty        1% Rudy Giuliani                    7%              Gary Johnson        0% Herman Cain                     6%             “Other”                  3% The top two issues were: Government Spending and National Debt – 42% Unemployment and Jobs            –  25% Save the Date:     South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley has agreed to be our special guest and keynote speaker for “Vicmead” on October 20, 2011.  TICKETS ON SALE NOWRNC Chairman Reince Priebus Comes to Delaware –   Chairman Priebus has agreed to help us launch “Operation Win Back Delaware”. This is a state-wide party-building picnic to be held in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon, August 20th from 1 pm until 4 pm. Tickets will be $25 per person, children under 12 accompanying a ticket-holding adult will be admitted free. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. To reserve your tickets or to become a sponsor, please call 302-668-1954, or e-mail me at, or click here.  Closing thoughts: Whether you have already made a pledge you wish to fulfill, or simply want to join your fellow Republicans in sending a message of unity to the “naysayers” by contributing to “The New Beginnings Fund”, simply click here to make a secure on-line contribution. Membership in our new “Chairman’s Club” is growing every day. As you will recall, this is an entirely new Chairman’s Club, and everyone is welcome to join. If you have not yet received an invitation to join the Chairman’s Club and would like to do so, or would like to receive more information about our new Chairman’s Club please contact me at To comment on this newsletter, please e-mail me at To make a secure on-line donation to the Delaware Republican Party, please click here. Checks may be sent to: 3301 Lancaster Pike

                                    Suite 4B

                                   Wilmington, DE 19805 To become a Republican Volunteer for Freedom, please contact me at Thank you for your dedication to our Party and for your support. Together, a New Beginning! John Sigler Chairman

19 thoughts on “Chairman’s Corner”

  1. The DE gOP has no support.What a joke. The chairman will take us all down with him. his resolutions are a joke. Mike Protack would have taken this party and turned it around. He is not a gun nut.

  2. Cry babies
    The Chairman is working hard to do his job. Why don’t you stop crying about the situation and hop on board and help. Nobody can do it alone.

  3. Cry Babies, I am sure that your chosen assumed name was ment to be an insult to the GOP. But it seems more to define yourself than the GOP.
    It is this old party infighting that has helped lead the GOP to where it is today. It is the idea that GOP elitist leadership of the past knew all and should never be challenged, that has led so many like myself to become involved. Unlike the elitist of old we are actually attempting to include everyone. But there will always be a few like yourself who cannot get your mind around the thought that the party is changing. For the better in my opinion.
    Maybe Mr. Sigler is or isn’t the best choice for Chairman, but he is the Chairnman and deserves the support of the party. That is until he brings charges against a GOP candidate or makes negative comments to the press about a GOP candidate. Until then he is head and shoulders above the previous chairman. For you to criticise Mr. Sigler, based souly on the fact that your personal choice was not chosen is counter productive. If you truly are a Republican, then you should also be willing to give him the chance to make this new party work. When it comes right down to it, it is the rank and file that moves the party, not the Chairman.

  4. Don and Frank are just a bunch of winey rhinos. I’ve been fighting to change the elitist leadership of the DE gop for many more years than you guys have been around. Mike Protack would have turned this party around if he had been elected chairrman. Sigler just wants to push his gun resolutions.

  5. I think we were well advised to follow the voters regarding Mr. Protack’s viability as a political leader.

  6. On another thread, think123 said to Frank that it wouldn’t be long before someone called him a RINO. I bet he didn’t think it would be so soon. When even Frank is being called a RINO something is very very wrong.

  7. Yeah cry babies Mike Protack would definitely have gotten the current RNC Chairman to come to Delaware or the rising Conservative Star Nikki Haley. Can you now crawl back under your rock???

  8. I fell asleep last night and thought I woke up. Now John “Siglar” is a RINO. I must have been sleepwalking all morning. I just say ditto to what Frank said.

  9. If Mr. Protack cared about ideas, he’d get behind someone else who shares his. I think he’s more interested in getting elected so he gets a pension, because he’s never actually supported a candidate other than himself. And whether he likes it or not, most people who meet him don’t like him. It’s hard to win an election when that’s how people react to you.

  10. David
    This is the first time I’ve been called a RINO. I’m about as far right as you can get.
    I believe that Sigler has a good start at raising money for the GOP and is taking the bull by the horns. I doubt that “Cry Babies,” could do better. Every leader has a different style of leadership and John Sigler seems to be motivated to unite the party. I’ll tell you right now, the goal of uniting this party is a difficult job.

  11. I think Mike Protack supported Don Ayotte in Don’s run for Vice Chairman. Other than that Geezer you appear to be on target.

  12. I will say that Mike did a good job supporting Glen Urquhart in both the primary and the general especially in the primary. At one point, I told Mike that he needed to tend to his district in spite of polls showing he would win because our turnout models were moving to a record high turn out. He said don’t worry about it.

    I told Vance the same thing in the fall. He took a poll and found out he was neck and neck. He worked like crazy the last three weeks and won big.

    I hope Mike runs again. I hear County Council President will be open as rumor has Tom Kovach running for Executive though I am sure Tom has yet to make a decision on which office. If I were Mike, I would be trying to reign in people who are going overboard even if they are family. I am just saying.

  13. Cry babies says I am a RINO because I haven’t condemed Chairman Sigler. Well I didn’t condemn Mr. Ross until he turned on a candidate that ended up being the rank and file’s chosen candidate. And trust me, if Mr. Sigler does anything that rises to that level of treason to the party, I will be the first to speak out. Right now I have seen more of Mr. Sigler’s attempt to move the party forward, than I did Mr. Ross. Whether Mr. Protact would have been a better chairman or not doesn’t really matter because he couldn’t convince enough people to vote for him. For crybabies to be here crying about it is childish.
    I was one of the loudest critics of the old GOP and its leadership. I complained daily about the fact that it was not inclusive of people such as myself who care deeply about social issues, and the fact the candidates that the party endorsed could not even be considered fiscal conservatives.
    The candidate that I was supporting for Senate did not win, in large part because the old GOP leadership openly worked against her. But instead of taking on an assumed name and getting on blogs and saying that it wasn’t fair, I stepped up and got more involved. I became a committee person and I am attempting to give as much time as my life allows. I am working to change the party into a party that more closely represents my views. This does not mean that I am trying to push anyone out, that is as long as they hold to conservative principles. I suggest if crybabies is so upset about how the party treated his or her candidate for chairman, then come out from behind the assumed name(because no one will take you serious until you do) and get more involved. Or put another way, gut up or shut up!

  14. How sad and dumb. Sigler has done nothing and let’s be honest Nikki Haley is not a big deal to anyone and having the RNC chair come here is not a big deal. I think Michael Steele was here 3 times.
    I am sure Geezer can name names who does not like Protack but he can’t and won’t. I am sure the truly inspirational endorsers he has at the convention did not like him. For the record he had two African Americans and One Hispanic who are the future of the party. Also, his plan is the 100% package for the party, Sigler has no plan and has raised no money.

    Geezer is flat out liar as Protack has worked hard for many candidates as i was there with him on many occasions (Copeland, Jim Bowers, Cathcart, Gilsdorf, Wayne Smith, Cloutier, Anderson and Sorenson).

    Protack or Spence are the only two guys who could run and win anything county wide in NCC.
    Protack could have jumped to the vice chair race as many asked him to do so but passed when Don Ayotte went that route as he and Don are friends.

  15. “Protack or Spence are the only two guys who could run and win anything county wide in NCC.”

    Why do Protack supporters always say that he is the only one who can win certain races when he has never won any elections?

    Based on his past history one could bet that Casey Anthony would beat Protack.

  16. I don’t think anyone gets it in the GOP. The party is kaput, gone. While the attack dogs of the GOP have dumped all over a few Republicans the entire party has caved in.
    There was a bit of hope but the last convention showed control is hard to give up.
    No business can survive without a business plan and the GOP does not have one, one was presented and the same people who truck to the convention every year picked the same ole same ole. There is not a dumber group of 250 people in delaware.
    BTW when Protack used to call WDEL he always put a whooping on Al Machete who is a rabid republican hater. The only listeners he has are the scabs of society who whine all the time.

  17. I don’t have to name names. Everybody you folks like to call a RINO would be a starting point.

    When I say Mike didn’t support other candidates, I don’t mean going door-to-door. Mike used to be quite good at using radio talk shows for self-promotional purposes. I never heard him use a single call to endorse anyone else. In fact, when the anti-Semitic pink postcards were going out, he was repeatedly offered the opportunity to renounce them but pointedly failed to do so.

    David’s point is an interesting one. I live in the NCCo council district that Mike lost. He never knocked on my door. His opponent did. As best I could tell, his campaign consisted of trashing his opponent, which failed because she was already well known to many in the district. To quote the Protack puppets, “Same old methods that don’t work.”

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