Census: America More Diverse–Something to Fear? Pt. 2

Please read the first part for context. Now let us examine the political implications.  I read that the change in demographics means the Republican Party will disappear or it will have to become like the Democrats.  Is that true? The question for the Republican Party is how will it adjust?  The nation is changing faster than the party.  The party has a significant nativist element like my Professor friend.  If they are blasted as irrelevant racists and the legitimate concerns about the obvious concerns and tensions of our changing demographics.   Integration is not without challenges.  If we ignore that fact, it will be at our peril.  The key is to develop a plan to deal with the legitimate challenges without abandoning our culture of welcoming legal immigrants.   We have done it before, we can do it again.   My contention is that integration done properly has far greater rewards.  It is the only hope for keeping America a dynamic world power.  Europe is fading into history because it cannot adjust to the new global age.  The dynamic of the world is shifting from West back East.  The East is rising and the West is setting.  America is in between.  We can choose.  Our secret weapon is the fact that we have the ability to pull from the culture and experiences of 200 nations.  We are a nation of creativity.  We still have the strength of faith which Europe lost.  Our institutions are strong and resilient.  We are a nation of individuals not groups.  We are a nation of the rule of law not the rule of men. Some people believe that the fact America is now 35% Latino, Black, Asian, and American Indian means the end to Republican Party when that number reachs 45% let alone a majority.  If the party does not integrate, it will be replaced.  It cannot survive in its current demographic configuration another 25 years as a national force.  The question then is how is the party to adjust?  Does it need to abandon the majority views and become like the Democrats or is there another way? I believe there is a better way.  Part of it is to get down to business.  If your business were faced with declining market share, would you just complain about it or would you get focus groups, walk around in communities, examine the needs of the market and develop new product lines?  If you do the former then you will go the F.W. Woolworth or John-Manville.  The other choice is to go the way of IBM or Ford and constantly adjust without losing your identity.  The fact is that almost 40% of Latinos and Asians already vote Republican.  The first place to start is to find out why they do.  It is like finding out that people who chew a certain bark have less inflamation and break fevers.  Find out what is working in it and mass produce it.  As a rule the longer people are here, the more likely they are to vote Republican.  The more religious they are, the more likely they are to vote Republican.  The more likely they are to serve in the military or own a business, the more likely they are to vote Republican.  That tells me three keys to Republican survivial are restoring Americanism to the schools, free market advocacy,  and embracing people of faith. A fourth key is finding how to market these values to people who already hold them.  I believe the GOP can become the party for Americanism and thereby will be the majority party for Americans of goodwill from all ethnic groups. The party must do two things.  One it must give a clear vision to replace multiculturalism with a diverse vision of Americanism.  Multiculturalism as currently taught will divide America.   The multiculturalists are correct that we need to value and embrace the diverse contributions of people from various backgrounds.  Sadly, the multiculturalists seem to devalue Western values which have given the highest standard of living, the highest level of personal fulfillment, and popularized the idea of human rights.  How is it valuing all cultures to attack your own?   The Texas board was right to tackle the wild views in textbooks.  Quietly, we must bring common sense to textbooks.  Every interest group has an influence, Americanism and Patriotism should have as much influence.  Once the young people are taught Entrepreneurism, Patriotism, and critical thinking, they will be open to all reasoned approaches.  It will be up to the parties to appeal based upon the best instincts of Americans not trying to divide us by class and ethinic group. Second, the party must find out what the stumbling blocks are either real or perceived today.  One obvious one is that we have to tell our consultants to stop ignoring huge groups of people. Nativism will not work.   If you do not know how to appeal to them, educate yourself.  I think the Marco Rubio, Niki Haley, and Susana Martinez teams should become consultants for the national party.  They won’t need them next year anyway.  Rubio took the majority of the Hispanic vote.  Martinez won in a state that is almost half Latino, 10% American Indian and only 40% White.  Both did it with a welcoming but unmistakably conservative message.  Both are full spectrum conservatives. The party does not have to change its identity.  It just needs to become relevant and welcoming. Look at the fate of the GOP in California and compare it to New Mexico.  The California Party under Wilson allowed legitimate concerns to be spun as anti-immigrant.  The party in New Mexico explained to people that enforcing some laws was to the benefit of everyone.  We do not need to change our conservative identity.   In fact, changing its identity will weaken its ability to attract people.   Strong families, free markets, and liberty cross all boundaries to protect them, we all need to stand together.

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  1. Who is the you that demonizes language and culture? I certainly do not.

    I absolutely agree with you about the differences in the Latino community. If I were focusing on the community itself, I would delve into it. I focused on New Mexico and not Florida to avoid having to deal with that dynamic. It is a more interesting study anyway because unlike Florida which started with an 85% Republican Cuban block and a friendly PR block, it is mostly people of Mexican and Central American lineage.

    The numbers I was referring to are 2010 not 2008. Those numbers also hold up in 2000 and 2004. 2008 appears to be an anomally due to President Obama being on the ticket. Unfortunately, according to recent polling, his numbers are down to 54% approval so the community is in play.

  2. As for the round them up comment, did we not strongly disagree on the spot? Rick seems to be a decent enough guy, but that comment was way over the top. That is why we noted it right away. If it were not already commented upon before I got to it, I would have deleted it. I debated that anyway, but I stand with the decision to allow a free debate on what is realistic policy to deal with 14 million illegal aliens. We said it was not an appropriate policy how many ways.

    We are not responsible for the views of commenters anymore than a paper is responsible for the views in letters to the editor.

  3. As pointed out…what IS “Hispanic” anyway?! Who’s to say that “Hispanics”, over a few generations, won’t merely melt away, for the most part, into the Caucasian majority? (Remember the term “melting pot”?) In college I was good friends with fellow students who hailed from “Hispanic” places like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Columbia and Argentina. They were pretty much in the mainstream and indistinguishable from every other white student, as much as Italian, Jewish or Greek kids were…if, in some cases, not more so. Actually, they were extremely disdainful of the La Raza folks on campus, who were more social outcasts than anything else (how do you say “NERDS!” in Spanish?)

    Furthermore, what IS “Asian” anyway?! Do sub-continentals from India or Pakistan have anything in common with Koreans, Japanese or Chinese (for that matter, do Chinese from the northern, southern, eastern or western corners of that nation have anything in common)? Particularly when, genetically speaking, people from the sub-continent, from Bagladesh west through India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are technically Caucasian themselves, whereas the latter group are not.

    Point being, its more how we’ve allowed a small sliver of PC demographers and other racial grievance opportunists the ability to capriciously lump desparate peoples into nebulous groups for their own personal gain.

    Let’s not play their game on their terms. Let’s instead, send a broader message, more in keeping with E pluribus unum, more in keeping with Dr. King’s message, that we won’t judge you, lump you or coddle you based upon your ethnic background, but who you are as an individual….as an AMERICAN!

  4. …our post is endemic of what is wrong with the Republican party reaching out to minorities.

    1. lumping all Hispanics together –…

    This is true. Most Latinos I’ve known were upwardly-mobile. Latinos are business oriented, be it landscaping, restaurants, a building contractor, maid services and so on. There’s nothing wrong with starting small, and at the end of the day, business is business. And this is where the Republicans have a great opportunity. The Socialist-Democrats have managed to dominate the black vote, primarily in exchange for ‘services’ (and in so doing, have kept large numbers of blacks on the ‘plantation’). I don’t think they’ll fare as well with Latinos, despite the efforts of ideologues like Sharpton, a professional parasite who is actively trying to add gays and Latinos to his shakedown organization. My guess is that most intelligent Latinos hold Sharpton in complete and utter contempt.

    As Latinos make more money- and they will- they’re going to want to keep it. Successful people have no interest in being wards of the state. On the contrary, they want to be left alone.

    I believe that the GOP’s ‘loss’ of the Latino vote is greatly exaggerated. The GOP needs to contrast their historic support for free enterprise, low taxes and access to the American dream- through opportunity and hard work- to the pathetic Socialist-Democrat victimization model. The choice is simple; opportunity, or a life of public housing and food stamps.

  5. I can only imagine Rakestraw reaching out to us brown people and Laird Stabler who probably lets us cut his grass. Oh, will the new GOP chair maybe. Well it ain’t the NRA guy you can bet on that one. Fly boy gets it.

  6. Interesting conversation–it shows the difficulties of communication between sub-cultures. Upwardly mobile is usually seen as a compliment not an insult. There is no doubt that some Latinos are already upper class. I do not think the statement was exclusive.
    It is a misnomer that all Latinos are new to America. Some have been here since the 1500’s in NM and CA where the merger of traditional Indian culture and Spanish culture occurred here. It was actually our immigration that changed those areas.

    I hinted at the fact that second and third generations have in fact integrated. The biggest barrier to integration is the public education system when it used to be the biggest asset.

  7. Your elitism is so obvious, its scary – get a grip, Latinos are already in the country club as not just as the wait staff. and they here these comments, and know them for the subtle racism it is.

    Upwardly mobile is usually seen as a compliment not an insult.

    RD, don’t you know that to Apo…er…’laffter,’ every sunny day portends a dark, ominous cloud? It is part of the ‘liberal’ psychosis.

    “Beware the All-Seeing Eye”

  8. Addendum:

    …you’re pushing the rock up hill and those like Rick are only dragging you down.

    Conservatives like Rick were part of the movement that usher-in the largest GOP gains in the House of Representatives and state houses nationwide since 1938.

    What you’re really worried about is the fact that Hispanics may not follow the African-American template, and become pawns of the Socialist-Democrats.

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