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NCCo’s WFH Ordinance and Local Vs State Roles

Due to the recent and wholly exaggerated and inaccurate attacks from Bill Powers against Dick Cathcart, Mr. Cathcart provided a response that again clarifies the responsibilities in regard to land use and how they are applying to the developers dream known as NCCo's WFH Ordinance. PLEASE read it objectively, thoroughly, and carefully. If you live in NCCo, especially in areas under the gun from this dibacle, you must be educated on what is happening and also to avoid being deceived into inaccuracies from those who left their fingerprints all over this handout to friends. NO CONFIDENCE TO THESE COUNCIL MEMBERS!!! I have pasted it here: LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE - THE COUNTIES AND LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES IN DELAWARE ARE THE ONLY ENTITIES THAT VOTE TO ALLOW DEVELOPMENT. NO STATE AGENCY CAN STOP DEVELOPMENT - THEY CAN ADVISE, BUT THE ULTIMATE DECISION TO ALLOW DEVELOPMENT IS ALWAYS WITH THE LOCAL Read more

Campaigning 1-0-dumb

Today, I received negative mailers paid by Rebecca Walker's campaign, all of course attacking Dick Cathcart. On this day, I did not receive one, I did not receive two, but I received THREE, yes THREE negative mailers from her campaign. Unfortunately for Mrs. Walker, her inaccurate and exaggerated talking points were already disclosed to me a couple of weeks ago by a friend who is absolutely disgusted by the old-boys of local D politics here (please note that I recognize that this is a select few - the political demographics are changing on all sides and both sides' good ol' boys are close to impotence around here). There is another blogger not from this site that heard my rants about this two to three weeks ago as well, so it is confirmed. Make no mistake that this was a planned attack meant for the final days. One mailer was a regurgitation of an earlier negative piece with a different Read more

NCCo Council Out of Control – Couldn’t Give Rats Ass About South of Canal

This arrogance is SERIOUS. I am linking here a forum post from (forum post linked in quote below) in which George Smiley basically refers to the South of the Canal as lacking a grasp of reality. Nowhere in this person's letter was there any attempt to undermine the aptitude of Councilman Smiley's constituents. That didn't stop him from taking his shot at Councilman Bell's or Councilman Power's constituents, neither of whom could give a rats ass about you, except for your vote. This is a copy/paste of an email exchange, so the earliest email is at the bottom and the most recent at top. I removed all email address info, except for George Smiley and the rest of the County Council, who couldn't give a rats ass about you, if you are from South of the Canal, like me. Whatever happened for the push of Appoquinimink County? Is it time to revisit that now? Don't count Read more

Reality Check – WFH Trivia (Bill Bell and You)

Please remember to visit and learn at This important PDF addresses the misconception about the state's role, as is falsely misrepresented by the blame-deflectors known as a couple of County Councilmen and their whisper posse. Q: What has more housing inventory as of tonight, October 25, 2008, the proposed units from WFH or the total available inventory of existing homes in New Castle County at $250,000 or less? A: The total available inventory of existing homes in New Castle County at $250,000 or less!!! I ran a query on Patterson-Schwartz for New Castle County with a max amount of $250,000. Total number of available houses: 2,914. Q: Why would Bill Bell be so adamant about WFH in his area without taking proactive measures to alert his very own constituency of the impending crush on existing infrastructure and on his very own, local school district, Appoquinimink Read more