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A discussion of socialism

How can anyone not know that free stuff isn't really free? The question is do you have control over how much you pay and what you get or does some bureaucrat determine those factors? Central planning doesn't work. Who is trying to move into North Korea? Government dictating prices, payments and services offered by doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes is not good. It wouldn't be any better at the college level. Why would we want to turn our collegiate system into the wonderfully ineffective and inferior system of a public high school? The first semester and often the first term at most public colleges for a large percentage of students is bridging them from high school. Most people no longer graduate in 4 years partially due to this fact. Free is expensive in that either the quality will go down as it becomes almost universal or the cost will go up to accommodate those who are Read more

Obama Orders The Acceptance of 10,000 Syrian Refugees In US

Troubled City Of Baltimore Must Accept Syrian Refugees, In Their Resettlement Center With the problem of illegal immigration paramount in the forefront of American politics, why would the Obama Administration order the resettlement of 10,000 Syrian refugees, a large majority of them, young men of fighting age. Would the Obama Administration be seeking to further destroy a free America along with its Constitution? Thursday, Obama ordered the acceptance of at least 10,000 Syrians in the United States, although California is the top resettlement destination, Many will be processed through the Baltimore resettlement program, according to many news agencies David Miliband, the International Rescue Committee's (IRC) chief executive officer called the White House announcement, "wholly inadequate" and Read more

Carney fights for Affordable Housing

For Immediate Release: July 7, 2015 Congressman Carney announces legislation to expand affordable housing options Housing Assistance Reform Act would increase housing options for low-income Americans, raise capital for affordable housing projects DOVER, Del. — This morning, Congressman John Carney (D-DE) visited Liberty Court Apartments in Dover to announce new legislation to improve affordable housing options. The Housing Assistance Reform Act would increase housing options for low-income Americans and help housing authorities raise capital for affordable housing projects. The legislation would expand access to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Work program from 39 local housing authorities to 60, and eliminate the current unit cap for the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, allowing any eligible housing authority to participate. “Everyone Read more

Florida Fighting to Drug Test Welfare Recipients

The highly controversial law (which likely has 70 to 80% public support but the hatred of elite opinion) is on hold temporarily by a federal judge pending a review of its constitutionality.  Florida is the first state to require drug testing of welfare recipients currently.  If this holds up in court or even if the concept holds up (the objections under scrutiny seem more about details of the law), I doubt Florida will remain the only state.

Death of the Work Ethic

Better to die from a bullet than working is the mantra of the lazy, pathetic rioters in Greece. You have to read this story from the overseas press. There is nothing wrong with needing help and receiving it. There is something wrong with thinking that you have a right to the fruits of other people's labor and sowing none of your own. The problem has become a crisis in Greece. The blood suckers are upset because they sucked the host dry. They killed the goose that laid the golden eggs in their greed to get more eggs.  Your country is bankrupt and it is your fault.  You have to sacrifice like the working people and entrepreneurs that you have been living off have done all of their lives.   If you are 55 and retied, you may have to work part time.  If you are 25 in college and not attending classes, get out of the way.  Go to school or go to work.  You have no right to anyone's money. I Read more