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Partial State of Emergency in Sussex County, DE

Coastal flood warnings in effect along Atlantic Coast and Delaware Bay Wilmington, DE – With moderate to major coastal flooding expected at high tides today and tomorrow, along with high wind warnings along the coast, Governor Jack Markell has issued a Limited State of Emergency for Sussex County, effective immediately. State offices will remain open and no driving restrictions are being implemented, however localized road closures may occur as conditions warrant it. See full text below. Residents of flood-prone areas of Sussex County and throughout Delaware are at risk of significant flooding and residents of those areas should seriously consider taking precautionary measures, including evacuating voluntarily or planning for potential evacuation and use of travel routes around flooded streets and roads. A list of flood-prone areas is included below. “Though predicted rainfall Read more

Gustav Bearing Down (Possibly) On New Orleans, Oil Speculators Shake In Fear

UPDATE: New Orleans (and the state of Louisiana) begins preparations.  Katrina is and likely will forever remain very, very raw to the survivors. Very early guidance, as Gustav has yet to enter the Gulf of Mexico, but computer models are pointing at the Louisiana coast, with a trend towards New Orleans and nearby Mississippi.  Landfall anywhere is bad, but this current forecasted path makes my heart and stomach sink a little more. In the meantime, oil speculators have gone into fear mode.  My own guess is that if a few more runs from the NHC confirm this morning's (11AM) forecasted path, expect the speculative fear to go into full panic.  Varied reports are already predicting increases of $5-$8 per bbl if that were to happen.  I can't believe they haven't predicted that on a per-day basis. Current forecasted landfall along the Gulf coast is Sunday night into Monday.  Stay tuned, Read more

The Future T.S. Fay?

Ruh-roh, Reorge.  It's still way early, but a storm may be a-comin' to the east coast! (Update: another entry by Guarino on the very-soon-to-be-named Fay) Want To Be A T.S./Hurricane WATCHER? Guarino is a weather NUT!  Click here. P.S.: Another shameless plug for  As a weather nut, I totally love that site.  Plus, it was created (and currently owned) by Rob Guarino, arguably the best REAL meteorologist/TV Weatherman there was in Philly over the past several years.  Well, until Faux29 hired the worst station manager, e-v-e-r! Read more

Politics Timeout: Best Weather Site, Period

It’s national, it’s regional, and it’s local.  It’s forecasting, it’s blogging, and it’s chatting.  Many pro meteorologists post and chat there.  They do that OFTEN, as well.  Blogging and chatting topics range from weather (duuuh) to environmental issues (and tips), to general chat. It’s For those of you in the Philly-area TV Market, you may (or may not) be familiar with Rob Guarino.  He was the chief-met at Fox 29 for several years before the new, punkish management thought it would be cool to bring his (management) bud, Bolaris, back to market. It’s worth a look!  Smitty-recommended!