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Smart Savings

There are smart offsets to sequester cuts that would not devastate military training and readiness or hurt programs giving nutrition to the poor. Sequester has helped get our deficit under control despite the spendthrift, incompetent U. S. Senate. For 3 years, the GAO has been issuing a report requested by Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn-R, showing the saving that could be had by stopping duplication of programs.  Money could actually go into programs instead of bureaucracy and the taxpayers could save many tens of billions a year.  These are cuts that everyone should welcome, yet only 22% of them have happened. Senator Chris Coons D-DE is on the budget conference committee, will he champion some smart cuts?

Where Can I Sign Up for a Catering Contract?

You have heard by now about the $16 muffins, $10 cookies, $8 coffee, $65 lunches, and $32 snacks at a U. S. Justice Department Conferences. I say we need to raise taxes then the government will become more financially responsible (sarcasm). Thankfully this is after new guidelines. In 2007, we paid $5 per Swedish meatballs. We put new guidelines in place and they are widely ignored. Now we pay a dollar an ounce for coffee. One of the commenters questioned why I said we need to patch the holes in the bucket before anyone talks about trying to fill it faster with more taxes. There are hundreds of billions not spent well. When are we going to reform the government? We cannot afford to ignore the waste any longer.

GAO Bombshell

How much we waste no one knows.  This national bombshell sounds familiar to me. I have advocated a performance audit of the 35 departments in the City of Dover to find efficiencies.  In 2010, Congress demanded such an audit for the Federal government.  The results are staggering. The report says that much of the data needed to know how well the programs work are not even being kept in the Department of Labor and other departments.  Still what they have found out so far is that the federal government could save tens of billions of dollars a year.  The 47 labor programs could save 69 billion over the next few years eliminating duplication.  77 billion could be saved in the Pentagon.  Billions more could be saved in the food programs.  2.9 billion that could be used for housing vouchers is being wasted in homeless programs  never gets to the homeless. Democrats are threatening Read more

New Primer on Government Inefficiency – ‘Fed Style’

Remember when $10 million dollars meant something? Nowadays, such denominations are merely rounding errors for many of our Federal Government agencies and their myriad profligate spending programs. In today's Wall Street Journal, reporter Damian Paletta reminds us in his 'Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway' article of how millions quickly add up to billions. Thanks to the stalwart fiscal oversight of Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla), a report was commissioned on the Fed's cornucopia of redundancy, inconsistency and mismanagement -- also known as -- waste, fraud and abuse. According to the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, The U.S. government has 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, more than 20 separate programs to help the homeless and 80 programs for economic development. This GAO report unfurls some interesting tidbits and is merely a microcosm of a Read more

Delaware Doesn’t Need A “National Park”

This subject of Delaware's lack of a national park has come up numerous times. I did comment on this subject two years ago, and said this: One time the Cypress Swamp in Gumboro was suggested. Other times it’s been some of the beaches currently under the state’s control. Quite honestly I don’t see the point. Forty-nine other states have national parks, so what if Delaware doesn’t have one? One can only imagine the pain and suffering the federal government would impose on property owners bordering the national park, like how much fertilizer they could put on their lawn or what type of septic system they could have. The possibilities could be endless. With regard to this matter, Delaware doesn’t need to be a “me too!” state. I really don't know if much more needs to be said. This time through it seems that Delaware's congressional delegation is hell-bent on making it Read more

Christian Hudson files an ethics complaint against Insurance Commissioner Stewart

UPDATE: Comments now allowed. The Delaware Public Integrity Commissionhas recently been a stop of Christian Hudson, a Lewes businessman and member of the Sussex County Campaign for Libertychapter. Mr. Hudson has filed a complaint claiming Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart of numerous violations of Delaware state law. Part of his decision to do so was pushed by the newly formed Caesar Rodney Institute and their report "Delaware Dept. of Insurance: Not in the Public Interest".  Delaware Liberal, a state blog, has also kept a close eye on Karen Weldin Stewart and her alleged misuse of Delaware's funding. So what has been found out? Why are so many people constantly crying foul at Karen Weldin Stewart? The accusations against the Insurance Commission continue to stack higher and higher, but a few of them may be read now. A few notable contributors to Stewart's 2008 election Read more

Focusing on the Past

As upset by yesterdays actions there were some shining moments that I feel we can not ignore.  212 Representatives voted AGAINST this Health Care "Reform".  212 Representatives stood firm for their constituents.  You can find a link to the list of these men and women here. At this link there is also information for you to contact each of these Representatives.  I recommend calling at least your own (in Delaware's case it is Mike Castle) and thanking them for taking a stand with their constituents.  Let them know that you appreciate them listening to their phone calls, letters, and even paying attention to our rallies.  When I called Castle's office they sounded shocked to hear a "thank you" call.  Although we are all currently devastated by this bill's passage, don't let these feelings depress you.  It is important that you let your own Congressmen know that you are watching what Read more

Will Booze Make Women Easy ???

In yet another example of the wonderful manner that economic stimulus bill was going to fund shovel ready projects to rebuild our infrastructure. We get this. The stimulus bill also will be funding key research. "The National Institutes of Health got $219,000 in funds to study whether female college students are more likely to “hook up” after drinking alcohol." Now I don't know what this research is going to find. (I am willing to sign up for the actual hands on part if necessary) I know that if the response comes back in the affirmative, the collective reply will be DUH!!! Yes folks this is how Barack Obama is going to bring jobs back to Americans. Spend money on studying the drinking and sexual habits of college coeds. I guess we now really know why this bill was considered so important. I don't know whose job was created or saved with this grant but I gotta say he is Read more

Hooray For Open Government!

resolutedetermination over at Resolute Determination has this inspiring report up:
I just called the Division of Research at Legislative Hall to get my hands on a copy of the budget. I was told that the public has no right to review the budget until after the General Assembly passes the bill.
So how can any Delawarean make suggestions about what should be cut from the budget if we can’t see the budget? Get it, noman?

Beaches Red Flagged At Tower Road As “Hazardous Materials” Wash Ashore

These pictures were sent to me by a local surfer who was in the water at Tower Road today, the beach just south of Dewey, when medical waste washed up on shore. According to the surfer, the lifeguard who called him out of the water said that "hazardous material washed up on the beach." The surfer also said that DNREC officials on the scene said they were there "looking into it." Other surfers said they found syringes and jars in the line of debris that went up and down the beach. Read more

I’ve Got A Proposal For You, Governor

Three new casinos for Delaware? That's our new Governor's vision for our beloved state. Think about it...Delaware is 96 miles long...3 new casinos will give us a casino every 16 miles! Oh yeah, and apparently we might need sports betting (even though professional sports is opposed to it), and table games, too. Well, I have an idea for Governor Markell, put the first new casino in Greenville, where you live. Just take a look at Greenville, there's lots of space for a nice, big, full blown casino with table games and slot machines and sports betting.... View Larger Map Afterall, you did say this: ...we will spread our sacrifices so no one citizen or group bears a disproportionate burden of this challenge." That means you and your neighbors, too, right, Governor? Read more


Kevin Spence at The Cape Gazette is reporting that Susex County is going to get some omnibus spending money for the 3rd try at a new Indian River Inlet Bridge: Indian River Inlet Bridge $1,900,000 to design and construct a new bridge along Route 1 over the Indian River Inlet. The new structure will completely span the inlet with all foundation supports constructed on dry land. The proposed bridge will be west of the existing bridge at a critical evacuation route. Indian River Inlet and Bay $235,000 to determine the cause of and make repairs to severe holes that have developed in the areas of the Indian River Inlet Bridge. Money will also be used to dredge the channel in the Indian River Bay area. Would it be wrong to point out that Delaware wasted ten times that amount of money building and then removing gigantic approaches to a bridge that wasn't even designed yet? Read more

Nominations for most creative use of state tax money in 2008

My Nomination for best use of Delawarean's taxpayer money in 2008 is in.  I don't attack taxpayer funded business trips, here. They are usually useful and legitimate expenses, but once in a while some people try to game the system. According to the Dec. 17 2008 Delaware State News, Governor Minner went to the Virgin Islands for a review of a Governor's conference held in Philadelphia just 25 to 30 miles to our north. The problem is that she didn't even attend the event in Philly.  The oversight was so devistating to good order and her ability to run the state that she did not trust the internet to update her.  She had to go to the Virgin Islands for the make up session.  What a relief!  What would we do without such a self sacrificing public servant. Let's get this straight. She is a month out and decides that a summary of an event not important enough to attend is worth more to Read more