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Are Russia and NATO Preparing for WAR?

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer As Russia’s military exercises and maneuvers in the Baltic, Atlantic and Pacific (vis-à-vis NATO nations and other allies) have assumed a more aggressive and less cautious posture over the last two years, legitimate geostrategic questions arise: 1) Is this a classic geopolitical tactic to reassert regional dominance over former Soviet Republics (now independent states in Europe and Asia) and/or implementation a psycho-political control mechanism over the Russian people to minimize domestic dissent through creation of international tensions? 2) Given increasing bipolar force levels in closer proximity and emergent international tensions, can a serious untended conflict arise and get out of control? 3) “Are Russia and NATO actually preparing for war?” A recent article in the Daily Telegraph suggests the latter, according to a report Read more

60 fighters, Is ISIS afraid yet?

The so called “administration” has only 60 Syrian fighters in training after more than a year and $500,000,000. Talk about mixed results. The administration has 7000 in waiting, but they can’t find people who are clear of terrorist ties. It goes back to my contention that we need American forces to defeat ISIS and let the others occupy. At this rate, we don’t need patience. ISIS will fail because they all die of old age.

Shades of 1950-1953 on the 38th parallel

Let’s establish a few things right off the bat, as they say: First, the Korean War, that began in June, 1950, never actually ended.  There is no formal treaty, no truce, simply an armistice, the same kind that ended World War One.  The Korean War never ended, but actual hostilities were curtailed under a cease-fire on July 27th, 1953 at 10:00 AM local time. Second, North Korea, which calls itself the “Democratic Republic of Korea,” is obviously neither democratic, nor a republic.  It is, in fact, a monarchy.  The “founder” of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, was a Soviet puppet and delusional Stalinist who actually believed his own prevarications and propaganda, as he believed that of his mentors, Stalin and Mao.  He passed power, without input from “the people,” directly to his son, Kim Jong-il, who, in turn, passed it to his son, Kim Jong-un, who is the sabre-rattling Read more

The left’s new W.I.C.* program

*Women in combat   I read last night the inspiring story of how a phalanx of Spartan hoplite women held off Xerxes the Persian at Thermopylae.  Then, I studied the famous Female Cohorts of Rome, who, outnumbered three-to-one, fought Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginians at Trebbia.  Later, I read about how a regiment of 800 Wisconsin women stormed Island No.10 during the Civil War.  Next, I read about how two battalions of French women dislodged a reinforced German machine gun nest during the Battle of the Marne in World War 1.  Then, I was impressed as all-get-out by that fabulous tale of the all-female squadron of B-29s that firebombed Yokohama in the summer of 1945.  But the most inspiring story, truly highlighting the incredible combat prowess of women, detailed the two companies, comprising about 180 women Marines, who held off two regiments of Chinese Communists at the Read more

Osama Bin Laden Dead

The President addressed the nation minutes ago to say Special Ops Forces killed Bin Laden.  When America sets its mind to do something, there is nothing it cannot accomplish, declared the President.  General Wayne Downing would be proud.  It is too bad the founder of the modern Special Operations command didn’t live to see this day.  Thank GOD for this event because innocent people will eventually be safer. President Obama deserves credit for making this a top priority.    It has now been achieved and the standing of America in the world will only improve.

Enduring Freedom Silver Star Series Pt. 3

Cpl. Pat Tillman WASHINGTON — Pat Tillman died while leading a team of Army Rangers up a remote southeastern Afghan hill to knock out enemy fire that had pinned down other American soldiers, the Army said Friday. The Army released details of the former Arizona Cardinals football player's death as it announced that he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star, its third-highest award for combat valor. Tillman, 27, and his team were initially not in danger from the hostile small-arms and mortar fire when the April 22 ambush began. But when the rear section of their convoy became pinned down in rough terrain, Tillman ordered his team out of its vehicles "to take the fight to the enemy forces" on the higher ground. As Tillman and other soldiers neared the hill's Read more

Enduring Freedom Silver Star Series Pt. 2

Staff SgtMatthew Blaskowski - Chosen Company, 2/503rd PIR. On 3 May 2005, elements of 3rd Platoon, 1st Platoon and the Company Headquarters were called forward into the Arghandab River Valley to the village of Bulac Kalay to assist fellow Rock Paratroopers under attack by enemy forces. The ensuing 6 hour fight left 17 enemies killed and 10 captured. Chosen Company evacuated four of our own to medical facilities in Germany - SSG Matthew Blaskowski, SGT Tim Brumley, PFC Matthew King and PFC Tyler Wilson. Several other soldiers received minor wounds and are back to duty with the company. Chosen Company performed their duty against America’s enemies in truly remarkable fashion with ferocious and raw courage. As events transpired, each paratrooper rose to the challenge Read more

Afghanistan War is more than a body count: The Silver Star for Enduring Freedom Pt. 1

I believe the War in Afghanistan has produced great valor.  I  was reading about the attack on the police headquarters today and I noticed that it never mentioned who lost.  The U. S. military has won many battles because of the valor of the American serviceperson.  This series is in their honor.  All quotes are from the official accounts which are not copyrighted. gt 1st Class Bradly M. Felix Sgt 1st Class Roger G. Watts Staff Sgt. David G. Colucci All assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), stood before more than 60 guests at a Valor Awards Ceremony June 28, 2005 at U. S. Army Special Operations Command here as Lt. General Philip Kensinger, USASOC commander, awarded each the Silver Star. Listening to the retelling of their fearless actions was emotional for the Soldiers. “It was humbling because I Read more

What the New Korean War Would Be Like

Read this white paper. It will curl your toes. North Korea will mount a total war if attacked by the US. There are three aspects to this war plan. First, total war is North Korea's avowed strategy in case of US preemptive attacks. The US war on Iraq shows that the US can and will mount preemptive strikes in clear violation of international laws, and the United Nations is powerless to stop the US. Any nation that is weak militarily may be attacked by the US at will. It is reasonable for North Korea to deter US attacks with threats of total war. Second, North Korea expects no help from China, Russia, or other nations in case of war with the US. It knows that it will be fighting the superpower alone. Nominally, China and Russia are North Korea's allies but neither ally is expected to provide any assistance to North Korea in case of war. Neither nation can or is willing to protect Read more

GPB Goes to War

Continuing the family's tradition of service, Lt. George P. Bush is being deployed to a war zone. The location is being withheld at this time, which is unsurprising with an intelligence officer. P is a reservist who is taking his turn. It is no secret that I am a fan of the Bush family. They are dignified people who bring the right attitude of service, yet they are regular folks. That is why I am bothered by the attacks on the family. The poll question on this article shows the insane bias against the Bush family in some sectors. It asked, Do you think the deployment is a stunt. Most people answered no. The media would never ask such a poll question about Captain Biden's deployment (which it should not) or even that McCain's children. Anyone who has any understanding of the system knows better. All of these people should be respected for their service. Some times we need to take Read more

When the Family Says No

There is a significant controversy over the AP publishing a photograph of a marine fatally wounded in battle. The marine was being cared for by his comrades in a frantic attempt to save his life. The family strongly asked that particular photograph not be published. The AP rejected their pleas and said it was newsworthy and that overrode the concern for the family. One has to ask if this were a car accident where a criminal in a car chase hit an innocent driver would the AP ignore the family? Just because the young man signed up to protect the public does that make him a public figure? Is the AP serving the public interest or exploiting a private individual's last moments? I have no doubt there was a news value to the story, but when the family says no to one picture do they not have any rights? Do they have to sacrifice their son once for our protection and a second time for Read more

Question on North “We Got Nukes” Korea

Reports are coming fast and furious that North Korea intends to do an ocean launch of a test-nuclear missle aimed dead-on at Hawaii.  The PRESUMPTION, because we all should agree that anything that government puts out is propoganda (stealing their term), is that this is intended to fall well short of the Island-State, but the intent to flex muscle is there. Question: If North Korea follows through on this "test" from their ship in the Pacific Ocean, consider they are doing it from INTERNATIONAL waters, not their territorial area, and they are knowingly and willfully (and wantonly) doing it with Hawaii in their straight-line target-site, will.... ...North Korea have provoked or invoked a legitimate act of war, an act that the international community, including the UN, has already proactively condemned, thus making legitimate any military response against them? Smitty addendum: Read more