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Tea-Party Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Deserted By National GOP

Democrat Terry McAuliffe squeaked by Tea-party Republican Candidate in Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial race to become Virginia's next governor. Three weeks before the election, had McAuliffe seemingly winning by a landslide. What happened in those three weeks that made this race a dead-heat? Even though Cuccinelli was heavily outgunned financially, could it have been McAuliffe's heavy staunch support for Obamacare (ACA). Since the launch failure of Obamacare, McAuliffe's campaign had been steadily losing ground. If Cuccinelli had another week, another million dollars and solid support of the National GOP, he would have probably won the Virginia Governor's seat. Exit polls showed intense opposition to Obamacare, that had helped Cuccinelli, who had been written off by the National GOP as a Tea-Party Candidate. The National GOP probably wrote him off because of the scandal-plgued Read more