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NLRB Union Stimulus Package

The government is once again getting in the way of employment.   Three rulings by the NLRB  were pushed through before the Saturday departure of one Democrat member.  It includes card check lite which overturned an existing precedent, mirco organizing in healthcare (allowing each job description area to be targeted within an organization instead of the organization as a whole–maybe CNA’s or cafeteria workers will be more inclined then an entire facility for instance) and they are forcing workers to wait longer to kick out a union they do not want even though ownership of the company changed.

Unions, You’ve Been Charlie Sheen’d

Unions, you have been Charlie Sheen'd.  Your problem is even worse though, because the CBS executives aren't going to step in and fire your leaders that have gone off the deep end.  That is entirely up to you.  I was going to go with the old Happy Day's jumped the shark analogy but Charlie Sheen's destruction of Two and a Half Men is so much more appropriate.  Like both of those shows, Unions started our great.  Both shows were among the most popular shows of their time.  Unions have known amazing popularity as well.  But what do you do when your Union Jumps the shark?  People liked it, but it has been going on for a long time and no longer satisfies their needs and interests.  Now it is grasping at straws and using gimmicks to try to keep you interested and involved.  Even worse, what if your union is still at the top of its game but the person(s) at the head of your union Read more

The ‘New Age’ of Civility

Call me a skeptic, but somehow I saw this coming. A litany of death threats and other calls for violence and harm have started to make its way into the environs of Wisconsin amidst the aftershocks of the budget repair bill that passed Wednesday night in the Wisconsin state legislature. The State Department of Justice is investigating this specific threat (read entire e-mail in the above link). Here's an excerpt from the e-mailed threat: Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes  (sic) will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell. Read below for more information on possible scenarios in which you will die. Meanwhile, Read more

Wisconsin Republicans Out-Maneuver Exiled Dems

Gov. Scott Walker must have consumed a lot of Charlie Sheen's favorite beverage of late - 'Tiger Blood.' After nearly three tumultuous weeks of protests, 24/7 media coverage and national attention in and around Madison, Wisconsin, state senate Republicans decided Wednesday night to use a procedural maneuver to push through an otherwise unpassable budget repair bill amongst a throng of stunned Democratic leaders, media and onlookers. The bill's measure effectively eliminates collective bargaining for public-sector employees in Wisconsin, except for wage bargaining. Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans attempted to negotiate with the missing 14 state senators who had disappeared across state lines to Illinois. The state senators' AWOL antics denied the Republican officials in Madison the necessary quorum it needed to go forward with the budget repair bill. In the end, the Read more

The ‘Hidden’ Cost of Democracy

While the mostly peaceful throngs of citizens, activists and protesters alike have enveloped Madison Wisconsin's historic Capitol Building over the past two weeks, there's one cost that few Badger State officials would've predicted -- a $7.5 million dollar 'repair' bill. It's kinda ironic, huh? As it turns out, the thousands of pro-union and anti-Walker crowds have capriciously and without respect for public property, damaged an enormous amount of expensive marble, among other things, throughout Madison's Statehouse. Although this price tag, on its face, seems ridiculously high, the fact is, the building was not designed as a crash pad and rallying spot for an angry mob. There's a rule in the Capitol Building that 'no tape or other adhesive' may be used to affix items to any part of the building. In fact, when signs or communications are necessary, easel boards are displayed. Read more

Lead and They Will Follow: Governor Walker Shows Courage and Leadership in Battleground State

Bravo to Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) for standing up for all of the citizens of the Badger State, as a minority of public sector union workers, teachers, correctional officers and other civil servants foment demagoguery and fail to do their jobs. With a $3.6 billion budget gap as a backdrop, the Wisconsin governor must confront reality and re-tool the state’s fiscal problem before it weighs down future growth and crowds out investment. And, unlike the federal government, states are obligated by law to balance their budget. Thus, Gov. Walker is acting like the grown-up in the room. Wisconsin’s newly-elected Governor, in a press conference speech given late Friday in the rotunda of the State capitol, explained to the press and the audience that “We are broke.” He went on to say that the majority of workers and citizens alike in the state support his bill. He wants state workers Read more

Big Labor and Big Government

You will want to read this article in full if you care about special interest manipulation of policy. "As stated in the Executive Order, 'Management should discuss workplace challenges and problems with labor and endeavor to develop solutions jointly, rather than advise union representatives of predetermined solutions to problems and then engage in bargaining over the impact and implementation of the predetermined solutions.' "Therefore, it is imperative that management immediately engage unions on an ongoing basis consistent with the spirit and intent of the Executive Order." In other words, Obama has given veto power on federal policy to the bosses running the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). As Read more

Buy your tires now Obama’s policy to increase the cost to you

In a payoff to his Union buddies Obama has slapped a 35% tariff on Tires imported from China. Not in the market for tires? Then you will just get to pay the next time you buy a car. Cars come with four each and you will get to pay a couple of hundred dollars so that Obama can payoff his Union buddies. In an article by James Pethokoukis, the economics writer for Reuters news service Pethokoukis describes that Obama’s actions run the risk of starting a trade war with China but at the very least will cost the average American Consumer. As Pethokoukis states: “Not only does the move directly hurt U.S. consumers, but it will certainly encourage more domestic industries, such as steel and apparel, to look to Washington for help. Even more dangerous than copycat protectionism: by blaming China for economic woes here at home, Obama risks rekindling anti-China efforts in Congress, such as Read more

Doubting Robert

37th District candidate Rob Robinson was on WGMD yesterday afternoon and I took the time to tune in a check it out. Bill Colley came right out of the gate with questions about the candidate's relationship to "Working Families For Delaware's Future." a group that was canvassing the 37th with "hit" literature about Robinson's opponent, Ruth Briggs King. Robinson indicated he had a "disclaimer" on his website, asking the group to basically lay off. It wasn't the first time questions were asked about the candidate's relationship to the group, there had been a flyer circulated, and stories floating around. He said his campaign tried to contact the group but they were unsuccessful. A "listener" sent in an e-mail. It took the listener "30 seconds" to find the group's contact number with an Internet search, it was the third listing. The listing is for the canvassing job on craigslist, Read more

10 Billion to subsidize UAW health benefits

One reason the public so distrusts the health care plan being considered by Congress is that so many troublesome details keep bubbling out of the massive legislation. The latest example is the $10 billion taxpayers will be asked to shell out to prop up the United Auto Workers' retiree health insurance program. The helping hand is a recognition by Congress that the union's volunteer employee benefit association, or VEBA, can't possibly stay solvent if it is asked to cover all of the union workers taking early buyouts from the Detroit automakers. So the union's supporters added language to the House's gargantuan health care bill that requires the federal government to pick up most of the cost of catastrophic claims for union retirees age 55 to 64. The biggest beneficiary would be the UAW, which got $60 billion from the Big Three in exchange for taking on the obligation for Read more

Send Out the Enforcers–Democrats Unleash the Organized Muscle

A town hall meeting turned nasty leaving one person with minor injuries in Tampa, FL. What you hardly notice in the story is that the SEIU organizers injured the opponent of the President's reform. The President called for his people to show up to the meetings to counter the opponents. In St. Louis and Tampa they did though in smaller numbers. In Tampa they tried to shut many of the opponents out of the meeting injuring one man who is contemplating filing charges. If you read the first third and bottom of the story, you would get the impression that it was that rowdy 9-12 project's fault. If you read carefully, you will see that it was the President's Organizing America and the SEIU took the early seats and tried to muscle the doors closed on the regular people. The meeting was organized by Reed plus the Service Employees International Union, other unions and Organizing for America, Read more

Ralph Nader On The GM Bankruptcy

Former Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader chimes in on the GM bankruptcy: Today's bankruptcy declaration in federal court by General Motors is an avoidable, crude weapon of mass devastation for workers, dealers, auto suppliers, small businesses and their depleted communities. For GM's voiceless owners -- the common shareholders -- it is a wipeout. The proximate cause of the bankruptcy was supposed to be the inability of GM and the government's auto task force to reach an accommodation with GM's bondholders. But late last week, the bondholder problem was moving toward rapid resolution, and was clearly resolvable. Why then are GM and its multibillion government financier proceeding with bankruptcy? The bankruptcy and the GM restructuring plan are the product of a secretive, unaccountable, Wall Street-minded government task force that assumed power because of a Congressional abdication Read more


Kevin Spence at The Cape Gazette is reporting that Susex County is going to get some omnibus spending money for the 3rd try at a new Indian River Inlet Bridge: Indian River Inlet Bridge $1,900,000 to design and construct a new bridge along Route 1 over the Indian River Inlet. The new structure will completely span the inlet with all foundation supports constructed on dry land. The proposed bridge will be west of the existing bridge at a critical evacuation route. Indian River Inlet and Bay $235,000 to determine the cause of and make repairs to severe holes that have developed in the areas of the Indian River Inlet Bridge. Money will also be used to dredge the channel in the Indian River Bay area. Would it be wrong to point out that Delaware wasted ten times that amount of money building and then removing gigantic approaches to a bridge that wasn't even designed yet? Read more

Please Make Your Voluntary Contributions Or Else….

I am not anti-union.  I am for local autonomy and free political choice. Please understand my motivation for this post. The Service Employees International Union has decided to spend 150 million dollars in this fall's election.  That is their right and I don't question it.  The problem is that they apparently don't have 150 million dollars.  So they have assessed local unions a 6 dollar a person contribution to their Political Action Committee.  To back this up they have passed an amendment to their rules which makes this mandatory on the locals and if the goal isn't met,  the national will garnish the shortfall from local funds plus a 50% penalty.  Two problems seem apparent with this.  According to federal law these contributions are voluntary.  Workers can opt out of the political contribution and not have their dues tapped for that reason.  Their dues are to be used to advance Read more