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Why do Democrats Play Politics with Unemployment?

Democrats pushed through the latest gambit to extend unemployment benefits.  I have no objections to the extension, but I do object to a 34 billion dollar bill costing  around 83.4 billion and 50 billion in new taxes.  Democrats use the unemployed like a human shield to push through spending and pork that would not make it on its own.  When are the Democrats going to promote policies which allow growth in the economy and businesses to add jobs?  If you oppose their bill, you hate the unemployed and want them to suffer.  If you favor their bill, you are imposing new taxes which will keep them suffering.  Where are Coons and Carney explaining a new way?  They just favor the same broken policies and same old political games.

Will Booze Make Women Easy ???

In yet another example of the wonderful manner that economic stimulus bill was going to fund shovel ready projects to rebuild our infrastructure. We get this. The stimulus bill also will be funding key research. "The National Institutes of Health got $219,000 in funds to study whether female college students are more likely to “hook up” after drinking alcohol." Now I don't know what this research is going to find. (I am willing to sign up for the actual hands on part if necessary) I know that if the response comes back in the affirmative, the collective reply will be DUH!!! Yes folks this is how Barack Obama is going to bring jobs back to Americans. Spend money on studying the drinking and sexual habits of college coeds. I guess we now really know why this bill was considered so important. I don't know whose job was created or saved with this grant but I gotta say he is Read more

Ralph Nader On The GM Bankruptcy

Former Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader chimes in on the GM bankruptcy: Today's bankruptcy declaration in federal court by General Motors is an avoidable, crude weapon of mass devastation for workers, dealers, auto suppliers, small businesses and their depleted communities. For GM's voiceless owners -- the common shareholders -- it is a wipeout. The proximate cause of the bankruptcy was supposed to be the inability of GM and the government's auto task force to reach an accommodation with GM's bondholders. But late last week, the bondholder problem was moving toward rapid resolution, and was clearly resolvable. Why then are GM and its multibillion government financier proceeding with bankruptcy? The bankruptcy and the GM restructuring plan are the product of a secretive, unaccountable, Wall Street-minded government task force that assumed power because of a Congressional abdication Read more

The Waterboy

Today I found out that my state representative thinks his job is to be the Governor's waterboy: "Part of my job is to carry the water for the governor and it's just that simple." ~ Rep. Pete "The Waterboy" Schwartzkopf We just got out of an election season where John Carney, the former Lt. Governor, and Jack Markell, the State Treasurer at the time, took great pains to articulate that as separately elected officials they were NOT there to "carry the water" for Governor Ruth Ann Minner...yet somehow my separately elected 14th District Representative thinks being Governor Markell's waterboy is HIS job? Are you kidding me? The people of the 14th District deserve to be represented by someone who doesn't think their job is to be the Governor's lackey, "it's just that simple." Read more


$328,835 is the pricetag for the White House's tragically stupid New York City photo-op according to the Air Force. Check it out: The flight by the VC-25, a modified Boeing Co. 747, and two F-16 fighter jets cost $328,835, Air Force spokeswoman Vicki Stein said. $328,835 for a picture at a time when many Americans are struggling financially, losing their jobs, and being kicked out of their homes. But, as they say in infomercials, that's not all.... It's being reported that the Feds were totally aware that the moronic stunt would send New Yorkers straight for the Prozac, but they demanded that the public be kept in the dark and "threatened" to punish the city if there was a leak: Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret Read more

All Apologies…(Updated 02/17 9:55PM)

From the "When it rains..." file.  Today, just a smidgen under six-months-to-the-day of receiving settlement, we received a subrogation request from my wife's old health insurance to recover over $1200 worth of claims from the accident they paid for the first handful of hours...due to the settlement we know, the one that didn't cover total costs, after the fees, etc were worked in.  Oh yeah, this is good times here. ------(original post starts here - posted on 02/16/09 1:00AM)------ Most of you who know me are quite aware of circumstances my family has dealt with over the last three years. While nothing is concrete, the path seems quite certain. Let me add to that, given what I do, I have a deep, terrified concern over what this could lead to. While my latter concern is over something that legally can not happen, nothing is guaranteed. Of course, this is self-induced Read more