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Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade

I have nothing against Lindsay Lohan, she is a troubled but talented individual who I hope finds her way. I do have a larger problem with the attorney or attorneys who are feeding her (and others) delusional paranoia. She is suing E-Trade for 100 million dollars because baby Lindsay is a milkaholic and she is an alcoholic. The baby Lindsay stole boys. She steals boyfriends. She says the ad was modeled on her and used her first name therefore she should be paid. She claims Lindsay is so associated with her that when the name is mentioned she is the person that is thought about. It is like Oprah or Madonna. Leaving aside her grandeur, what attorney did not explain to her that the High Court has ruled that parody is a free speech. People are allowed to poke fun at you without paying off to you. E-trade is laughing this off. It just revives the buzz around the commercial. The Read more

Doubting Robert

37th District candidate Rob Robinson was on WGMD yesterday afternoon and I took the time to tune in a check it out. Bill Colley came right out of the gate with questions about the candidate's relationship to "Working Families For Delaware's Future." a group that was canvassing the 37th with "hit" literature about Robinson's opponent, Ruth Briggs King. Robinson indicated he had a "disclaimer" on his website, asking the group to basically lay off. It wasn't the first time questions were asked about the candidate's relationship to the group, there had been a flyer circulated, and stories floating around. He said his campaign tried to contact the group but they were unsuccessful. A "listener" sent in an e-mail. It took the listener "30 seconds" to find the group's contact number with an Internet search, it was the third listing. The listing is for the canvassing job on craigslist, Read more

Litigation Specialist Suing Over Gender Discrmination at a Breast Cancer Awareness Event

I am not kidding. A male attorney makes a hundreds-of-miles trip to purposely put himself into a womens'-geared promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness and turns around and sues for gender discrmination. Apparently he's close to a half-million+ dollar settlement. My wife was almost was killed in 2005 by a negligent *itch who passed people on a curve, over a double-yellow, and hit her head-on at over 50MPH. We were "awarded" 30k before 33% + fees + subrogation. We are almost now at over $60k in medical bills plus massive financial problem that resulted from it. The insurance company was allowed to argue that a child we had two years later was to blame for the on-going medical issues. FTR, my wife had zero complications around the birth of that child. Yeah, tort law is totally effing fair. 👿 Here is the article on the litigation specialist. Prepare to puke. Read more