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Wagner in Knots: Facts from an Exclusive Interview and an Analysis of Yesterday’s News Journal Article

State Auditor Tom Wagner is frustrated because "I'm getting kicked in the teeth by saying I'm trying to bury a report when, in fact, we're saying the report is not complete and poorly done."  It turns out the report he is bashed for not releasing was incomplete, inconclusive on allegations, and the central complaint was resolved. It seems that Mr. Cathcart had some sloppy oversight in this case.  The public needs to know more.   That is why Delaware Politics contacted Mr. Wagner for an interview. Missing from the alleged cover up template are some important facts.  The call tipping off this investigation came directly to Mr. Wagner not the tip line.  Far from trying to cover up the allegation, Auditor Wagner was the one to initiate the investigation.   The allegations of kickbacks to some employees who allegedly gamed the system for this company involved is serious, but the evidence Read more

Richard Korn the Akorn Lobbyist

I guess it is a sign that even Liberal and Democrat Polticitans recognize what the TEA Party is capable of.  We now have a Democrat Candidate  for Auditor attempting to portray himself as an outsider and Tea Party sympathizer.  He has been doing this thru a series of public appearances and  push polls where he emphasizes that Tom Wagner is an incumbent.   Korn certainly can talk about Wagner being an incumbent.  Tom Wagner has been an effective incumbent in watching out for Waste and Fraud for Delawareans.  Wagner has a 100% conviction rate on cases he has referred to the Department of Justice. What is laughable is the Korn attempt to portray himself as an outsider.  The truth is Korn walks in lockstep with the Union dominated New Castle Democrat Party.  Richard Korn is a failed candidate for the State House of Representatives losing the election in 2006 in New Castle to Read more

Republicans show up to African American Festival

The heat did not exhaust the enthusiasm of the crowd at Dover’s 20th Annual African American Festival, but it did light a fire for one candidate.  The festival opened with the traditional procession of the elders.  Most were familiar to the community from years past.  This year the festival also welcomed a new “guest elder”.  Glen Urquhart, the conservative Republican for Congress, who purchased a booth, was welcomed in the nonpartisan tradition which included State Senator Brian Bushweller D-Dover and State Representative Donald  Blakey of Camden.  The first time candidate got some gentle ribbing and smiles as he introduced himself as a Conservative Republican at the event, but was warmly welcomed as he gave a quick pitch about the federal debt killing jobs and related with the audience with a Biblical analogy.  “ Debt kills jobs”, he proclaimed.   Within two hours, Read more

Lawson Announces for 15th Senate

Small Business Owner and and retired State Trooper Dave Lawson announced that he is running for the 15th State Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by Sen. Nancy Cook.  Sen. Cook has held this seat since 1974. Lawson Owns the Business, Shooters Choice. Shooter's Choice is an indoor shooting range that also offers firearms safety training, marksman training, and concealed carry training. The business also has a retail side that sells firearms and accessories.  Lawson established the business 16 years ago.  Lawson made the announcement on Tuesday May 4th at the Cheswold Fire Hall at 6:30.  About 100 friends and supporters were in attendance.  Included in the attendees were State Senators Joe Booth, Liane Sorensen, Gary Simpson and Colin Bonini who is also running for State Treasurer.  State Auditor Tom Wagner was there as was Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade.  Members Read more