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50 years of success

The self proclaimed socialist film maker Michael Moore should go over to Singapore for its 50th anniversary celebration of its health ministry. You do not need a government takeover in order to have universal, quality healthcare at an affordable price. You can do it with an intelligent market oriented mix with a government backstop. Medical Savings accounts do indeed work and they give the best healthcare in the world. I guess he rather tour poor oppressed Cuba. It is yet another reason for Senator Carper and Washington to stop and start over. We know what works if the objective is health care for all not government control over all. The Baucus draft is better but not even close to helping small business. It discourages wage increases for American workers and discourages business hiring. It raises the cost of health insurance. It does give some tax credits to help businesses Read more

A Health Care System that Works–Singapore

What nation is at or near the top of every community health standard, spends less than 4% of GDP on health care, has some of the longest life expectancy, universal care, long term care for the disabled, respects life, has no mandatory rationing, and provides choice in health care for consumers. How did you guess? That Singapore in the headline is a giveaway. Singapore works on a medical savings account system with matching contributions from employer and employee, and it rewards prevention. Singapore not only has one of the best education systems in the world. It has one of the best healthcare systems in the world both in quality and affordability. Pro-lifers would approve of the standard of brain death. It also makes pressuring someone to sign an Advance Medical Directive which only applies to terminal illnesses a crime. It bans euthanasia. President Obama should look at adopting Read more