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“I’m not a rotten manager. I’m a really good manager”, KWS

When you start your quote with I’m not a rotten manager, you are likely in trouble. I am not a crook, Richard Nixon. I did not have sex with that woman, William J. Clinton. I don’t recall, Ronald Reagan. What that place is filled with crazy people, Ruth Ann Clueless. You have to expect things like that to happen in prison, Ruth Ann Heartless. There are certain phrases that strike a nerve which sends intense dread through someone’s supporters. When you are battling perception not of poor management, but “rotten” you have gone beyond a perception problem and are in a fight for your life. Read the latest in the Karen Weldin Stewart saga.

Markell Orders Review of Lease

One lawmaker said it stinks to high heaven. I haven’t asked the King of the Universe if he smells it, but Governor Markell has. He has ordered a review of the land lease to a Minner friend at below sweet heart rates. Even the Attorney General’s office is getting into the mix. Sadly this is not the first investigation into the Minner Regime by Democrats. All of the previous ones ended with nothing but that was bad. I suspect no real action will be taken except a renegotiation of the 66 year lease. Does anyone wish to bet against that?

Nominations for most creative use of state tax money in 2008

My Nomination for best use of Delawarean's taxpayer money in 2008 is in.  I don't attack taxpayer funded business trips, here. They are usually useful and legitimate expenses, but once in a while some people try to game the system. According to the Dec. 17 2008 Delaware State News, Governor Minner went to the Virgin Islands for a review of a Governor's conference held in Philadelphia just 25 to 30 miles to our north. The problem is that she didn't even attend the event in Philly.  The oversight was so devistating to good order and her ability to run the state that she did not trust the internet to update her.  She had to go to the Virgin Islands for the make up session.  What a relief!  What would we do without such a self sacrificing public servant. Let's get this straight. She is a month out and decides that a summary of an event not important enough to attend is worth more to Read more

Leader who was in charge of moral standards caught naked in brothel

An Iranian police chief was arrested while in bed with 6 prostitutes. Defense attorneys said that he was seeking a down payment on the 70 virgins (sarcasm).  The result of this breech in the capitol city has caused protests.  Chief Reza Zarei was on a campaign of moralizing the city by enforcing an Islamic dress code on the women.  The rank hypocrisy is undermining the regime already roiled by economic pressures when the country should be prospering from record oil prices. The regime has been more focused on an ambitious and disruptive foreign agenda than keeping up the home front.  Now its moral authority is now in question.  Without it, they have nothing. This reminds us that problematic behavior of leaders is not an American problem.  It seems to be a human problem.  Of course in countries like France, they like to pretend it is not a problem just a lifestyle choice.  I Read more