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Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__7/21/13__Edition

Duke Brooks-Sussex GOP Communications Director-Portrait of a Moderate Most of us have, most likely, heard the voice of Duke Brooks as he was a radio host on WGMD a few years ago. My husband loved to listen to Brooks and for many a now nostalgic evening I'd hear the voice of Duke as he waxed on about all things political over the local radio air waves. Brooks is now the Sussex county GOP's Communications Director and also serves as a Republican ED in Representative District #14. Duke is deeply involved in local politics and he set me straight on a lot of local matters. Sometimes I wasn't very happy with his responses. Which is not to say that Brooks isn't very adapt at his craft. He knows the spoken word very well, he has the requisite moderate Republican talking points down pat. John Siegler's resignation was in no way related to Nelly Jordan's election, he assured me. Charlie Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__7-7-13__Edition-

The Sussex County Republican Women's Club-Helping Local Politicos With Favored Scholarships; Spreading Craziness. Unfortunately I am going to have to do something here I find very unpleasant. For there are many ladies in the Sussex County Republican Women's Club that I quite like. Which would include Gale White, the current President of the organization and a real charmer of a human being. Folks, I belonged to the SCRWC several years, over a span of as many years. I finally quit because….well this is the unfortunate part. Cause if I'm going to be a humble Blogger out seeking the truth like no Lamestream Journalist ever bothers, I must do it now. I think, now, and before, that the SCRWC is one of the most screwed up and misguided organizations on this planet. This sentiment will probably yield me no future invitations to SCRWC affairs but I have an opinion, I am a Blogger, Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/16/13 Edition-

Sussex County GOP...Let's Do An Update.  Because Something Is Missing And I Know What It Is. =============================== I moved to this area in the year 2003 and I've loved it here ever since. After a few years I began to get involved with the Sussex County Republican Party. Ron Sams was the Sussex Chair when I joined as I understand Ron is still around. I have mixed emotions about Ron. Those times when I worked the Georgetown GOP office desk he was often around. Ron arranged for me to meet Mike Castle and goodness, well that was interesting. Ron came across to me as a devoted Conservative but I was surprised at how he worked against us in Sussex County came the time to revolt against Democrat-in-Disguise, that same Mike Castle that I met. I won't go into all that past and volatile history that caught the entire country's imagination. Ron Sams never bothered Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/9/13 Edition

Sussex County Register of Wills Cindy Green Opens Her Office to This Humble Blogger.  What's in Her Future?  The 30/31 Day After Death Waiting Period Explained….Almost. Sussex County's Register of Wills as elected is Cindy Green, a new and happening grandmother who has impressively improved life for Sussex Countians since her election in January 2011 in terms of all things will and probate. I would point yon reader to my article on this forum on Sussex County's Office of the Registrar of Wills and my experience with that same office. I made it an object of my interview with Cindy, who, in the interest of fair and balanced, is both a personal, Facebook and political friend, of this interviewer. Which in no way means that I give Cindy any slack. I had issues with how her office handled some matters in my own personal experience, and Cindy gave me answers. But first….I asked Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/2/2013 Edition

Meet Delaware's Next Governor, the Sigler Resignation, Boost for Craft Breweries   Lacey Lafferty-A Woman With a Plan I first "met" Lacey Lafferty at a Sussex county GOP meeting. At a meeting that was busy and bristling, Chairman John Reilly introduced Lacey, promising us she would only speak for five minutes. I was immediately intrigued. First I pondered why only five minutes? Second, it was getting late and what could be so important at this time? Third, Lacey spoke. It took me a while but after a bit I realized that, goodness, she was running for Governor and this was most odd. It wasn't odd that someone aspires to run for Governor but, well you have to hang around Sussex GOP for a while. It's had a rickety past, trying to appeal to Wilmington money while pleasing the Sussex slightly more conservative base. How could we ever forget Christine O'Donnell and the chasm Read more

Can The GOP Heal Or Is The Party Fracture Permanent

GOP party lines have never been more indistinguishable, both locally and nationally. The existing and overwhelming problem, aside from egos and personalities, is the definition of what a conservative is and should represent. The National as well as Delaware GOP has no sense of itself, yet is still spewing the rhetoric they think will win elections. Although passions for our Republic run high within the both factions of the party, it would seem that two main political philosophies have emerged and, on the surface they would seem to be diametrically opposed. Within conversations inside the GOP I have spoken to people I consider moderates, that believe they are true conservatives and the right-wingers should join the Libertarian Party or form their own party. On the other hand I know most everyone that would become involved in the Conservative Caucus, and they believe the "moderates within Read more

A New Chairman For The Sussex County GOP

As I've said on this site in the past, Mr. Wood was an exceptional Chairman, hard worker and an effective statesman. I guarantee he will be difficult to replace but we have talent in Sussex County that could rise to the occasion and Mr. Rieley is certainly one of them, but not the only one. We need a Chairman that can take the reins under difficult circumstances and spend the enormous amount of time it takes to be the effective leader of such a diverse group. We need the type of person who will work with the entire party regardless of political ideology and include all, as Jerry did. Let's learn a lesson from Jerry's tenure as Chairman and not make a serious mistake. I suggest that we discuss this instead of writing a post that has the appearance of being a paid advertisement. We have until March elections to consider our options and carefully consider who best could lead the Sussex Read more

The Chosen Ones

Delaware Fourteenth Representative District G.O.P. Committee For Immediate Release Lewes, DE – March 14th, 2012 Correction and update to previous release concerning the Sussex County, Delaware, Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee meeting on Thursday, March 22nd, in Lewes, Delaware. Brent Wangen, Chairman of the Fourteenth Representative District Republican Committee, announced today that Ernesto “Ernie” Lopez will not be attending the forum.  “Due to a scheduling conflict, Ernie won’t be able join us for the March 22nd meeting,” said Wangen.  “Our District Committee is determined to provide all Republican candidates with an opportunity to meet the voters and to discuss the issues.  We will have additional events of this type in the near future and Mr. Lopez is certainly invited to meet with us again soon,” he said. The event will take place Read more

Vance Phillips Cleared!

UPDATE:  "I am relieved that the Attorney General's investigation is completed, and that it was thorough enough to discover the whole truth about what happened that afternoon. Having recently had plenty of time to reflect on this event, and evaluate my life in general, it's clear to me that unchecked passions can be very dangerous. And it's clear that if the circumstances of that day were to present themselves again, I would conduct myself differently. But we cannot change the past. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to the sheriff, to our party members and leadership, and most importantly to the citizens of Sussex County for this whole unfortunate and embarrassing episode. I am hopeful the sheriff will join me in moving beyond this, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of the people we represent. We need to set aside our differences, conduct ourselves like grown Read more

The Sixth

    Thanks to the 2010 census, Sussex County has gotten a new state senatorial district, the sixth. It will encompass Milton, Lewes, Rehoboth, and Dewey Beach.     Since this is a new district there will be no incumbent. The Democrats already have a candidate, Andrew "Andy" Staton, a Rehoboth real estate agent.    On the Republican side there is already two people who have announced their intentions to run for the seat. And possibly a third.   I think that most of the regular readers know how I feel about primaries. But for any new readers let me state my views again. Primaries are a good thing for the system. Primaries can flush the system of career politicians. A primary can send a message to leadership about the mood of the rank and file voters. The primary is the chance for the voters to decide between multiple candidates from the same party, a chance to decide the Read more

How Far For Loyalty ?

  There seems to be quite a few stories in the news currently that force people to make decisions about who to support in controversial circumstances.    Many times the people will choose to side with a person or organization that they have a previous history with, or that they feel a sense of loyalty to.    The top national political story of the day has to be the sexual harassment charges that have been made against the leading GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.   It does call into question why these charges are coming out only after he attained leader status in the race. But he is denying the charges and more women are coming out with new charges. This story is far from over, yet many people have already decided and taken sides.   Since not all of the facts are in, one can only assume that many people are siding with Mr. Cain because he is a Republican. Others may Read more

Calmer Minds Must Prevail

In the course of the many debates that it took to formulate our Constitution and Bill of Rights, there were many heated argument and discussions. In the 1770's, there were diverse opinions and heated patriotic rhetoric. I am sure there were shouting matches and sides were taken on the issues that each argued. Currently in Sussex County, we have a disagreement between not only two different definitions of what the sheriff's job is but sides have been taken and the topic has become extremely heated and out of hand. I know both Councilman Phillips and Sheriff Christopher to be fine men and great public servants. Both are Christian men and good husbands and fathers. Both men do an excellent job serving Sussex County performing extremely important tasks. I call on Sheriff Christopher to take the high ground on the confrontation that occurred at the Sussex County GOP Headquarters and drop Read more

What Will Be The Face Of The Sussex GOP

   I am an Election District Committee person, and as such, I attended last night's  monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee.   Let me first thank all who came out. Both members and guest. It is great to see the room so full of people who wish only to get involve.   Well, we went through the usual meeting formalities of the Treasurer's report and the like.   But the real meat and potatoes of the meeting was the resolution that has attracted so much attention in the local press as of late.   It was a resolution brought to the committee by the R D Chairman of the 37th R D, Eric Bodenweiser. The resolution was intended to show support for the Sussex County Sheriff's wish to expand the training of his deputies. The point of my post is not about the resolution however. It was defeated and the issue has been passed by once more.   I would like to thank Read more

Will Sussex County’s Sheriff Gain Full Police Enforcement Status?

This resolution has not yet been presented before the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee and has just been drafted by Eric Bodenweiser, the RD Chairman of the 37th District. Resolution to the Sussex County Council Regarding the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County Whereas the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County is the only law enforcement position in the county that is elected and accountable directly to the People, and Whereas Sheriff Jeff Christopher campaigned and was elected on a platform of personnel training and certification, and Whereas minimum state standard training certification of the Office of Sheriff’s Deputies is consistent and in keeping with our State Constitution and the provisions therein, and Whereas minimum state standard training certification will; be at minimum cost, offer increased services to the residents and visitors of Sussex County and reduce Read more

“Take Back Our State,” Bull Roast

“Take Back Our State” Bull Roast (Second Annual Event) Sept. 24th Eagle Crest Field, Milton Delaware 29710 Eagle Crest Rd. (on Rt. 1) 1pm-6pm Featuring: Guest Speakers, Lunch, Raffle, Auction and Entertainment John Sigler Glen Urquhart Rich Collins This event is being hosted by: The 35th District Conservative Committee A Political Action Committee (PAC) All monies will be used to support candidates that help take back Delaware All tickets are $25.00 and are to be sold in advance. Children 12 and under are admitted free with paying adult. Special sponsorship tables available, please contact Jeanette Taylor at 302-934-1555 or Lynn Brannon at 302-245-5848. Tickets can be bought at: Sussex County GOP headquarters, 131 E. Market St. (302-856-6323) John Gooss: Georgetown Animal Hospital, 302-856-2623 Jim Taylor: 302-645-6266 Jeanette Taylor: 302-934-1555 Read more

Is Delaware’s Republican Party On The Mend?

With the implementation of a Conservative Revolution within Sussex County's Republican Party in Delaware, can Delaware's Republicans expect further changes in the GOP. It would seem that an ideological conflict still rages within the ranks of Delaware's Republicans. Many believe the new conservative movement in America and Delaware, was largely fueled by the Obama Administration's extreme far left positions, coupled with an extremely faulty economic position. Whatever the reason, the Conservative Revolution of Sussex County is only the tip of the iceberg of the movement in Delaware. The new group of mostly conservative professionals that have taken control of the Sussex County Republican Party, and have established a powerful Executive Committee, which is unbelievably well organized and are there to stay. Resolutions are being generated at a local level and will also start addressing Read more

Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom

Chairman Urquhart of the Sussex County GOP Committee released a statement today titled, "Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom?" The "radical transformers" seem bent on stamping out cherished and vital traditions. Having tried to expunge "Easter," they're now attacking prayer before Sussex County Council meetings. All that's left is attempting to force the majority to completely disavow the existence of a supreme Creator. The problem is that the secular humanism, they seem to prefer is a religious belief system. Its faith is that our problems cam be solved by radically transforming and perfecting people and societies. In short, it's a religion. So where's the much heralded separation of the state from their "church" which "worships" human theories, experts and programs? And what happened to tolerance? Why is a small minority intolerantly demanding that it rule over the majority? Read more

Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Resolution Stands United with Council On Prayer Issue

Whereas, The Sussex County Republican Party Executive Committee acknowledges that the First amendment prohibits Congress from passing any law establishing religion, the practice of reciting the Lords Prayer does not constitute establishment by Congress or by the Sussex County Council, from the founding of this nation prayer to the almighty has been the norm in government meetings from Town Councils to the House of Representatives to the US Senate, -Benjamin Franklin in the Constitutional Convention did say” I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proof I see of this truth that God Governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings, that "except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it." I Read more

Sussex County Sued on Separation of Church and State Issue!

A Group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State Filed suit today in Federal Court on behalf of four Sussex County residents. The group claims that the Sussex County uses an explicitly Christian Prayer to open its meetings and has taken sides, and is promoting a single religion. The group claims to have written two letters, complaining about the Councils practice, one in 2008 and one in 2009, according to a NewsJournal article written by Dan Shortridge. "The government does not have the right to make the decision as to which or what religion is promoted at a governmental meeting, said Barbara Mullin, one of the plaintiffs, who lives in Lewes, according to Shortridge's report. The First amendment states clearly that: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." That's as much as the Amendments To Read more

Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Elections

Order was the rule of the day at the Sussex County Executive Committee Elections.  Seated by Districts, the newly-elected ED's were seated, ready to vote for their new countywide officials.  Glen Urquhart won the Region Chairman's Position by acclamation and John Rieley won the Vice Chairman's Position in runoff with Eric Bodenweiser.  Lynn Brannon won the Treasurer's Position in a runoff with Sylvia Nieser.  Carol Bodine won the Region Secretary's Position by acclamation.  Exact vote counts were not revealed by the committee. Excitement permeated the room as Glen Urquhart was introduced as the new chairman and took control of the meeting, calling for a new vision of unity and corporation on the part of all republicans.  Glen called for the formation of a Fundraising Committee, a Communications Committee, a Headquarters Committee and an Education Committee that would be able to communicate Read more

Comment Rescue: Chairman of Sussex GOP

I really did not think that anyone would care about a post for the race for Vice Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee.  So far no one has announced themselves as running for Vice President of the United States other than Joe Biden.  Usually the race for the second spot only gets interest after the top slot gets a candidate.  Some have asked about the race for Chairman.  This is fair as the power and authority rests in the top spot and not in the 2nd spot.  So I am willing to discuss the information that has been shared with me.  Let me be the first to say that much of what I am reporting is based on conversations.  Some of this may be speculation by those talking with me.   However, I trust that those who shared this information were honest in their belief that what they had to say was accurate.   The rumor mill says that both Vance Phillips and Glen Urquhart Read more

Protack and Ayotte Win Two Staw-Polls, In As Many Days

Protack and Ayotte have been sweeping though Sussex County like a steamroller gathering speed.  Monday's 35th District Meeting at Cindy's Green's finished garage, in Greenwood was a sweep for both Michael Protack and Don Ayotte in a straw poll.  Michael Protack  and John Sigler are candidates for the position of Republican State Chairman.  Donald Ayotte and Greg Lavelle are both candidates for the position of Vice Chairman. Chairman: Protack  20 Sigler      9 Vice Chairman: Ayotte    29 Lavelle  0 In a meeting of the Sussex Conservative Caucus on Tuesday, April 26th, at the Manor House in Lewes, another straw-poll was taken for both the Chairman and Vice Chairman with 32 members present.  The results were as follows: Chairman: Protack   29 Sigler       3 Vice Chairman: Ayotte   32 Lavelle  0 Many Sussex Countians spoke loudly Read more

Much Ado About Nothing

After a rescheduling and a last-minute location change, the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting got off to a hot start. However, the ‘hot’ start had more to do with the 450-plus persons who packed Room 529 in the Carter Partnership Building meeting site and the thermostat setting than it had to do with the high-drama and requisite acrimony that was expected but never materialized. With Chairman Ron Sams and Vice-Chair Bryan Shupe absent, Secretary Carol Bodine motioned to have a vote to see who would chair the meeting. Judge Bill Lee and District 5 County Councilman Vance Phillips were nominated to be the chairman pro tem with a secret ballot dispatched to see whom would lead the affair. At this point, more committeepersons (EDs and RDs) voted than the official roll call revealed; thus, a redo was required. The voting took at least 30 minutes (during this time, I was able to use Read more