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Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett on recent Elting v. Shawe

Are American Freedoms being compromised by an omnipotent judicial system? Do arrogant judges set legal precedent that affect the American dream? Chief Chancellor Excuses Potential Fraud and Could Force a Sale of a Viable Multi-million Dollar Company? Delaware's rookie Chief Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, is casting a dark shadow over his 2-year run as the Chief Chancery Court Judge. This was evident in one of his most recent decisions where he ignored overwhelming evidence and a pattern of behavior that I wonder could border on the illegitimate? Instead, he chose to rule in favor of a single party (Elizabeth Elting) who happened to be represented by his buddy Kevin Shannon. This culminated in a decision that has the potential to ruin a company and destroy the jobs and careers of 4,000 hardworking employees worldwide, 2,300 of them in the United States, nearly 1,000 in the northeast, Read more

Delaware Officially Assumes Animal Control Duties

The State of Delaware Division of Health and Social Services, Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) announced on Wednesday that its newly-created enforcement unit, known as Delaware Animal Services (DAS), will gradually assume animal control duties statewide. The reversal of state policy comes after after decades of subcontracting animal control services and de facto delegation of authority to private agencies. Effective immediately, Delaware Animal Services will manage all reports of animal cruelty and cases of human exposure to the rabies virus. The program offers a new hotline, 302-255-4646 and email at:, to report such incidents. The transition comes after the former private contractor, First State Animal Shelter and SPCA based in Camden Delaware announced earlier that it will terminate its contracts with the State of Delaware as in September 15. Read more