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A discussion of socialism

How can anyone not know that free stuff isn't really free? The question is do you have control over how much you pay and what you get or does some bureaucrat determine those factors? Central planning doesn't work. Who is trying to move into North Korea? Government dictating prices, payments and services offered by doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes is not good. It wouldn't be any better at the college level. Why would we want to turn our collegiate system into the wonderfully ineffective and inferior system of a public high school? The first semester and often the first term at most public colleges for a large percentage of students is bridging them from high school. Most people no longer graduate in 4 years partially due to this fact. Free is expensive in that either the quality will go down as it becomes almost universal or the cost will go up to accommodate those who are Read more

UN Doubles Down on Global Warming

It is now 95% certain that 50% of global climate change is man made. In the meantime, the Arctic Ice returns and Antarctic Ice hits a 35 year high. “Why would sea ice be increasing? Although the rate of increase is small, it is a puzzle to scientists stated the Washington Post blog. At a time when Chinese and Russian scientists produce devastating rebuttals to the UN "Consensus". Most people agree that we are contributing to climate change to some degree, but is that bad? The results are delaying a new cooling cycle, increased crop yields, and a generally more livable planet with higher life expectancy and less human suffering. There are natural forces that matter far more than what we contribute, but acknowledging that does not give power to the Fabian Eco Socialists to impoverish and control us. Read more

A Defining Moment: HB 392

Representative John Kolwalko AKA Job Killier is trying to take away your right to choose with a single player health system along with colleagues Senator Bruce Ennis, Rep. Jaques, and Rep. Osienski . §1622. Insurance Reforms. Insurers regulated by the Delaware Insurance Department are prohibited from charging premiums to eligible participants for coverage of services already covered by the Health Security Authority. The State Insurance Commissioner shall adopt, amend, alter, repeal and enforce all such rules and regulations and orders as may be necessary to implement this section I call it single player not payer because the bill makes government the only real player in health care. The power is not really with consumers and medical professionals. You would be stuck in a system where your only real choice is to pack up and leave the state or abide by the health board's decisions. Read more

UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Or The Enslavement Of A Planet?

Over two hundred people poured into the Millsboro Fire Hall, Thursday night to hear a presentation of the United Nation's Agenda 21, also known as "Sustainable Development." The plan for for "One World Government that George Herbert Walker Bush called the, "New World Order" was about to begin. The 9-12 Delaware Patriots hosted Maggie Roddin to present the two hour Agenda 21 presentation, Her radio website is: President Obama signed his 86th Executive Order (13575) on June 9 that established the White House Rural Council that seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21, and it is designed to begin taking control of almost all aspects of the lives of 16 percent of the American People. In 1992, President Bush signed the Agreement for the Administrative Implementation of Agenda 21 and another 178 Nations also signed on. The Objectives Read more

A Right to Other People’s Money

Madison would roll over in his grave if he saw President Obama nominate a judge who believes in a Constitutional right to welfare. Goodwin H. Liu was nominated on Feb. 24 for the 9th U.S. Circus Court of Appeals. From the Wahington Times Now, let's move beyond theory. For what practical purpose was Mr. Liu laying out his complicated and risky scheme of judging? Here's where things get even worse. As repeated many times in his essay, Mr. Liu's goal was to create a judicially enforceable, constitutional right to welfare. He hastened to add that such a revolution would only be pushed in an "evolutionary" way - not immediately - by "cue[ing] the policymaking process toward greater deliberation and rationality." This is a dangerous mentality to future of the nation. Why? While it is a matter of debate, it has been settled public policy that we have a right to give charity through our Read more

63% of Republicans believe Obama is a Socialist

That is really disturbing, it is obvious that the other 37% need to be informed. The man hires Marxists and Maoists into the staff and shadow "czar" cabinet. If you look at the agenda of the Fabian Society, the New Left and the American Progressive movement, you see the agenda of the ruling regime. Fabian Socialism is a democratic socialism of government control and bureaucracy brought about by evolution not revolution. President Obama seems to a Fabian in a hurry. He has taken over most of the American Auto industry, is micromanaging banks to the point of restricting the number of times that we can transfer money from savings to checking, is attempting to dominate the health insurance industry, micromanage healthcare, and is attempting to run every aspect of the energy industry. He is attempting a national healthcare system. He is picking the companies of to be favored in the new green Read more