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A Personal Moment: Remembering Dolores Anderson

First the basics Listed below are the funeral arrangements for Dolores M. Anderson, mother of SGT David Anderson (160th ENG CO), who passed away on Monday, November 3. VISITATION: Saturday, November 8, 9-11 a.m. Pippin Funeral Home 119 West Camden Wyoming Avenue Wyoming, DE FUNERAL SERVICE: Saturday, November 8, 11 a.m. Pippin Funeral Home INTERMENT: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Smyrna, DE REPASS: Christian Life Center,614 S. DuPont Hwy. Dover, DE Since I know that this is a political blog, I will not disinterest our readers with too many personal reflections, but since I have paid 100% of the freight for years, I hope you will indulge me a personal moment. My mom was a very special lady (as I am sure most of yours were to you). Unlike my father, who was a public figure, Pastor, chaplain for the local GOP, long time local radio show, Share Read more

Boy Scouts Adjusts Policy

The main focus of the Boy Scouts of America is to help boys become men of honor.  A debate has raged on how best to do that.  An important part of scouting is duty to GOD and living a morally straight life.  Is that compatible with Scout leaders being gay?  The Boy Scouts of America has reaffirmed it is not in their eyes.  The next question has to do with the boys, in an era of confusion and labeling, does the boy scouts want to exclude a 13 year old boy not sure of his sexual orientation even though he is leading a morally straight life or want to influence him?  The Scouts have voted against labeling and removed the ban on gay scouts by 60% to 40%.  The United Methodist Church and the Mormon Church which sponsor together 1/3 of the Scout troops supported the vote.  The Roman Catholic Church which also sponsors Scout troops took no position on an internal matter.  The Southern Baptists Read more

Apologetic no more: A defense of Social Conservatism

Those of us who believe in traditional American values are facing the challenge of a generation. The High Court has to decide such a basic issue as what is marriage. A CNN Poll shows that for the first time that a majority of Americans surveyed do not think the job of government is to defend traditional values. We are told that we are out to impose our morality on everyone else. We have no respect for liberty. We are religious zealots who need "to keep our rosaries off other people's ovaries" and other such nonsense. We are expected to stay silent when our tax money is used for things which are anathema to us while some working families among us go with out basic needs, children lack health care, and homelessness is a growing problem. We have a choice, stay silent, act apologetic for holding our views and let the land we know fade into the past or mount a defense. I choose to stand up Read more

Good News, Silly News

The good news is a woman charged with beating a transgender woman will be sentenced to prison, likely 5 years.  It is a conviction under assault and hate crimes laws.  It begs a question Why is it in Maryland 1st degree assault and a hate crime gets only 5 years? The silly news is that instead of answering that question, Governor Martin O'Malley D-MD has pledged greater protection to transgendered persons.  How?  Two laws were already broken.  What would have prevented the assault?  Should each transgendered person have a right to a body guard?  Maybe the Governor should review the lax sentencing guidelines in Maryland for assaults that cause serious bodily harm.  A person has the right to be safe whether they are male, female, or undecided.   The Governor does not need to pander to a group with a promise he cannot keep.  Instead he needs to work to make everyone safe. The Read more

Another Member of the 27 Club: Amy Winehouse Illustrates Why the Culture Matters

Update: Former Secretary of Education Bennett wrote this fine article on the subject. It coincides well with mine. Unless you were in a media blackout this weekend, you know pop singer Amy Winehouse died this weekend.   Friends claim it was an overdose  from a deadly cocktail of alcohol and drugs.  Her mother has said for the last three years that it would just be a matter of time before her daughter would be dead.  She was certainly a talented individual and her death is a tragedy as is the death of tens of thousands of others in similar circumstances.  The word waste keeps popping up.  It is one that is fitting.   Now I admit that I have never been a fan.  I called her Amy Winohouse due to her appearances on stage so drunk that she could not perform so there will be no tribute to her from me.  I am sadden to see such a talented individual lose her battle at such a young Read more

Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom

Chairman Urquhart of the Sussex County GOP Committee released a statement today titled, "Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom?" The "radical transformers" seem bent on stamping out cherished and vital traditions. Having tried to expunge "Easter," they're now attacking prayer before Sussex County Council meetings. All that's left is attempting to force the majority to completely disavow the existence of a supreme Creator. The problem is that the secular humanism, they seem to prefer is a religious belief system. Its faith is that our problems cam be solved by radically transforming and perfecting people and societies. In short, it's a religion. So where's the much heralded separation of the state from their "church" which "worships" human theories, experts and programs? And what happened to tolerance? Why is a small minority intolerantly demanding that it rule over the majority? Read more

My Platform Is Simple And Effective

My name is Donald Ayotte and if elected to the position of Vice Chairman of the Republican Party, I will work hard and intelligently every day to build and unify the party into a cohesive machine that will win elections for good and qualified republican candidates from the northern end of the state to the southern  ocean shores of Delaware. I am a grass roots republican an am both a social and fiscal conservative.   Some republicans in Delaware don't have too much difficulty understanding what a fiscal conservative is.  Where the trouble comes is in the definition of  social conservatism.  My definition of social conservatism is simple, at least for me.  I believe in the sanctity of life.  I believe in a marriage between one man and one woman.  I believe that our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights with safeguards so that no one group of people could change Read more

Illinois New Civil Union Law Impacts Faith Based Adoptions

Science and Religion agree that a mother and father are the best arraignment for children. Sadly, the new civil union law, which like Delaware amends the definition of the family is erupting in controversy. It is forcing Faith based organizations to adopt to gays couples. We all know that sometimes the ideal situation is not available. A loving family even if incomplete beats an abusive one or being constantly switched between foster homes and group homes with no attachment. I am not opposing gays and lesbians adopting children. I am opposing making their right to adopt paramount over the right of people to practice their faith or children to have a fair evaluation of prospects for their best interest. Let the free market of ideas come into play. The state will operate according to state policy. The faith based groups according to their tenets. A courageous Democrat, Senator William Haine Read more

The Next Step

SB 30 passed yesterday.  Missing from the argument was an emphasis on its redefining of the family.  Senator Venables did expose the marriage agenda with his amendment number 1.  It would have allowed people who are not in a sexual relationship like a couple of sisters who share a household to have the same privileges.  In opposition to it, a spokesperson for the "Equity Delaware" crowd admitted that they were after marriage even if by another name.  They blew their cover.  It did not matter to 12 Senators.   They even voted against a vote of the people on the issue.  On the final passage, Senator Bunting, who favored a referendum, joined in final passage. I think we need to give house members a chance to vote on submitting this bill to the people.  We all need to donate to the Delaware Family Policy Council  and support their efforts.  I am a proud card carrying member and Read more

Civil Union Fraud Exposed: The End of the Traditional Family

If you take the time to read Senate Bill 30, you will see that it amends several sections of Delaware law pertaining to the definition of family.  Its advocates say that it does not change the definition of marriage, but it undeniably reshapes the legal status of the family.  SB 30 bestows the rights of marriage upon couples who cannot fulfill the responsibilities of marriage.  It is a frontal challenge to the traditional family.  It is met to be a gateway drug for gay marriage.  It will not stop there.  In New York, transgender people are trying to  change their birth certificates before their bodies are even altered.  It is public policy based upon feelings not reality.  It will not stop here, other orientation groups will demand more alterations of our social fabric. If that is what you want, no problem.  Do nothing, the radical left controlling the Democrat party in Delaware Read more

Wearing Pink to the Party

GOProud is a gay conservative organization.  It had a booth last year at C-PAC.   This year it became a participating organization involved with planning.  The result has been boycotts by several organizations.  It appears it is not just the GOP which has internal struggle.  The movement itself does.   I am not sure of the motivation of C-PAC sponsors.  They have not answered questions.  If C-PAC thinks shifting to supporting a gay agenda is wise, they are wrong.  If they are merely accomodating various people who are along the spectrum of the movement, the question has to be asked of social conservatives why the reaction?  If a gay person is pro-life and favors constitutional government, I welcome them.   I may have a disagreement with them on some gay issues.  That does not invalidate everything about them to the point that I can't be in the room with them.  The fact Read more

The Bishops Take Their Place

The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops seem to have the same feelings the rank file displayed in the recent election.  Catholic voters went Republican.  The election of Archbishop Timothy Dolan over his more liberal counter part will hearten cultural conservatives of any faith.  Archbishop Dolan was an original partner with Chuck Colson in the Manhattan Project. He is a staunch pro-life proponent.  Even more encouraging for the future is the fact that the leading advocate against the disgraceful fraud of same sex marriage Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Kentucky was elected Vice President and likely successor.   The American Bishops are now refusing to go along for the ride in the culture wars.  They are preparing to lead.  We in the Evangelical community welcome the renewed partnership.  It hearkens back to the days of His Holiness John Paul II.   When GOD's people are in one Read more

Facebook Firings? That’s right… Should you get used to it?

Social networking sites seem to be the wave of the future. Twitter, MySpace, andFacebook are used on most computers and cell phones for instantaneous updates on friend’s actions and updates. It’s possible to keep in touch with many acquaintances and well as meet people throughout the country who have the same ideals with a few clicks from computers, cell phones, and other handheld devices. People are using the sites at home, at work, and on the go; it seems this is the problem. Many have become so accustomed to social networking that they seem to forget the internet is “public domain”. Any information posted on a social networking site may be accessed by any of your “friends” or “followers”. If one of the aforementioned be a co-worker or your employer it is possible to find yourself looking for a new job. People have been fired over their Facebook status and their Tweets. More Read more

Is Social Conservatism more popular than Fiscal Conservatism?

The results of the referenda in liberal Washington and Maine would suggest so.  Marriage is more popular than limiting government spending.  Civil Unions bearly squeaked by in WA and Traditional Marriage won in Maine. President Obama is not hesitant to take propose a four fold increase in the deficit, but realizes repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or funding abortion is poison. What is the solution abandon fiscal conservatism? No, Bush tried that with some success, but in the end it bit the party when the bills came home. The best way to win is have a full spectrum coalition as Christie and McDonnell showed. Fiscal Conservatives need their social conservative siblings. The voices that say otherwise happen to be inspired by those who want both to fail.

Attention NJ and NY Readers

Now is the time to stand up for traditional marriage in your states. The lame duck session may bring up same sex marriage in New Jersey and Governor Patterson is going to try to call a special session in New York. If you want reasons to support traditional marriage, read one of the old posts. If you agree, contact your state senator and assemblyman. In New Jersey, the measure particularly is weak in the state senate according to my sources, but they have not heard from opponents. Make it happen. Spread the word. Don’t lose the future of the family out of apathy.

31 To 0

 In Maine for the thirty-first time homosexual marriage has been rejected by the voters. This has happened every single time that the issue has been put to a popular vote in thirty-one states. This is the first time that a law passed in a legislature has been repealed by the people. Other such laws were enacted due to activist judges.  Homosexual activist had hoped Maine would be different because of its “MODERATE” to left history of voting.   This once more demonstrates that our political leaders are completely out of touch with those that they are supposed to be “REPRESENTING”.   Voters have shown overwhelmingly that they do not support these sort of attacks on traditional marriage .And yet politicians continue to pander to a minority special interest group.

Maine Voters Lean to Overturning Same Sex Marriage

The legislature foisted same sex marriage on the voters of Maine as part of the 6 for 6 campaign. PPP shows a majority of it’s voters are not enthused and the traditional marriage measure may have majority support. Tabor, the tax and spending limitation, looks a bit in trouble. You got it even before real clear politics and the Drudge Report, provided you don’t sleep before an election like the author.

Today is the Day We Count on Conner and Cloutier

Near Live UPDATE in Comment Section: Final Passage 14-5. Amendments had 12 opposed. As I heard it might be, the bill was rushed over to the house and passed. Today,  I expect Senate Bill 121 (Gay Rights) to pass the state senate.  The question is will adequate protections for religious organizations and convictions be included?  This is where two New Castle County Republican Senators will matter.  With the passing of Senator Adams and the illness of Senator Ennis, the vote on a couple of amendments will be very close.   If these amendments pass, it will go a long way to addressing some of the concerns with this bill. I am concerned about the lack of a religious exemption in the title 6 changes found in SB 121. The famed New Jersey case of Ms. Bernstein suing the Ocean Grove Evangelistic Association was based exactly upon that type of provision. Many of us have no issue with non Read more

Baby Steps

The President took a baby step toward giving benefits to gay couples. I have no objection to interpreting the family leave act to allow gay couples to take care of their partners. One has to wonder why leave out other unmarried couples? What is the legal basis? The problem occurs with the statements that this is just a down payment. Instead of taking this step to unite most Americans on the issue, he divided Americans. It will be interesting to see where this goes. This of course is why social conservatives are skeptical of ad hoc changes. It has nothing to do with being hateful; it has to do with understanding the otherside. Nevertheless, the good seems to overcome the questionable aspects so far. I will take it at face value. Fighting giving people their right to take care of a sick loved one seems to be both morally wrong and a political loser. The move doesn't include Read more

Dover Citizens Rally Against Same Sex Marriage

The issue of Same Sex Marriage brought out a crowd even larger than the Comprehensive plan. People were not in agreement with the notion that our city should push for marriages of people who by definition can't be marriage partners. Some opponents seemed a little over the top. "This world is on its way to destruction if you allow this to pass," stated one young, 18 year old gentleman who just started what will hopefully be a journey of activism. Ok. Fortunately, I doubt that I will get to see if he is right because the outpouring from the community killed this issue. Even if the Human Relations Commission manages to pass the resolution, it would be dead on arrival to city council. In my opinion, the stars of the evening were not mentioned in the news story. Nicole Theis of the Delaware Family Policy Council was incredible. Her talk produced the greatest applause of the night and reminded Read more

God Bless Thurmond Adams and Company

Senator Adams understood that imposing needless regulation on business in this economy is unwise and so did 3 other senators. HB 5, the Lawyers Right to Sue More, bill went down to defeat after a fair vote and an open public hearing today. The defeat of HB 5 in a public vote undermines the whine factor of supporters who are trying to rush this bill through with little public debate and scrutiny by bypassing the committee process. HB 5 is a sham. It has no provisions to protect auxiliary operations of religious institutions such as accommodations, hall rentals, and camps from being forced to participate in the activities preformed by others that they object to. In spite of a weak employment exemption which may or may not apply to religious schools and daycares. there was none whatsoever in the public accommodation side of the ledger. Small businesses would have to explain Read more

True Intentions

There are two bills stirring some measure of controversy in the General Assembly right now. One shouldn't be controversial at all, Senate Bill 27 which is the Marriage Protection Act. The other is House Bill 5 which is the non discrimination based on Sexual Orientation. Both bills seem to be on the fast track for votes today in their respective house. Both bills seem to have majority support. The Marriage Protection Act has been an amendment attached which will clarifies the language so that no confusion would exist regarding civil unions (which don't exist). The true intentions of the sponsors and supporters like myself are clear with the amendment--it is about marriage. There is now no excuse for those who say that they oppose same sex marriage. I say to those Senators you either support the bill or you are disconnected from your words and the reality of your actions. Now your Read more

Now is the time to “Rally” behind SB 27

UPDATE: Marriage Protection Act wins support in committee. Victory in Phase 1. Phase 2 Thursday. All right thinking individuals are invited to Legislative Hall at 1 pm Thursday for a rally. I supported the current law in Delaware which clarified that marriages recognized in our state are exclusively between a man and a woman. Now I support SB 27 which will make that age old principle  constitutional law. Court decisions in few states have shown that the social engineers do not respect the laws of every state and the federal government. The only way to protect the collective wisdom of the ages is constitutional law. 30 states have done this regarding marriage. It is time for Delaware to begin the process of a Constitutional amendment. The Delaware process is slow and cumbersome. This means we can't wait until a crisis is on our door step. Some are making the wild argument Read more

Tax Cuts and Christianity Can Save the World

Warning:  What you are about to read is not PC.  It could result in exploding suppositions. Yes, there are pants of panic from a new UN study which says that the global population will soar to 9 billion by 2050.  I say great.  That's more people we can teach the Gospel to.   (I had to toss that in so a couple of liberal heads would explode.)  I welcome the change.  We have become more prosperous globally with fewer incidents of starvation and famine since our population has increased.  Why, we have developed new technology especially in medicine and food production.   Population is not a problem, it is just a challenge. Still there is way too much poverty in the world.  A billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day and may never take a shower in their life times.  There is too much suffering in the world which is needless.  Why is it needless?  We have the ability Read more