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Conservative of the Year: Jeff Christopher

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Sheriff Jeff Christopher, he has captured the attention of the public and the ire of the establishment based upon a simple proposition, following the Constitution. His cause has gotten national attention, a hearing before the State Supreme Court which was less interested in the meaning of the state constitution than protecting the racket of the abuse of power that comes by allowing a government of men not law. State Treasurer Chip Flowers has discovered the same issue as he stood up for the Constitutional imperatives associated with his office. The courts here care more about case law than constitutional law and more about custom than tradition and common law. Obviously, a government that can nullify the Constitution by simple statue to the point of eviscerating a constitutional officer of his fundamental powers and duties, has the power to do anything Read more

Sussex county Council Refuses ‘Institute On The Constitution’ County Office For Training

Sussex County Administrator Todd F. Lawson refused a request by Sussex County Sheriff, Jeff Christopher to use office space in the County building located at 22215 North DuPont Boulevard in Georgetown. The building known as the Sussex County Administrative Offices West Complex, is also the location of the Sussex County Sheriff. Use of this facility after hours by private groups requires approval by County Administration. With the "Institute on the Constitution," training for citizens, set to start on April 22, the meeting had to be moved to Yoder's Farm until an alternate location could be obtained. A letter sent by the County Administration Todd F. Lawson stated: While your letter requests to meet for "Constitutional training for citizens," other documentation from the Institute that have been circulated describes the event as "Constitutional Training for Deputies, Posses, and Read more

Sussex County’s Sheriff And Citizen Summit

On the cool breezy spring day of Saturday at DelTech's Georgetown Campus, Sussex County's Sheriff Jeff Christopher held his First "Sheriff and Citizen Summit." The meeting was attended by 335 citizens interested in what the Constitutional Sheriff has to offer the community he serves. I witnessed NO buses or large vehicles busing people in, but instead the parking lot was filled with private citizens driving themselves to this conference. With a packed agenda, the meeting started at 9 a.m. with prayer. Pastor David Whitney spoke of the job of a Constitutional Sheriff saying, "It is the job of the constitutional sheriff to safeguard the citizens of his county from unjust and unconstitutional laws." He goes on to say, "An unconstitutional act is not a law. It confers no rights. It imposes no duties. It affords no protection. It creates no office. An unconstitutional act constitutes Read more

Sheriff’s Lawsuit, Opening Arguments

Sussex County's Superior Court was filled with reporters on one side of the courtroom and sheriff supporters on the other side, when court convened at 1:30 p.m. For opening statements Judge Graves allotted the State Attorneys and Sheriff Christopher's attorneys each 15 minutes and Sussex County's attorney 10 minutes. Sheriff Christopher's attorney, Christos T. Adamopoulos argued constitutional law and not so much of common law or statutory law and based his case on Article XV Section 1 of Delaware's Constitution, which gives Delaware's Sheriffs their powers as conservators of the peace. Deputy Attorney General Edward K. Black argued the states case based mostly upon common and statutory law and Sussex County's attorney David Rutt, used his ten minutes to argue the county's case on much the same basis as the state's case. Opening arguments ended with a fifteen minute rebuttal from Read more

Sussex County’s Sheriff; An Active Volcano That Refuses To Go Dormant

Sussex County's elected Sheriff, Jeff Christopher took exception to being treated as a "paper server," in May of 2012, when Delaware's Constitution clearly states that he Shall be the "Conservator of the Peace," within the county in which he resides. Sheriff Christopher, filed a lawsuit in Delaware's Superior Court on May 9th 2012 at 10:24 a.m., that Delaware's Constitution be enforced. The Statute in the Constitution reads as Follows: Article XV Section 1 of Delaware's Constitution: The Chancellor, Judges and Attorney General shall be conservators of the peace throughout the state, and the sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties respectively in which they reside. Earlier in that year, the County Council declared unanimously that the sheriff did not have powers of "Conservator of the Peace" and prompted Rep Danny Short R-Laurel to introduce legislation into Read more

Many Of Nation’s Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

According to reports from, the number of the nation's sheriffs that have refused to enforce unconstitutional gun laws has snowballed recently. Many law enforcement officials have written letters to President Obama and Vice President Biden voicing their concerns over what they believe in an effort to infringe upon the Second Amendment. In New Mexico, 30 of the state's 33 county sheriffs have reminded state lawmakers that they are under oath to support the U.S. Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment. 28 out of 29 sheriffs in Utah, sent a letter to President Obama stating that they will not enforce any new gun laws they believe to be unconstitutional. Many of Oregon's sheriffs have said they will not comply with any new unconstitutional gun regulations. This action recently taken by many of the nation's sheriffs is gaining speed daily. The one thing Obama Read more