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Smart Savings

There are smart offsets to sequester cuts that would not devastate military training and readiness or hurt programs giving nutrition to the poor. Sequester has helped get our deficit under control despite the spendthrift, incompetent U. S. Senate. For 3 years, the GAO has been issuing a report requested by Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn-R, showing the saving that could be had by stopping duplication of programs.  Money could actually go into programs instead of bureaucracy and the taxpayers could save many tens of billions a year.  These are cuts that everyone should welcome, yet only 22% of them have happened. Senator Chris Coons D-DE is on the budget conference committee, will he champion some smart cuts?

GOP Luminaries Gain Traction As Presidential and VP Hopefuls.

National GOP luminaries such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte and Paul Ryan have remained in the national limelight, in the post-election struggle to fight off such legislation as anti-second amendment legislation and Obama strong-arm tactics. Each continues to gain traction, not only with most factions of the Republican Party but also with Independents and many democrats. This new popularity is no fluke; many Americans that have recently voted for the President have become disenchanted with the newly re-elected president who has become obsessed with revenge based tactics, caused by his failed policies. Actions like failing to open Yellowstone National Park on time and cutting the Federal Tuition Assistance Program and housing benefits for our military veterans can be viewed as tantrum-revenge tactics by a clearly disgruntled president. President Obama pushed "Obamacare" Read more

Obama Team Struggles With Accuracy To Explain Cuts

President Obama and top administration officials are struggling with accuracy in explaining the impact of billions in federal budget cuts known as sequester that kicked in Saturday morning -- even getting called out by a Capitol Hill superintendent about furloughs for support staffers. Carlos Elias, the Capitol Building superintendent, sent out a memo Friday reminding staffers that the current sequestration plan does not include “reductions in force or furloughs” and that “pay and benefit of each of our employees will not be impacted.” Though not directly mentioning Obama by name, Elias also said in the memo that a “high-ranking official said employees that clean and maintain the U.S. Capitol will receive a cut in pay.” Hours before the memo was released, the president, in what appears to be the administration’s attempt to maximize the potential impact of the cuts, Read more

Obama, Spending Cuts Will Begin Friday

Congress effectively missed the deadline to avert the automatic spending cuts, originally passed into law in the summer of 2011. President Obama will officially enact the cuts by the end of the day Friday – but there will be cuts. As the White House has come to acknowledge, the impact of the cuts will – for the most part -- not be felt immediately. The billions of dollars in budget cuts are most likely going to phase in over the next few months. Furloughs of government workers will begin several weeks from now. Administration officials say the impact of this and other cuts will build up over time; President Obama describes the effect on the economy as a “tumble downward.” But some fiscal hawks see a silver lining, in that the sequester will force the government to trim the waste in order to shield higher-priority items. Already, the White House budget office is recommending Read more

DHS To Release Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants, Blaming Sequestration

According to Fox News, the DHS has started releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants being held in local jails because of expected budgets cuts. Arizona's Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu said Tuesday, that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had released more than 500 detainees. Babeu described the move as "mass budget pardon" and suggested the administration was going to unnecessary lengths to demonstrate the impact of the so-called sequester. "President Obama would never release 500 criminal illegals to the streets of his home town, yet he has no problem with releasing them in Arizona. The safety of the public is threatened and the rule of law discarded as a political tactic in this sequester battle." he said. An ICE official confirmed the plans without specifying how many illegal immigrants might be released. Spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said ICE had directed field offices Read more