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The Human Cost of Illegal Immigration in Delaware

Why am I opposed to making Dover a Sanctuary city or Delaware a Sanctuary state? We are holding 78 people with detainers from ICE in our prisons. 23 rapists, 12 murders and so on. At least 16 Delawareans have lot their lives due to these illegal immigrants. Children were abused. Human trafficking was conducted. Child pornography was spread. Women and children were raped. Here is a list of the charges these people were convicted of. Tell me who in their right mind thinks they should be released to stay here instead of being sent on a one way ticket anywhere? Source Delaware Department of Corrections DUI: 3 Fugitive from another state: 2 Possession of a controlled substance: 2 Drug dealing: 5 Trafficking: 1 Racketeering: 1 Reckless driving: 1 Conspiracy: 1 Manslaughter: 3 Murder 1st: 6 Murder 2nd: 6 Vehicular homicide: 1 PWDCF: 10 PWID: 2 Tier 3 Possession: 1 Assault Read more

Carper Worries About Losing Delaware’s Federal Funding

By Don Ayotte The Loss Of Federal Funding Will Be Delaware’s Stature as an “Ad Hoc” Sanctuary State. Senator Carper should not be sniveling and whining about losing federal funding for environmental projects. He will lose our funding himself as well as Delaware’s Socialist Liberal Leadership for becoming an “Ad Hoc” sanctuary state. The citizens of our state have had to pay the price far too long for illegal aliens that have entered our great nation, in spite of our laws, under the administration of an underachieving slack-jawed President Obama. Delaware’s Liberal Leading Henchmen gladly jumped aboard the “Free-Wagontrain” of federal grants to our state, as long as they supported the “Sanctuary State” bandwagon that Obama forced on the American people. Well folks, the free ride is over for those of you who benefited in many ways at the Delaware Citizen’s Read more