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SCOTUS Makes Abominable Ruling

It is an affront to Democracy. The Court has decided to overturn the will of the people that they enshrined in both Federal law and State Constitutions, in 30 plus cases by popular votes. The Judicial activists have once again shredded the Constitution to impose a radical and ill fated agenda in a preposterous attempt to redefine morality. This ruling is an abomination that will be overturned when common sense prevails.

Congress should impeach some justices to send a message that we will not be subjected to judicial tyranny. The Senate will fall short of the 2/3’s needed to convict and remove for political reasons, but it would send a message that would restore the balance of power. People need to wake up and speak up.

Gay Bakeries Deny Service to Traditional Marriage Celebration

I agree with Gay activists that refuse to make a cake for a traditional marriage celebration that says Gay Marriage is Wrong. The question is why should Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Conservative Jews, and others be forced to make same sex marriage cakes? The question is why would the government pursue one not the other? Does it show why we should let people make their own decisions in this regard? Watch the video here.

Why Support for Traditional Marriage is not Anti-Gay

America is about family not so called gay marriage. Too few people have any understanding of the dynamics of this nation, and why the nuclear family is central to it. Undermining it with the latest fad is detrimental to our national character. Marriage has been the central civilizing institution of humanity. It is the union of the sexes to form a family unit not a contract between two people. The family in the Anglo Saxon version is what made us unique. It formed our understanding of liberty, and it made us entrepreneurial and free market oriented. The dynamic of being independent with our own property and able to move across the expanse and build a new, stable life is what gave energy to the Manifest Destiny that made us a great power. The family and the church were the two keys to colonizing then expanding this nation in a stable fashion. If we had the continental model, it would Read more

Chicken Court

It is despicable cowardice and an affront to people governing themselves. It has allowed conflict between the districts. It is the worst tolerance of judicial activism in recent years. The High Court should be ashamed that it did not take the same sex marriage cases before it. Same sex marriage is a fad that needs to be banned because it harms the family which is the foundation of civilization. As predicted, marriage rates have fallen. Every prediction of the consequence of same sex marriage seems to be presenting. The Supreme Court has a duty to allow the people and the states to govern themselves. Instead of doing that, it ducked the issue surprising almost every expert. Liberals on the court don't want it brought before the SCOUS because they may lose. Conservatives on the court likewise have the same fear. It only takes 4 Justices to take the case. Everyone seems afraid Read more

Federal Judge Attempts to Redefine Marriage

A Utah federal judge lost his mind. It shows that we need to take the issue of "gay" marriage out of the hands of the courts and pass a Constitutional Amendment. The Supreme Court in Windsor was a state's rights decision. In 31 states, the Constitution says that the fiction of "same sex marriage" cannot happen. It is yet another elite assault on the foundation of western culture and indeed civiliation, marriage.This ruling is both lawless and an abomination to the principle of representative government. The ruling is more dangerous than even the idea of redefining an age old instituiton that binds together society. It is the complete disregard of the will of the people expressed clearly at the ballot box. That is an assault on self government. He had to invent a new right to do so instead of following the Constitution. He needs to be impeached. I guess this means that my A & Read more

Same Sex “Marriage” Passes in Delaware

Senator Chris Coons called it "an historic day".  I see it as one as well, more leaning toward infamy as the General Assembly decided to play GOD.  The vote was 12 to 9 with Republicans against it except for Cathy Cloutier and Democrats generally for it except for Senators Venables and Ennis.   What's next? Blevins Y Hocker N Peterson Y Bonini N Lavelle N Pettyjohn N Bushweller Y Lawson N Poore Y Cloutier Y Lopez N Simpson N Ennis N Marshall Y Sokola Y Hall-Long Y McBride Y Townsend Y Henry Y McDowell Y Venables N Read more

First Amendment Rights Endangered by HB 75 (so called same sex marriage)

The proposed same-sex marriage bill acknowledges the conflict between same-sex marriage, the anti-discrimination law and our constitutional rights by exempting churches and clergy from being forced to perform same-sex marriages. I was always taught that our First Amendment rights were for the benefit of every American. But the same-sex marriage bill is a First Amendment fraud. The language in the bill only offers protection to clergy and churches. If First Amendment rights are good enough for clergy, aren’t they also good enough for the other 99 percent? The truth is that this bill offers no protection for the vast majority of Delawareans, putting our Constitutional rights at risk. “Marriage” is not a value-neutral word. Inherent in the word “marriage” is celebration and affirmation by the community of that marriage because of the benefits it provides to society. Marriage is Read more

No Apology Necessary–Same Sex Marriage is a sham

I am have long liked Pastor Chuck Betters, but he made a mistake this week in apologizing for a sign that said the cross is greater than equality, playing on the marriage equality issue.  He was making a theological statement that the Cross is greater than any ideology.  He was right.  He was mistaken to apologize for it when the social media firestorm came. It is time that we speak the truth.  Same Sex marriage is a sham.  It is not marriage.  It can never be equal to real marriage because it does not serve the same function of building stable families and only serves to undermine the sacred position of the institution that civilized humanity and took us forests to free markets, from caves to cities, and from swamps to the stars.  This entire movement is the 21st century fool's errand and anyone who supports it is blind to anything that represents reality of human history. The Read more

Apologetic no more: A defense of Social Conservatism

Those of us who believe in traditional American values are facing the challenge of a generation. The High Court has to decide such a basic issue as what is marriage. A CNN Poll shows that for the first time that a majority of Americans surveyed do not think the job of government is to defend traditional values. We are told that we are out to impose our morality on everyone else. We have no respect for liberty. We are religious zealots who need "to keep our rosaries off other people's ovaries" and other such nonsense. We are expected to stay silent when our tax money is used for things which are anathema to us while some working families among us go with out basic needs, children lack health care, and homelessness is a growing problem. We have a choice, stay silent, act apologetic for holding our views and let the land we know fade into the past or mount a defense. I choose to stand up Read more

This Primary Season Think About Marriage

You can call a duck a fire hydrant, but it won't magically start putting out fires. No matter how you try to redefine terms, the reality is that marriage is the merger of the sexes into a family. Gays and Lesbians are welcome to form domestic partnerships to streamline the bureaucracy of sharing a life together. Marriage however is a unique institution in human history that has shaped civilization before written history. It is the crucible of civilizing behavior where a man and a woman gift the totality of humanity to the next generation. No one has the right to hijack it to make themselves feel better. No one has the right to get the benefits of marriage without the responsibilities of it to gift the next generation the best chance it has with the strengths brought by a father and mother in the home. That is my view and it is at least as valid as theirs. Mine has 100k years of Read more

Markell Reveals the Extreme Political Makeover

With the announcement that same sex marriage will be a priority next year, Markell and Denn lurched into extremism rejected in blue and red states by voters in referendum year after year. The idea is to make Delaware into their own image. They tried to keep it under wraps with plausible deniable. Civil Unions is a great compromise they said. Now before we have had any experience with the medium term implications of civil unions, they want to rush into so called same sex marriage. It is like they know a problem is coming and want to lock us in before we realize it. Governor Markell is dead wrong. It is not inevitable. It is not even desirable. It is wrong to its core. No society that has warped its marriage definition has found marriage stronger for it. The burden of proof is on the people who wish to change it. Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, Iceland, Read more

The Thought Police in Action–The War on Chick-fil-A

Go buy a delicious Chicken sandwich with a freshly squeezed lemonade today. Give a black eye to the thought police. Back when this was a free country, people used to be able to share and support mainstream or even kooky ideas without people in government trying to prevent them from employing people and serving the public. Now in Chicago and Boston government officials are trying to block Chick-fil-A for no other reason than it supports Biblical values especially traditional marriage. In other words, it is a religious war they are waging. They are saying that views held by the President of their own party until a couple of months ago are now so evil that the government can violate the first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The majority of Americans in every vote held support the Chick-fil-A position so this is a war against our values not just theirs. If Read more

Don’t Tell Me Family Doesn’t Matter

Gay isn't happy for children two comprehensive studies say. The hard left took fake studies to overturn common sense and centuries of tradition. Now that they have put thousands upon thousands of children in situations where Heather has two mommies, we know it is not what it is cracked up to be. Children are the victims. Human sacrifice on the adult alter of choice. The New Family Structures Study (NESS), published by Dr. Mark Regnerus, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, compared thousands of young adults (ages 18-39) who were raised in different types of family arrangements. Those who knew that their mothers had had a lesbian relationship fared significantly worse on measures of educational attainment and household income, reported more depression, used marijuana more, more often reported forced sexual encounters, felt less close to their biological mother, felt Read more

NAACP Takes Flack over Endorsement of Same Sex Marriage

The venerable civil rights organization is in turmoil. The board of directors passed a resolution in favor of same sex marriage May 19th and announced May 21st which put it at odds with the majority of the black community. It is now threatening to cost it the state leadership of Iowa and Nebraska. Pastors are criticizing it including national powerhouse Dr. Tony Evans. This controversy is bound to add to the decline in membership and feeling by some that it is adrift. The NAACP needs a populist ground up take over that will serve to advance the interests of minorities not liberal special interests like big labor or the extreme gay lobby.

Same Sex Marriage a Disaster for Obama

The President is in big trouble in North Carolina, where he went from even to down big and is now in the margin of error in national polls including down in Rasmussen and CBS. He is losing swing states. All of the bondage to gay bundlers may be taking a toll with GOD fearing voters. It would be fitting to see the house of cards called the Democrat party fall due to failed attacks on the core values of America.

33 and 0 (CA Twice)

Every state in which voters have weighed in on the definition of marriage has given the same results. Common sense. Marriage is between a man and a woman. North Carolina is the latest state to join the in voicing its support for traditional values. In the real world, it is not even controversial. Let’s see if the Democrats push President Obama into a suicidal position on this issue.

Darkness Descends On Maryland

Anti-traditional marriage forces finally pushed and bullied their way through the Maryland State House of Delegates. By the closest of margins, a couple of renegade Republicans and weak Democrats buckled and reversed their opposition under the excuse of some weak amendments. I believe the decline of America began in 1962 when we took GOD out of the classroom. Now the light of truth is so dim in some circles that even the most basic facts of culture, biology, and sociology are confusing to some. This darkness is now fully engaged in the Maryland General Assembly. We have a good number of Maryland readers. I give our Maryland friends a call to action. The battle is not over. It is time for people to engage. Call the state senate. Call the state house. It may come back to the house if the senate amends it. Get organized in your churches and community groups to hit the path for Read more

Midnight Disgrace

New York passes Same Sex Marriage law  in the middle of the night.  Governor Andrew Cuomo then signed it just hours ago in a bizarre response to his pledge to sign it as soon as he gets it.  Republican betrayal in the Empire State will likely lead to a proverbial civil war.  The party obtained the upper chamber after united opposition to the bill, but the majority leader brought the bill to the floor and a couple of votes flipped. “We strongly uphold the Catholic Church’s clear teaching that we always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love. But we just as strongly affirm that marriage is the joining of one man and one woman in a lifelong, loving union that is open to children, ordered for the good of those children and the spouses themselves. This definition cannot change, though we realize that our beliefs about the nature of marriage will continue Read more

Calling the Roll on SB 30

SB 30, The Civil Unions bill, unsurprisingly passed the State House 26-15 yesterday. Sadly all 9 attempts to improve the legislation were turned down. Here is your Roll Call. Atkins N Q. Johnson Y Ramone Y Barbieri Y Keeley Y Schooley Y Bennett Y Kenton N Schwartzkopf Y Blakey N Kowalko Y Scott Y Bolden Y Lavelle N B. Short Y Brady Y Lee N D. Short N Briggs King N Longhurst Y Viola Y Carson N Manolakos Y Walker Y George Y Miro N D.E. Williams Y Heffernan Y Mitchell Y D.P. Williams Y Hocker N Mulrooney Y Willis N Hudson N Osienski Y Wilson N Jaques Y Outten N Gilligan Y J. Johnson Y Peterman N

Illinois New Civil Union Law Impacts Faith Based Adoptions

Science and Religion agree that a mother and father are the best arraignment for children. Sadly, the new civil union law, which like Delaware amends the definition of the family is erupting in controversy. It is forcing Faith based organizations to adopt to gays couples. We all know that sometimes the ideal situation is not available. A loving family even if incomplete beats an abusive one or being constantly switched between foster homes and group homes with no attachment. I am not opposing gays and lesbians adopting children. I am opposing making their right to adopt paramount over the right of people to practice their faith or children to have a fair evaluation of prospects for their best interest. Let the free market of ideas come into play. The state will operate according to state policy. The faith based groups according to their tenets. A courageous Democrat, Senator William Haine Read more

The Next Step

SB 30 passed yesterday.  Missing from the argument was an emphasis on its redefining of the family.  Senator Venables did expose the marriage agenda with his amendment number 1.  It would have allowed people who are not in a sexual relationship like a couple of sisters who share a household to have the same privileges.  In opposition to it, a spokesperson for the "Equity Delaware" crowd admitted that they were after marriage even if by another name.  They blew their cover.  It did not matter to 12 Senators.   They even voted against a vote of the people on the issue.  On the final passage, Senator Bunting, who favored a referendum, joined in final passage. I think we need to give house members a chance to vote on submitting this bill to the people.  We all need to donate to the Delaware Family Policy Council  and support their efforts.  I am a proud card carrying member and Read more