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Tribute to Ron Paul

The greatest Congressman of my lifetime is retiring again. This time I think it is for good. He leaves in his wake a different Republican party, many successors including his son, Rand, and impacted a new generation with the message of liberty, peace, and constitutionalism. I know he won't be speaking at the convention, but I think he deserves to be heard. This is the speech that won my vote at the values summit and eventually my endorsement. It was one of the best intellectual and theological statements on the role of government that I heard in a long time. Long live Liberty. Read more

Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul

American singing sensation and first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson is getting heat from the Paul haters for her weekend endorsement of  fellow Texan Ron Paul.  The good news for her is that her sales have jumped 192% over the holiday weekend.   Clarkson said that she hopes she didn’t offend anyone but won’t back down.   You go lady.  We are following you now because we support freedom of speech. (Update–the latest numbers are 1350% shooting her to number 2 from 41 on the charts.) I predict that the attacks on Clarkson will fire up the Paul base and he will win Iowa and finish 2nd in New Hampshire to Romney.  Gingrich needs to finish third in both then South Carolina.

Will The Real Conservative Please Stand UP?

Do Republicans really want the Conservative who stands the best shot at winning in November?  Then the answer is Ron Paul.  The quirky statesman polls better than Gingrich and in a recent poll Romney among Independents.  I have always admired Congressman Paul for as long as I can remember following Congress.  He consistently scored 100% in support of the constitution and I found myself agreeing with him 95% of the time.  Sure he sometimes comes up with some ideas that I cannot subscribe to.  In the recent Huckabee forum, he mentioned that nullification would be a great idea to revive.  No, it wouldn't.  Still that will never happen.  What I like about the Congressman is that he thinks outside of the lines drawn by the establishment.   Overall, he has real ideas which will restore the balance lacking in the system.  His plans would energize the economy, revitalize the Constitutional Read more

Media Bias Against Ron Paul

Why is does the media treat Ron Paul differently than other candidates? The media often disparages his supporters. Dismisses his straw poll showings at groups of Republican activists, and ignores polls that show him competitive in a general election with President Obama. I believe he is the candidate liberals most fear. He is also the candidate establishment conservatives most fear. I think the fear factor is over rated. He has a powerful message that America needs to hear. I have some concerns and disagreements with him especially on foreign policy and the wholesale elimination of huge sections of our government, but I have some disagreements with all of the candidates.  He brings a needed balance to the political system. America has meddled too much overseas. We need to engage more and dictate less.  We need to get back to Constitutional government, I think in steps, he thinks --maybe Read more

Patriot Act Hiccup

Constitutional Republicans and Liberal Democrats joined to block a fast track of the Patriot Act extention in a sign of the emerging fidelity to the Constitution, it was the first vote where more than one Republican voted against their leadership this year.  The House leadership kept the vote open an extra 15 minutes to no avail.   It looks like Congressman Ron Paul has some company now.

Ron Paul to Oversee the Fed

I love it.  Audit, Mr. Chairman, Audit! Campaign for Liberty Release WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Yesterday, Congressman Ron Paul, Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty, was named Chairman of the U.S. House Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee for the upcoming Republican-controlled House of Representatives. “It is very welcome news, and brings hope to the grassroots battle Campaign for Liberty has been leading these last two years—one that Congressman Paul has been fighting his entire political career,” said John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty.   “This is another step forward in an ongoing struggle to bring true transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve. Let’s hope the incoming Congressional leadership keeps making progress toward this goal, which a majority of Americans support." With a fierce critic of the Federal Reserve like Read more