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Trumpworld: President Trump scores more victories for middle America

Democrats will have to decide next year of resistance means opposing just because or allows for supporting trade agreements that have everything they claimed for the last 30 years to have wanted in them. Oddly, enough it is Democrats who negotiated the worst trade agreements and betrayed their base. If they oppose President Trump here, we know they are just liars.

President Trump made China blink and come to the table. He obtained real deals with the Europeans. He has been able to keep his campaign promise to replace NAFTA. By the force of his will, he has broken down the Globalist wall of special interest power and championed the cause of ordinary Americans like few others. By all means resist that and we will know who stands with Americans and who stands with the globalists.

Looking ahead to 2018

Time to look ahead to the trends which will shape the New Year and beyond. Between now and 2020 these trends will change our lives. The price of 3D printing will drop and cottage industries will become a new trend. It may not be the Star Trek replicator, but we will start producing a surprising amount at home. In medicine, we will see a real and effective "universal" flu vaccine go to trials and soon replace the barely effective strain based vaccine. Gene Editing will emerge sometime between 2018 and 2020. Quiet trials have produced intriguing results. Someone will use it to eliminate a genetic disease and someone else will experiment in using it in pigs to produce donor organs for people. The GMO crowd will go into full freak out mode. We will start an ethical debate about the lines of designer people. Why not turn off the aging gene? Why not make us smarter and not just healthier? The Read more

Why does Delaware have such a budget issue?

Health Care is a major driver of the state budget issues. It cries out for fundamental reform. An approach worthy of study is the health pact approach.  It forms networks of doctors who deal directly with patients at an affordable flat rate instead of having the middle men of big insurance.  For $212 a month a family can have 99% of its medical needs met. Health Pact could be a boon for people with pre-existing conditions in our state exchange because it would one, cover them and two be attractive enough to bring healthy people into it.  We need to take the exchange and make it a market based approach.  Frankly, I believe that we should integrate Medicaid into such an approach as an option with Medicaid serving as a catastrophic and paying for medicine.  It would have the benefit of controlling costs and expanding the universe voluntarily of the exchange.  We could automatically Read more

Income Inequality is the latest distraction from the real problem

Bait and Switch Still Works The hard left has a rallying cry. America is being victimized by rising income inequality. The 1% are oppressing the rest of us by virtue of being successful, they contend. I believe that is poppycock. How much Bill makes is none of your business unless he is taking it from you. If Bill creates something or provides some service/product that someone is willing to pay, Bill should be able to get whatever the market will bear. The thieves are those who would steal from Bill for redistribution. It does not matter whether it is a robber with gun or a tax collector with a CAC because Bill still unjustly loses his money. Sure it may not be "fair" that Bill makes billions and Joe makes thousands, but it is not fair that Joe did not give as much economic value to society as Bill. Why didn't Joe transform the world like Bill Gates did? Using the current dipolar Read more

The Corporate State and Administrative Regime

We ratified the United States Constitution this day in 1788. 226 years later, we are still governed by this beautiful expression of American self governance. Happy Constitution Day! Tim wrote a good post on the Constitution so I will not duplicate it. I would like to discuss the challenges to it. I think everyone recognizes that perpetual war is a constant challenge to civil liberty and the scope of government. Thanks to the global situation, this is a reality and we must guard ourselves against over reach in the name of national security. I will continue to advocate for civil liberty in time of war. What is often less though of on my side of the aisle is the rise of the corporate ownership of power and wealth. On the left, what is often not thought of is the rise of the Administrative bureaucracy supplanting elected officials. Over the coming months, I would like to challenge Read more

Inspector General

I have been asked to weigh in on the issue due to the fact this site seems to taken it as a cause. I endorse the proposal. Do I have some questions or possible amendments? Yes. I am open to looking at different proposals. It is more the concept that I endorse though I do have to compliment the IPOD for a well researched proposal. I think we need an Inspector General because some of the issues that exist are more than financial. There are issues where there is not enough evidence to launch a criminal probe, but an ethical investigation would be appropriate. It appears that Delaware government needs an impartial arbiter. Our current situation is wasting money, and undermining respect for our government. This is one idea, but it seems to be the most viable one. Some suggest recall. I could support that, but the legislature will not give 2/3's vote in two consecutive General Read more

Picturing A Future Socialistic America

A socialistic America would have restrictive implications that even progressive liberals would take serious exception to. This may sound a little like "Big Brother" to you, but the groundwork is now being laid for the scenario I am about to unfold before your eyes. Surveillance would be the "rule of the day" with cameras on every street light and drones monitoring traffic on interstates and major highways. Imagine receiving an "insta-ticket" from you car's dashboard printer for entering an intersection as the light was changing to red and the funds being instantly and automatically debited from your account by the state. Imagine applying for a permit to travel from state to state and being told when you apply for your permit that you and your family have not earned enough "Good Citizen Credits" to earn this travel vacation. That can't happen Think again. Think about earning Read more

State of Suffering: The attack on Prescription Drugs Is Wrongheaded Policy

One day, we will finally get tired of worrying about if people get high. Most Americans think we are losing the war on drugs. I submit the reason is that we focus on the wrong objective. It is not the prerogative of government to govern your body. You and your doctor know if you are in pain and how best to treat it. The Attorney General and Police do not. I believe the best way to end the violence, funding of terrorism and narco-gangs and poisoning of our children is to attack the hard core street drugs while allowing people safer alternatives. The attack on Delaware doctors who are dealing with those in chronic pain for the fear that people might be getting safe and cheap alternatives to unsafe drugs cut with various substances on the streets, is hurting those who suffer from chronic pain. Read this story from the USA Today. I have seen this with my own eyes. The drug policy of Read more

Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton And Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”

Saul Alinsky’s book. “Rules For Radicals,” was first named “Rules For Revolution,” and has caused untold controversy since Alinsky published the book in 1971. I realize that one post will not be enough to communicate the content of destruction this book holds for our Republic. When I first bought the book, I vowed to read it cover to cover before donning my pencil to write even one word. Alinsky opens in the book’s prologue by writing, “The revolutionary force today has two targets, moral as well as material. Its young protagonists are one moment reminiscent of the idealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, “Burn the system down!” Alinsky’s tactics were based not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but instead on the neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the, “dialectic Read more

Obama Signs NDAA Act HR1540

President Obama signed the NDAA bill into law giving the U.S. military new and very broad arrest and detention powers. Americans across the country plan to protest the bill that allows people to be detained indefinitely without access to an attorney or a trial by jury. Indefinitely means they could be held for life. Amendments to exclude American citizens were rejected by the Obama administration and senate vote. Many Americans were shocked when it was signed quietly by President Obama, New Years Eve. Senator Graham has said that America is part of the battlefield and as such, Americans can be captured, interrogated and killed with no due process. NDAA 2012 Repeals the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments to the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and declares our right to due process. The link will be on the first comment

Tax System So Broken It Needs to Be Trashed

..So says 3 of 5 Americans, according to a Pew Report released yesterday.   This is why  Herman Cain was on to something and Romney is not.  President Obama is the defender of the status quo that the people want to trash. The number of Americans who feel they pay more than their fair share in federal taxes has dropped significantly over the past decade, from 55% in 2000 to 38% today. About half (52%) now say they pay the right amount in taxes.  Yet at the same time, fewer see the overall tax system as even moderately fair (43%, down from 51% eight years ago), and roughly six-in-ten (59%) say that so much is wrong with the tax system that Congress should completely change it. The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Dec. 7-11, 2011 among 1,521 adults, finds that this sense of unfairness centers on the perception that wealthy Americans Read more

UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Or The Enslavement Of A Planet?

Over two hundred people poured into the Millsboro Fire Hall, Thursday night to hear a presentation of the United Nation's Agenda 21, also known as "Sustainable Development." The plan for for "One World Government that George Herbert Walker Bush called the, "New World Order" was about to begin. The 9-12 Delaware Patriots hosted Maggie Roddin to present the two hour Agenda 21 presentation, Her radio website is: President Obama signed his 86th Executive Order (13575) on June 9 that established the White House Rural Council that seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21, and it is designed to begin taking control of almost all aspects of the lives of 16 percent of the American People. In 1992, President Bush signed the Agreement for the Administrative Implementation of Agenda 21 and another 178 Nations also signed on. The Objectives Read more

‘Recall’ Reality

Recalls in American politics are a rarity. In fact, just getting an elected officials’ name on a recall ballot is as about as unlikely as the Phillies’ chances of only winning twenty games for this upcoming 2011 season. Thus, it must follow then, that if history and logic are juxtaposed, the angry partisan crowds in Wisconsin, hell-bent on recalling their most despised state senators, need to realize that minus divine intervention and odds as bleak as those offered on the back of a PowerBall ticket, must heretofore zero-in on recent political history. These contemptuous, yet righteous souls, should read the following statistics on successful recalls that occurred throughout U.S. history. Click here for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal online article.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Cans Prime Minister and Cabinet

Fearing the riots and demonstrations in both, Tunisia and Egypt, Jordan's King Abdullah II fired his prime minister and cabinet.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which has its roots as far back as 1928 claims that the changes that King Abdullah II promised in 1999 when he inherited the throne from his father, the late King Hussein, did not go far enough.  King Abdullah has taken swift action seeking to stave off the demonstrations and riots that have taken place in Northern Africa Abdullah fired Prime Minister Samir Rifai, who was being blamed by Jordan's populace and the Muslim Brotherhood for the rise in fuel and food prices and slow moving political reforms, according to an Associated Press release on February 1st.  Abdullah appointed Marouf al-Bakhit as the new Prime Minister, with the responsibility of forming a new government.  Jordan's constitution gives the king the exclusive powers Read more

The Contract FROM America

We, the citizens of the United States of America, call upon those seeking to represent us in public office to sign the Contract from America and by doing so commit to support each of its agenda items and advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.
  1. Protect the Constitution
  2. Reject Cap & Trade
  3. Demand a Balanced Budget
  4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
  5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
  6. End Runaway Government Spending
  7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
  8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
  9. Stop the Pork
  10. Stop the Tax Hikes

Now or Never

At different times during its history, a nation inevitably experiences “now or never” moments, turning points irrevocably leading to its restoration or to unmitigated disaster. At such times, a yawning precipice opens up revealing a danger so wide, deep and threatening that if one more step is taken, the entire national enterprise falls off a cliff. We can see such moments in retrospect: The expiration of the Weimar republic; the rise of the Bolshevik Revolution; the grand experiments of the Great Leap Forward. All signaled the absolute terminal point of national constructs. The United States is at a "now or never" moment. During the last decade, the annihilation of federalism proceeded apace as increasingly, big government trampled the constitutional principles of limited government and abandoned the commandments of fiscal common sense. Since the elections of 2008, the Read more

From the E-Mail box

Take a look at this and just remember elections in November 2010. 1. U..S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises. 2. They voted to NOT give you a S.S. Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011. 3. Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years 4. You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr. 5. Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife. 6. Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get an additional $10,000 7. Do you feel SCREWED YET? 8. Will they have your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc., decrease? NO WAY!!. Congress and all Federal Employees received a raise and have better health and retirement benefits than you or I will ever have!!! AT NO COST TO THEM!!!!! (YOUR TAXES PAY FOR IT ALL) * Why should they care about you? * You never did anything about Read more

A Spending Reform 2

If you want real spending reform, change the rules. This is inside baseball, but it may be the way to win the game.  Follow me on this.  Mandate that all 13 spending bills be out of house committees by the 2nd week of July.  Any bills that are not will be combined into a continuing resolution.  The bills would then go before a committee of the whole one by one in the third week of July through the first week or two of August.  The larger ones would be given up to 3 days and the smaller ones a half a day.  Any member would be able to offer amendments to cut funds.  If any member wants to increase spending in one area on the bill, they have to cut another area.    Any spending increase would require a suspension of the rules which requires 290 votes.    The effect of this would be to allow the Ron Paul's, blue dogs, and others not on the favored committees to offer amendments Read more

If We Could Go to the Moon

How is it that a government that could lead a project to take man free of his planet for the first time can not get so many other projects right. How is it that Bluewater Wind's start date has been pushed back a year and a half mostly because the government can't even decide to what permits are needed and the requirements for those permits when we are in the middle of an energy crisis? How is it that we can't even get the stimulus money out the door in a deep recession or even understand that funding the National Endowment of the Arts is not the best jobs program? How is it that we won't even assure that congress(wo)men have bills available before they vote let alone the general public? For the last 40 years we have said if we can go to the moon why can't we...? There is an answer. Imagine if the moon program had to go through 20 agencies and had the government choosing what Read more

Tax Cuts and Christianity Can Save the World

Warning:  What you are about to read is not PC.  It could result in exploding suppositions. Yes, there are pants of panic from a new UN study which says that the global population will soar to 9 billion by 2050.  I say great.  That's more people we can teach the Gospel to.   (I had to toss that in so a couple of liberal heads would explode.)  I welcome the change.  We have become more prosperous globally with fewer incidents of starvation and famine since our population has increased.  Why, we have developed new technology especially in medicine and food production.   Population is not a problem, it is just a challenge. Still there is way too much poverty in the world.  A billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day and may never take a shower in their life times.  There is too much suffering in the world which is needless.  Why is it needless?  We have the ability Read more

Congress Out Of Control

...Congress warned AIG execs to return their millions in bonuses - or face a possible new law taxing those payouts at up to 100%. "They should voluntarily return them. If they don't, we plan to tax virtually all of it," New York Sen. Chuck Schumer declared on the Senate floor. The idea that our government may be passing "new laws" in a fit of rage that can wipe out "virtually all" of someone's paycheck scares me. We all need to hope that the Great Eye of Schumer doesn't turn on our source of income someday. Read more

I heart Christine O’Donnell–politically speaking

I wrote a post on another blog entitled "I heart Huckabee" which gave detailed resources showing the strength of Mike Huckabee as a person and a candidate.  The title played off the movie.  I wrote "I also heart Sarah Palin" because it was a fun play itself.    Now for the most important of the three.  I believe Christine O'Donnell is a rare find in cynical world.  She has the fire and heart to make a difference in D. C.  That is why I hope Delawareans listen to her message.  If they do, Delaware voters may say, I heart Christine--politically speaking. Christine O'Donnell represents a rising tide in America.  She represents Americans who are tired of a mounting federal debt, a dollar which seems worth less every day, a sham excuse for an energy policy, and a political system unwilling to open its eyes to an entitlement crisis.  Christine believes in the value of Freedom, Faith, Read more

Happy today? It is a Trillion Dollar Question.

The City of Dover Human Relations Commission asked me what the number one human relations issue facing our community was.  My answer was unhappiness.  It is at the root of racism, domestic violence, substance abuse, prostitution, school bullying, and family breakdown.  The good news is there is something we can do about it.  Dr. William Glasser presented an interesting proposition. He said that In practice, the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness and connectedness with the people we care about is a requisite for satisfying all of the needs. Choice theory, with the Seven Caring Habits, replaces external control psychology and the Seven Deadly Habits. External control, the present psychology of almost all people in the world, is destructive to relationships. When used, it will destroy the ability of one or both to find satisfaction in that relationship and will Read more

How about apologizing for the tax code?

In a year when political leaders are expected to apologize for not only their bland, void, unimaginative statements, but for those of supporters who dare to have their own mind. I have something that we really should demand an apology for--the tax code. Is time for us to recommit to ending the insanity of the American tax code.  It inhibits our freedom, manipulates our lives, muzzles our churches, drains hundreds of billions from us just to figure out how to comply, inspires fear and loathing over inspiration, subsidies the export of our jobs, and siphons the life out of our corporations.  If the British would have proposed our tax code on the founders, they wouldn't have even bothered to send envoys to negotiate.  They would have just declared the King and Parliament mad. The tax code is corrupt.  It is not based upon sound economics.  It is based upon the sound made by the chatter Read more