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Bonini Touts Convention Endorsement

***NEWS RELEASE*** BONINI WINS ENDORSEMENT AT DE GOP CONVENTION DEWEY BEACH, DE – In the race for Governor, Senator Colin Bonini won a landslide victory with 73% of the vote for the endorsement of the Delaware Republican Convention. Bonini, the clear frontrunner in the race, beat Lacey Lafferty at the annual meeting of Republicans across the state. When making his case to the delegates, Bonini said, “I am a proven conservative leader that can win.” Bonini also criticized Democrats for failing Delawareans. “Delaware deserves better,” he said. “Delaware is off course, but we can right this ship by working together. I am confident about our future. But to ensure a Delaware of unlimited possibility, we must make the right choices. Our future prosperity depends on a vibrant economy, safe neighborhoods, strong schools and first class transportation and infrastructure Read more

I have yet begun to fight!

When Commodore John Paul Jones was taking heavy fire from a superior British vessel which had the advantage in tactical position and a reinforcement on the way, he was asked to surrender. He responded, "I have yet begun to fight!" When we are in a fight for survival, you push hard and play out your hand. In Paul's case, a grenade blew shell casings into the powder storage of the British ship. Paul was able to recover the advantage and made history. In order to catch a break, you have to play the game. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill do not get that. The recent vote on the 10 week stop gap funding of the government illustrated the capitulation of the leadership. The whole thing as driven by fear. The fears are these fear of the media not telling the truth, fear of President Obama and the Democrats shutting down the government and blaming them, fear of the conservatives stirring Read more

A Statement from Donald J. Trump on Signing the RNC Pledge

Republican Presidential Primary candidate, Donald Trump issued the following statement pledging not to run as an independent and to support to the future GOP presidential nominee at a press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan earlier today: Trump for President Road Sign Near Georgetown, DE [Photo: Wolf von Baumgart] "It is my great honor to pledge my total support and loyalty to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands. This is far and away the best way to secure victory against the Democrats in November 2016. I am leading in all local and national polls --- my whole life has been about winning and this is what must be done in order to win the election and, most importantly, to Make America Great Again! " Meanwhile, political speculation on national media abounds. Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__1/18/14__Edition-

Steve Smyk-There are Issues. The new legislative session in Dover. HB 192 will have us in jail for secret compartments and is HB 115 a slam against ME? Couple of big bills stirring about up in legislative hall but first, HB#88 is dead, dead, dead. Not that Beau Biden, on command from his father no doubt, didn't try to bring it up again. Folks, ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN GUN BILLS! Somebody tell those jerks all busy passing laws trying to take away our constitutional rights to knock it off. Citizens of Delaware are not laying awake night worrying about who can get a gun. And if any of these absurd and silly laws would save one innocent's life, I'd be for it in spades. As it is these political upshots are seriously getting on my nerves. That's the problem, once you elect these jerks they think they can run roughshod over us. I will remind them that we get out human rights from God…..NOT Read more

Delaware Politics and Tidbits….Read It And Weep. The 4/28/13 Edition.

Congrats to Nellie Jordan! Congrats to the Heathens of Sussex County! ============================ Hip Hip Hooray to Nellie Jordan, the new Vice-Chair of the Delaware State GOP. One of Nellie's more alluring campaign notes was her connection to the Hispanic community. I am so glad Ruth B. King didn't win that. With Nellie we have a kind, and determined Hispanic grandmother helping to guide the Delaware GOP, allowing a bit of Sussex to flow into the state Republican party. Ruth King has always been, by me, a very fluid and articulate speaker. But she needs to do the job her constituents elected her to do. I doubt King would have done much work for the state GOP. This whole thing was but a sham to keep out the nasty Sussex Tea Party types. I wouldn't call Nellie Jordan a close friend, but I've worked with her through the years and with the recent death of my husband, even Read more

Rt. 1 PAC, Cartel Of Deception

A new Delaware Political Action Committee formed in October of 2012, and fronted by a blogsite called, "Delaware Right" is a deception created by Republican left-of-center moderates, posing as conservatives to eliminate the "Tea-Party Conservative Republicans from having a voice in party politics. Since Karl Rove, Reince Priebus and John Sigler have declared war on the conservative wing of the Republican Party, along with the death of Conservative Sussex County Chairman Jerry Wood in December 2012, this movement has been gaining speed in Delaware. The PAC had its beginnings in October of 2012, founded by moderate republicans posing as true conservatives. Funded by wealthy developer-entrepreneur Daniel Anderson of Rehoboth Beach, with a single donation of $100,000, the PAC's blogsite Delaware Right's writer is Frank Knotts, a devout left-of-center republican, who suddenly says he's "seen Read more

Is Obama’s Goal To Make GOP Look “Extreme”

Republican strategist Karl Rove says President Obama has abandoned any thought of "substantive achievements" in his second term and will push instead to make Republicans "look extreme" to help the Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections. "I think the President was basically declaring his administration is not longer about substantive achievements," Rove told Fox News' Sean Hannity, Monday evening. "It's about positioning, about making the Democratic Party be more popular with his coalition, and try and win the 2014 elections by making the Republicans look extreme." I think Rove is correct in his analysis of Obama. His inaugural speech was more like a State of the Union speech and he seemed to put the Republican Party on notice that he would implement his extreme policies regardless of a Republican House. His speech was full of empty rhetoric, lacking any plan of action to implement Read more

A New Chairman For The Sussex County GOP

As I've said on this site in the past, Mr. Wood was an exceptional Chairman, hard worker and an effective statesman. I guarantee he will be difficult to replace but we have talent in Sussex County that could rise to the occasion and Mr. Rieley is certainly one of them, but not the only one. We need a Chairman that can take the reins under difficult circumstances and spend the enormous amount of time it takes to be the effective leader of such a diverse group. We need the type of person who will work with the entire party regardless of political ideology and include all, as Jerry did. Let's learn a lesson from Jerry's tenure as Chairman and not make a serious mistake. I suggest that we discuss this instead of writing a post that has the appearance of being a paid advertisement. We have until March elections to consider our options and carefully consider who best could lead the Sussex Read more

Republican Convention 2012-The Democrats Will Look So Small In Comparison

There were a few things that seemed a bit askew about this recent Republican Convention. I could have done with a little less Jeb Bush. All he kept saying on interview after interview is the GOP is going to have to soften its stance on immigration and I scratched my head. So allow me, as this is my job, to tell those in the upper echelons of our government that "our" stance on immigration is that the United States should have an orderly system based on some criteria on which we all agree. As for those illegal aliens who are here, including their precious children, come up with a system, make us an offer. Because we gave you politicians permission to grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens during the Reagan years. No system was set up to make the system work and this with technology skyrocketing in ability to track the entire planet should one so want. Now you politicos, and Read more

Protack and Ayotte Win Two Staw-Polls, In As Many Days

Protack and Ayotte have been sweeping though Sussex County like a steamroller gathering speed.  Monday's 35th District Meeting at Cindy's Green's finished garage, in Greenwood was a sweep for both Michael Protack and Don Ayotte in a straw poll.  Michael Protack  and John Sigler are candidates for the position of Republican State Chairman.  Donald Ayotte and Greg Lavelle are both candidates for the position of Vice Chairman. Chairman: Protack  20 Sigler      9 Vice Chairman: Ayotte    29 Lavelle  0 In a meeting of the Sussex Conservative Caucus on Tuesday, April 26th, at the Manor House in Lewes, another straw-poll was taken for both the Chairman and Vice Chairman with 32 members present.  The results were as follows: Chairman: Protack   29 Sigler       3 Vice Chairman: Ayotte   32 Lavelle  0 Many Sussex Countians spoke loudly Read more

The Pre-Morning After

Twenty-four hours from now we should all know the winners in these hard-fought races for US Senate & US Congress for the GOP. I have had this thought rattling around in my head for months now, and this has been posed in so many words on already. The GOP leadership has supported the candidates endorsed at the convention, but they went too far by attacking the other candidates in the race. What will happen with the Delaware GOP leadership if the party-endorsed candidates fail to get a victory in the primary election today? What if they find themselves with the candidate they attacked as the GOP-endorsed candidate for the general election?

NRCC Gives Rollins Campaign a boost

Courtesy of David Anderson via Wilmington News Journal: Delaware politics: National GOP program gives boost to Rollins' campaign By BETH MILLER • The News Journal • June 17, 2010 Congressional candidate Michele Rollins is "On The Radar" with the National Republican Congressional Committee's two-year-old Young Guns program, one of seven GOP women to make the list Wednesday. The recognition is meant to add credibility to Rollins' campaign for Delaware's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. "On The Radar" is the first of three levels in the program, which is designed to recruit and assist new candidates who demonstrate their ability to raise funds and campaign effectively. The next level is "Contender." The top level is "Young Gun." "I'm a mature young gun," the 65-year-old attorney and businesswoman joked Wednesday. "I was kidding with them about that." Rollins Read more

Which Party is more Welcoming of Immigrants?

Republicans are very much against illegal immigration and support tough enforcement, but they are more welcoming of legal immigration than Democrats or Independents according to a new Rasmussen Poll. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% favor a policy that would welcome all immigrants except “national security threats, criminals and those who would come here to live off our welfare system.” Just 26% disagree with such an approach, while 16% more are not sure. Support for a welcoming immigration policy is a bit higher among Republicans than it is among Democrats or voters not affiliated with either of the parties. Just 19% of GOP voters oppose a generally welcoming immigration policy. Opposition is at 28% among Democrats and 31% among unaffiliateds. These views have changed little over the past four years. However, 68% of voters nationwide say it is Read more

NRCC Blasts John Carney for not Looking Out for Jobs

When partisan politician John Carney was running for governor, he proposed a government-run healthcare plan that would have killed Delaware jobs by raising taxes on small businesses: “Lt. Gov. John Carney says if he is elected governor, he will make certain every Delawarean has affordable and accessible primary and preventive health care. He says universal access to quality care is critical for the state. In detailing his health proposals Thursday, Carney said he would look to subsidize the costs with…a payroll tax on employers. Under Carney's plan, those who don't offer coverage to employees would pay.” (“Carney calls for payroll, cigarette, taxes to pay for health care,” Associated Press, 4/4/08) Now that he’s running for Congress, Carney’s again refusing to stand up for Delaware jobs. When asked for comment recently on the healthcare bill before the Read more

Welcome to the Squishy Battleground State of Delaware

In 2010 Delaware is going to be getting a lot of attention for its Senatorial Race.  In fact it already is.  We haven’t even had a primary yet and the NRSC is trying to tell Delaware how to vote.  Sen. Cornyn, Chairman of the NRSC has made Rep. Castle his poster boy for championing moderates in the GOP.  According to Michael O’Brien of The Hill, Sen. Cornyn said,   "The world as it is in Delaware is that if Mike Castle didn't run, Beau Biden would be the next senator from Delaware."    I know that the party has its own strategies in order to accomplish its goals but in order to give Delaware true representation the citizens of the state need to make the choice of who their Senator’s and Representatives will be, not the national parties.  Perhaps Delaware will choose Mike Castle to be our next Senator, but that choice needs to be ours and no one else’s.  If outside Read more

GOP: Status Quo Or Giant Leap Forward ?

   As members of the GOP we are seeing across the nation a back lash against the policies and agenda of the Democrats in general and against Pres. Obama specifically.   From the bailouts, to cap-and-trade and of course against their plan to socialize health care. The American people are concerned and in some cases frightened of the direction the nation is being dragged  by an out of control congress and a president who wishes only to completely over-haul our economy and our very way of life.   We are seeing trends in many areas that lead us to believe that there will be a good chance for the GOP to make great gains in the 2010 and 2012 elections. We may not win back complete control in 2010, but we should see enough of a change to be able to put the breaks on some of this out of control spending and expansion of government.  If we look to polling we see a growing number of Read more

The ” Beau” Theory

  I have made no attempt to hide the fact that I am dissatisfied with the past performance of  Rep. Mike Castle in congress. I do not feel that he represents my views on what I consider to be key issues, such as the environment, smaller government, and family values.   Okay, so I have made my points based on his voting record and things that he has actually said. I have voiced my opinion that it is time for him to retire and for the GOP to support a candidate with the courage to move back towards the party's more conservative roots.   I also have made it clear that I support Christine O'Donnell in her run for the same senate seat that Mr. Castle believes should be his, merely because he wants it.  Many within the GOP have criticized Ms. O'Donnell and those who support her for not being team players. Many Republicans will tell you that Mr. Castle is the only one that can win Read more

Gangster Government

"In Chicago you have gangster government and Valerie Jarrett has been in the middle of that. She's been brokering power for a long time and the links she has with William Ayers and other nefarious characters in Chicago tell us what we've got in the White House itself," Congressman Steve King in today's Washington Observer.  With a year before the 2010 elections, it is heating up.  Last week, Governor Perry said the administration was marching toward socialism and his approval jumped 8 points.  Contrary to the notions that Republicans need to be seen making deals,  the mood of a substantial portion of the public is to see a contest of ideas and visions.  They want to hear it straight. From the Washington Observer  Who: Congressman Steve King (R-IA) What: Exclusive interview regarding Valerie Jarrett.   King Soundbite 1:   "Valerie Jarrett is a product of Chicago politics. Read more

Cry Out America

A Prayer meeting will be held at Noon on September 11 in both Kent and New Castle Counties. See the events page for details. CRY OUT AMERICA, NATIONWIDE PRAYER GATHERING When: September 11, 2009 Where: Kent County Courthouse (State Street on the Green) Dover, Delaware Time: Twelve Noon to 1:00PM Local Time What: Prayer gathering; focused prayer for community, friends and family and for the spiritual condition of our nation,\/

What’s Next For Palin – A View From Alaska

Alex Gimarc writes a weekly newsletter called Interesting Items. His newsletter covers national and Alaskian politics. His newsletter gave me the first gimplse of Sarah Palin when she ran for governor. I was awaiting his opinion on the Palin resignation, which arrived in my mailbox this afternoon. I'll share it with you below: Governor Sarah Palin announced Friday that she was going to be resigning as Governor of Alaska as of July 26. Replacing her will be Lt.Gov. Sean Parnell. Replacing him will be current Alaska National Guard Commander and Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Lt. Gen. Craig Campbell. Both Parnell and Campbell are superb individuals. The punditocracy went into instant overdrive with the announcement, with most of the leftists laughing their backsides off.  Most of the GOP insiders immediately blasted the decision, with some referring to it a quitting (using the very worst Read more

Finding Candidates For The 19th District

After Thurman Adams passed away this week, his 19th district state senate seat was vacated requiring a special election to occur. In an email sent out tonight, Eric "Bodie" Bodenweiser notified potential supporters that he is being interviewed by GOP leadership as a potential candidate in that special election. Bodie is currently the honorary chaplain of SCCOR. He is one of what I'm sure is a group of people interested in running. That list of names isn't published, but I would guess at least one person that might run for that seat. That person's win would lead to another special election, and so the cycle goes. No doubt there will be a Democrat on the ballot. I'm aware that there is a possible minor party candidate. This will all shake out soon enough, giving everyone an interesting summertime election. (crossposted on That's Elbert With An E) UPDATE: Due to some misunderstandings Read more

The Budget “SHOWDOWN” – Cathcart and Markell Both Working it Correctly

For the record, I am happy we have Dick Cathcart and Jack Markell, I really am.  These two are absolutely hardballers and having them in opposition right now over the budget is a great thing.  There should be fighting over this.  Never would I want to see happy bandwagoners supporting something as drastic as this budget will be, without asking hard questions.  No apologies to those who disagree with me, but you can not approve first and ask questions later. Others are leading you to believe that this is political grandstanding.  OK, but on whose part?  You can't single out either side, because, by acceptance of definition, they are all doing it! Markell and Cathcart, keep puffing your chests, because that is exactly what you should be doing!  All the pundits who ARE trying to curry favor to "their side" should hopefully come to understand that this is exactly how you get someone Read more