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Toll Wars MD v. DE

As someone who travels to the People’s Republic of Maryland, I am not excited about the latest round in the toll wars. Last year, Delaware went up on its tolls for weekends on popular tourist roads. This July, Maryland is waging its own war on out of staters by charging a new cash rate including to out of state EZ Pass users. Maryland EZ Pass users get a discounted rate.

The ultimate revenge is that Marylanders still get to use their resident discount when they leave to come shop in Delaware. Maybe Delaware should implement sanctions against Maryland firms that apply for state contracts and send that money to the highway trust fund until Delaware EZ Pass holders are no longer penalized.

Iranian Patrol Boats Fire on Singaporean Tanker in International Waters

by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer In the third recent incident involving Iranian actions against international shipping this year in the Persian Gulf, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) patrol boats have fired shots across the bow of the Alpine Eternity (a Singapore registered petrochemical tanker) in international waters. The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority issued the following statement on 5/14/15: "With regard to the reported shooting incident on 14 May 2015 (Singapore time), involving a Singapore-registered tanker 'Alpine Eternity' that took place in international waters, Singapore is deeply concerned with such actions.” The (MPA) has requested the Iranian maritime authorities to investigate the incident and prevent future recurrences. The freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce are of critical importance to Singapore and other maritime and Read more

Hogan Blazes a New Direction for Maryland–Can Delaware Emulate Him?

Delaware Conservatives may have a comeback example next door. Delaware is a more conservative state than Maryland. It is not a liberal state or a conservative state. It is rated by Gallup as the most moderate state. Democrats in Delaware knew not to give Republicans a gas tax and rain tax like O'Malley did. They told their governor thanks but no thanks. They have begun to feel the heat. If they regain their supermajority, who knows? Some Republicans have started to believe that neighboring Maryland could hold the key. Hogan ran a campaign focused on the discontent of Marylanders and the squeeze on the middle class. He targeted potential swing areas and won. He embraces and lives diversity. His wife is a Korean American and his Lieutenant Governor is African American. His executive order on the Judicial nominating commission included diversity on the courts being one of the objectives. Read more

NJ Democrats Blame Republicans for the Fact Their Candidate Said N-Word While Mooning People

You have to love the brazenness of Democrats. Their council candidate dropped his pants and mooned people while drunk in a diner 7 years ago. What made it worst was yelling the N-word and other profanities while doing it. Imagine if a Republican had done this 7 years ago. With this being public record, you think that he would have addressed this earlier and talked about how long he has been alcohol free. When it was revealed, he choose to drop out. What makes this a big story is the reaction of his fellow Democrats. It is the big bad Republicans fault. Really? Talk about tone deaf politics. If they spent time saying that this was unacceptable, but in the past and talk about the need for redemption and that the man is different today, I respect that. This I don't because it dismisses the offensiveness of the actions. I could vote for him sooner than them. At least he knows it was Read more

Chris Christie poised to take a huge chunk of the Latino Vote

UPDATE: Exit polls show Christie winning 51% of Latino voters, 57% of women voters, and 21% of black voters. The Democrat suffered from a gender gap with only 35% of men. Polls already showed him to be formidable against Clinton now he will head the Republican Governor's Association and ride a wave of a victor's pr. Taxpayer protection is safe in Colorado. Ken Cuccinelli almost pulled off an upset even with most of the GOP establishment writing him off prematurely as a backlash developed over Obama Care which showed once again why the shutdown strategy was bad policy and stupid politics. Mr. Ayotte is writing more on the VA race so I will refrain from more comments except to say that he became a victim of the new GOP Civil War. NJ Governor Chris Christie is poised to be reelected with a significantly larger majority than when he first won. His victory will include between 40 and 55% of Read more

New York City Poised to Allow Non-citizens the Vote

According to the Federalist Society blog. the New York City Council may have the votes to overcome a veto by Mayor Bloomberg.  This proposal would only affect local elections. What is the point of citizenship?  Should not someone who comes here, first pledge their allegiance to this country before determining who leads it?  If this passes and gets widespread attention, this type of legislation could undermine efforts to legalize millions of "undocumented" immigrants.  Is that what they really want or are they so confident of victory that they cannot resist showing their hand?  Either way this is not helpful to the nation.  While this will only apply to city elections, how will the inevitable confusion of people mistakenly showing up to state and national elections be handled?  Will their be ineligible votes?  Will people who want to look at the problem be called bigots, and the Read more

Bloomberg At It Again

NYC has to be paradise on earth because its mayor has nothing to do. Mayor Bloomberg, the Arch-Bishop of the Nanny State Tri-State Dioceses, has a new proposal. He wants to ban plastic food wrapping in restaurants, schools,and hospitals. In his final State of the City address, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will propose a citywide ban on plastic-foam food packaging, a non-biodegradable polymer environmentalists have derided for years. As reported by The New York Times, the ban will include takeout boxes, cups and trays, forcing restaurants and bodegas to restock. I think Mayor Bloomberg is trying to make an impact, but it's going to hurt the economy ultimately," said Jamar White, owner of Buffalo Boss on Fulton Street. "He's imposing, I think, an unfair burden on small business like myself who depend on inexpensive packaging that can do the job," White continued. "I understand it's a great Read more

Behind the Veil of the NY Gun Law

You had to wonder why a Republican led senate let Cuomo bully them into rushing through legislation in the opening days of the session that was so poorly drafted that it already has to be amended. Now we know of the bullying tatics used. Pay attention, this is a guy who may want to be the next President. Three days ago, the New York Times described the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pressure Democratic Governor Cuomo put upon the State Senate’s Republicans to join his gun control coalition, including Gigi Bowman’s upcoming opponent Marcellino. ‘First, there were threats, delivered in phone calls or through intermediaries,’ the Times reports. Describing what would happen to any Republican Senator who didn’t back the gun control measure, the publication continues, ‘He would seek to dissolve Read more

Will Pennsylvania Become a Right to Work State?

Tea Party Group backs Right to Work Bill; Says Workers Shouldn't Be Forced to Join Unions Harrisburg, PA (January 23, 2013) -- The Independence Hall Tea Party Association, the largest independent Tea Party group in the tri-state region, announced that it is supporting "Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative," which was the subject of yesterday's press conference held in the Capitol Building. Association members were on hand to support the bill. "It's about time Pennsylvania becomes a Right to Work state," said Association President Teri Adams. "With a Republican legislature and a Republican Governor, it's only logical that Right to Work legislation take center stage." "Right now, the economy and jobs are the biggest concerns of Pennsylvanians. "If Pennsylvania becomes the 25th Right to Work state, the business climate should improve significantly," Read more

NY Banned Police from their Standard Clips; MD and DE Rally for the Right to Bear Arms

Maybe the New York General Assembly wanted Police to lead by example when they banned clips above 7 bullets and forgot to exempt the police. After all, I am sure the criminals would go to lower clips voluntarily so they did not have an unfair advantage. What likely happened is in the rush to pass something before the public could study it, they passed a poorly crafted bill. Take a lesson from this my friends. Today, Marylanders rallied in support of their liberties and Delawareans will do so in Dover tomorrow. A Stealth federal citizen disarmament bill was introduced in Congress. H. R. 226 the “Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act,” would give tax credits for voluntarily turning guns into the government. For those who like a little humor or are new to the detailed arguments of the gun control debate, here is a funny video. It is great to Read more

Regional Politics January 2013

According to recent polling, PA Governor Corbett is in trouble polling around a 40% approval rating. Governor Chris Christie, on the other hand is at 73% approval. No one touches him in reelection. Governor Christie was popular before Superstorm Sandy, but his numbers have soared and he is the most popular governor in America. In Virginia, AG Ken Cuccinelli will need to bolster his public standing if the GOP is going to keep the Governor's mansion. His approval numbers are 29% and only 48% in his own party. Governor O'Malley is looking to burnish his left wing credentials with a breathtaking agenda of abolishing the death penalty, assault weapons ban, expanding off shore windpower (the only worthy item), and maybe a gas tax or sales tax hike for transportation on top of the two other tax hikes in his term of office. He already pushed in state tuition for illegal immigrants, same sex Read more

O’Malley Blames Everyone for Budget cuts

Maryland Governor Martin o’Malley is miffed at his failure to mug Marylanders with higher taxes and spending despite a huge majority in both houses.  He blames everyone in sight from himself to legislative leaders and even Republicans who had no power.  The truth is, they should be happy.  Maryland needed to cut spending not increase government.  O’Malley sees the world upside down.  As a Delawarean, I was hoping he would succeed and send more jobs and business across the border.  Maybe they can get together in a special session and continue the plunder of pockets.

Good News, Silly News

The good news is a woman charged with beating a transgender woman will be sentenced to prison, likely 5 years.  It is a conviction under assault and hate crimes laws.  It begs a question Why is it in Maryland 1st degree assault and a hate crime gets only 5 years? The silly news is that instead of answering that question, Governor Martin O'Malley D-MD has pledged greater protection to transgendered persons.  How?  Two laws were already broken.  What would have prevented the assault?  Should each transgendered person have a right to a body guard?  Maybe the Governor should review the lax sentencing guidelines in Maryland for assaults that cause serious bodily harm.  A person has the right to be safe whether they are male, female, or undecided.   The Governor does not need to pander to a group with a promise he cannot keep.  Instead he needs to work to make everyone safe. The Read more

Atheists Attempt to Bully NY 9/11 Memorial Committee

Two beams formed a cross and were about the only thing left standing after the 9/11 attacks.  It almost as if Christ himself was honoring the Priests who gave their lives comforting, aiding, and blessing the injured and dying.  It is part of the story that some radical godless bullies do not want told. The mere fact the beams resemble a cross and a church had preserved the beams and donated them to the memorial is deemed to disqualify them from the Memorial.  The president of the group spewed the following: The WTC cross has become a Christian icon," said Dave Silverman, president of the atheist group. "It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn't be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross. It's a truly ridiculous Read more

Traditional Marriage Wins in Maryland

In a stunning defeat for same sex marriage forces, the Maryland General Assembly referred the same sex marriage bill back to committee in order to avoid an outright defeat.  It is dead for the year.  Analysts predicted the more liberal Assembly would be the easy vote while the Senate would be the harder one.  It turned out that strong opposition from minority Democrat constituents along with solid Republican opposition upset the apple cart.  Pro-gay marriage forces refused to accept changing the bill into a civil union bill.  They wanted all or nothing in one step.  Many were also afraid of being humiliated by a failure at polls due to Maryland’s referendum provision.

Wisconsin Republicans Out-Maneuver Exiled Dems

Gov. Scott Walker must have consumed a lot of Charlie Sheen's favorite beverage of late - 'Tiger Blood.' After nearly three tumultuous weeks of protests, 24/7 media coverage and national attention in and around Madison, Wisconsin, state senate Republicans decided Wednesday night to use a procedural maneuver to push through an otherwise unpassable budget repair bill amongst a throng of stunned Democratic leaders, media and onlookers. The bill's measure effectively eliminates collective bargaining for public-sector employees in Wisconsin, except for wage bargaining. Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans attempted to negotiate with the missing 14 state senators who had disappeared across state lines to Illinois. The state senators' AWOL antics denied the Republican officials in Madison the necessary quorum it needed to go forward with the budget repair bill. In the end, the Read more

Interesting: Maryland Senate Democrats Propose Tuition Break for Illegal Aliens

Maryland Democrats are claiming they are bringing to the floor this week a bill which would allow the children of illegal immigrants to have in state tuition.  I think it is a misnomer because the children born here already get it.  It is about children who were brought here illegally getting resident rates. It is interesting at a time when budget cuts in higher education could mean higher costs.  There is actually merit to the proposal because the children did live in the state and are not the ones who broke the law.   I can see both sides of this one.  The children were not responsible for the choices of their parents, on the other hand you just said to the people who applied for student visas that you are dumb.  You should have just flown in on vacation and not left.  Then you could get a big discount.  It seems to reward circumventing the law.  What are your thoughts? I Read more

News Journal–Your Bias Is Showing

Maryland's State Senate passed a same sex marriage billwith one vote to spare.  The bill is now before the House Judiciary committee.  The Wilmington News Journal didn't quite have the same balance the Washington Post did in the first link.  In the copy editor's mind, it was the passage of the Marriage Equity bill.  If that were in the title of the bill, I would excuse it.  The fact they just pulled it out of the propaganda of the Gay Rights advocates tells me what I need to know.  There is no pretense of equal treatment on this issue.  I expect better when the issue comes to Delaware this spring. The good news is that people contacted the Senate in record numbers.  Outside of Montgomery County, the phone calls were running as high as 10 to 1 against even in Prince Georges County.  Maryland Democrats have over reached here.  I bet this will go to referendum. Read more

Now that all of the Problems are solved-Same Sex Marriage

Now that Maryland has solved its budget woes, has full employment, eliminated significant infant mortality, curtailed gangs, solved domestic violence, halted child molesters, cut taxes, and wait none of that has happened.   So why does the Maryland state senate want to engage in radical social experimentation?  Places that has engaged in it in North America has a significant movement to repeal it.  Maine just did, California did, and Iowa is on its way.  In Canada, the party that opposes it gained power.  I believe random experimentation with an institution which preceded civilization and enabled us to move from the caves to the International Space Station and to move from roving tribes to great nations is the height of arrogance.  It is a fool's errand, but Maryland Democrat leaders seem bent on running it.  Maryland readers, please call your senators today and let Annapolis Read more

Maryland Mayor Settles 3 Year Fight Over Drug Raid By PG County Swat Team

Mayor Cheye Calvo came home one day to find his dogs had been shot by Prince Georges County Maryland Swat Team. It turned out that he had gotten a package of Marijuana from Fed Ex. Some smugglers used his address. The idea seemed to be to pick it up before he had the chance to get a hold of it. 5 other people had similar experiences. Swat had a warrant, but not a no knock warrant. The raided his home, shot his pets and found nothing else. The county has finally settled after years of not even wanting to apologize even after they acknowledged that he "was likely innocent" and they did not have the proper warrant. It appears the Mayor held out for reforms in the system in Prince Georges County.  that is a positive step.  Our 4th amendment rights keep going  by the way side whether it is in random searches, national security letters, or guns blazing raids with no evidence of danger.  Read more

Maryland Interstate Abortion Haven

Thanks to William Donald Schaefer's signing a 1991 abortion act which put the state on the other side of a more sensible approach which was to sweep the nation, Maryland is a regional child killing haven. So much so that a doctor without a Maryland license set up shop in Cecil County to finish the second half of late term abortions from New Jersey. In Maryland, abortion mills do not have to meet the standards expected of surgical clinics. Thanks to the abortion distortion, safe and legal seems to compromise on the safe side. Naturally, even safe abortions leaves one client dead. Some legislators want to at least try to add to some standards. Will the Democrats running the People's Republic of Montgomery County and Baltimore allow the enslaved provinces to have sensible input? Delegate Michael Smigiel, R-Cecil, has introduced three bills intended to prevent anything similar from happening Read more

Toss the Kid in Jail

We pushed aside old fashion discipline as being unenlightened. The result is that schools became more about crowd control than they need to be. Learning has taken a back seat to survival for some students as they face daily harassment and bullying. With schools increasingly shackled when it comes to effective discipline and intervention, the alternative has been to criminalize everything. Children now face adult consequences for childish behavior. The lastest attempt to deal with a very real problem of bullying is this Virginia bill to make bullying a crimewith up to a year in jail. It is already a crime to assault people this would extend to harassment. The bill seems to have many good aspects, but it seems to head the wrong direction in dealing with a behavior problem. Giving kids criminal records and putting them with kids who can teach them to be criminals is counter productive in Read more