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Watchout Loony Left, I am BACK.

Delaware is suffering from the ravishes of the Loony left. There has been one voice that has stood up the insanity by calling out the nonsense over the past decade. That voice needs to be reenergized. Therefore I am back with weekly posts or more if I somehow find time while fighting homelessness, the drug epidemic, helping govern a city, family, church, military service as a reservist and full time work. I am also bringing on board a couple of new voices while keeping our beloved favorites Don and Wolf. It is time to take our state back. We do that with information. The Loony left's worst nightmare is realized. David Anderson is back with my hard hitting but optimistic, inclusive, and positive conservatism. The values of free markets, family, patriotism, Constitutionalism and individual freedom have a warrior who will champion their cause. We are not merely an alternative to Read more