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Why does the establishment hate Rand Paul?

Analysis In 2014, no one was a more valued and demanded booster for Republican U. S. Senate candidates than Rand Paul. He travelled the country fighting to elect conservatives, appeared in ads, and raised money. Paul was the among most popular Republicans in America not just in the party but among independents. While he no longer leads the field in the Presidential primary, he is the strongest in blue and purple states in a general election head to head with Clinton. His campaign kickoff was greeted by 1 million dollar neocon attack ad that accused him of supporting President Obama's foreign policy then went so far as to claim that he was dangerous to America. Paul responded that virtually everything in the ad was a distortion. He is a cosponsor to the bill that requires the Iran deal be sent to Congress and a signer of the open letter. He accused the group of always being in favor Read more

Delaware Politics National Conservative of the Year is Rand Paul

The freshman Senator from Kentucky has transformed the national conversation. We know Democrats couldn't care less about the people who work hard and play by the rules except around every 6 years when they are in a tough election, they toss around a minimum wage hike of a dollar over a couple of years to look like they are doing something. The Democrats couldn't care less about civil liberties. They complained about the Patriot Act and National Surveillance while falling all over themselves to expand it. They destroyed economic growth with a massive infusion of debt and blew most of a decade of opportunity. They engineered the devastation of the middle class then decide to launch a campaign against income inequality instead of one for greater wealth participation. They used to get away with it. Washington had two parties, the evil neo-socialist party and the clueless party running off Read more