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Income Inequality is the latest distraction from the real problem

Bait and Switch Still Works The hard left has a rallying cry. America is being victimized by rising income inequality. The 1% are oppressing the rest of us by virtue of being successful, they contend. I believe that is poppycock. How much Bill makes is none of your business unless he is taking it from you. If Bill creates something or provides some service/product that someone is willing to pay, Bill should be able to get whatever the market will bear. The thieves are those who would steal from Bill for redistribution. It does not matter whether it is a robber with gun or a tax collector with a CAC because Bill still unjustly loses his money. Sure it may not be "fair" that Bill makes billions and Joe makes thousands, but it is not fair that Joe did not give as much economic value to society as Bill. Why didn't Joe transform the world like Bill Gates did? Using the current dipolar Read more

The Corporate State and Administrative Regime

We ratified the United States Constitution this day in 1788. 226 years later, we are still governed by this beautiful expression of American self governance. Happy Constitution Day! Tim wrote a good post on the Constitution so I will not duplicate it. I would like to discuss the challenges to it. I think everyone recognizes that perpetual war is a constant challenge to civil liberty and the scope of government. Thanks to the global situation, this is a reality and we must guard ourselves against over reach in the name of national security. I will continue to advocate for civil liberty in time of war. What is often less though of on my side of the aisle is the rise of the corporate ownership of power and wealth. On the left, what is often not thought of is the rise of the Administrative bureaucracy supplanting elected officials. Over the coming months, I would like to challenge Read more

Port of Wilmington Bill Up Thursday

UPDATE: House Passed with an amendment on a 40 to 0 vote. SB 3 w/SA 2, Senator Marshall's bill to provide an extra step of General Assembly approval before the Port of Wilmington is privatized by lease, sale, or other transfer is on the agenda in the house tomorrow after passing the Senate last week. The House Economic Development/ Banking/ Insurance/ and Commerce Committee voted to release the bill today. It is reported that an amendment to expedite the approval process by sending any privatization proposal to the Joint Bond Bill committee then requiring its report to be voted up or down by the General Assembly, will be presented. Read more

From Disobedience To The Birth Of A Nation.

Ten years before the writing of the Declaration of Independence, on May 30th, 1765, a significant number of the members of the Virginia House of Burgesses wanted to take a stand against the British Parliament's assertion of power. Among them, was a radical named Patrick Henry. A French Traveler who watched with Thomas Jefferson, who considered himself a student at the time, recorded that the Speaker of the House said that Henry had spoken treason for invoking the names of Brutus and Cromwell. Henry backed down and asserted his loyalty to the crown in an avalanche of rhetoric. When Henry's rhetorical assertion of his loyalty ended and the the House of Burgesses moved on to resolutions, Henry put forth this Resolution. It was the 5th Resolution. Resolved Therefore that the General Assembly of this colony have the only and sole exclusive right and power to lay taxes and impositions Read more