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Bipartisan Statement by Delaware Statewide Officials and Legislative Leaders on Charlottesville

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 14, 2017 A Joint Statement By Elected Leaders of Delaware We join together to denounce the intimidation and violence perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, and to make clear that such conduct will not be tolerated here in Delaware. We come from different backgrounds, different parties, and different parts of the state. Some of our colleagues have relatives who served and died fighting the Nazis in World War II. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were imprisoned and killed in Nazi-run concentration camps. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were enslaved and oppressed when white supremacy was permitted by law here in the United States. All of us, together, reject the white supremacist and Nazi views espoused last weekend in Charlottesville, and condemn the behavior and violence that accompanied Read more

Senator Tom Carper on Charolettesville

Last weekend in Charlottesville, we saw a display of hatred and bigotry from a shameful group of small individuals that took aim at our neighbors, friends, families and our country itself.  The United States of America is built upon the principle that every man and woman should have equal opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In Charlottesville, bigots took to the streets to violently proclaim that this sacred right belongs only to certain people. They are wrong. They are cowards, and those who maintain neutrality in the face of such clear evil are cowards, too. We all have a moral obligation to stand up to this hatred. This has been a trying week for our nation. But it gives me great hope to see that countless Delawareans and Americans, from every walk of life and from every corner of our country have stood up, spoken out and condemned in unequivocal terms the Read more

Heather Heyer

I was not able to catch the memorial service of Heather Heyer until after the fact. It was a beautiful event. She was by all accounts, a great American. She gave her life for the virtues and values that make America great, as the pledge says, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. To quote her father, “She loved people; she wanted equality,” he said. “On the day of her passing, she wanted to put down hate.” That stands in contrast to the terrorist leader, Justin Moore, the leader of the Grand Dragon for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina. "He was sorta glad people got hit and that girl died because they were communists opposed to free speech", he declared to Fox News. I think choosing sides is an easy exercise here. May GOD give us all the courage to stand up for justice. Read more

Will the Rebel Flag finally move In South Carolina?

America's most diverse statewide leadership is in South Carolina. The Senators are two men, one black and one white. The governor is a woman of Asian Indian descent. Incidentally, all of them are Republicans. Yet some try to paint the state as some Bastian of racism because of its history and the fact that it still takes pride in valor of its Southern past. It was the fire eater state that spread flames of disunity which almost split the nation forever and plunged us into civil war. Racism has been a stain upon the state. Roof tried to tap into that to start a new race war. Instead, everyone sees the new South Carolina. It is imperfect, but we see thousands of people of all ethnicities standing together in love and unity. Governor Nikki Haley kicked off the movement when she gathered leaders all across the state to join her in this statement. Leave it to a woman to show the strength Read more

Responding to the Charleston Massacre

The face of evil changes, but its heart does not. The hatred of Dylann Roof exceeded his humanity. It is said that he stated he almost did not go through with the killing because the people were too nice to him. They welcomed him with open arms, but he did not even treat them with the dignity that one would give to a stray dog as he gunned down people as they closed their eyes to pray. Dylann Roof says that he did not grow up in a racist family, judging from the reaction of his family, I believe it. I can barely imagine the shock, shame and disgrace they must feel. In his manifesto, Roof explains his transformation. It may provide some insight into heading off future Roofs. Cicero, he is not. In fact, he is not even up to the level of the Turner Diaries, which spawned a small but new generation of White Supremacy race warriors in waiting. There is not likely to be scores of warriors Read more

Identity Justice

The killing of an unarmed Michael Brown, who was black, in one-sided shoot out with a police officer who was white in Ferguson, Missouri set off a national firestorm. At the epicenter were protests by many and even riots by a criminal subset , then came the rest of the story. It appeared the unarmed man attacked an armed Policeman in his own squad car. He attempted to take his weapon, injuring the officer. When he came back toward the officer, the officer naturally would not allow him another attempt. He shot and killed him. That is one incredible turn of events. Not so said some witnesses. The gentle giant was gunned down for failing to walk on the sidewalk. Others seem to give a different tale. Who is right? I am not sure anyone knows outside of those who have the secret grand jury evidence and testimony. I cannot make a judgment or take sides without the information needed Read more

In Delaware, They Lynch Negros, Part II

Cross-posted in While Dealing with the "Dover Human Relations Commission's" (DHRC) Response To Action Form, " I will address the alleged assault and attempted lynching of Mr. Henry Fordham. I will include information in the Response To Action Form as well as modus operandi of other alleged lynchings as well as conclusions from investigative political activists. Before launching into fresh material, I will briefly refresh the reader of the alleged lynchings of two African Americans in or about Silver Lake Park in Dover Delaware. On Sunday October 17, 2010, a 19 year-old Wesley College student from Edison, New Jersey was found hanging from a tree suspended by two belts linked together, in an alley off of the 200 block of Governor's Ave. in Dover. Charles Conley was a well-liked, athletic and intelligent young man, with no apparent reason to commit suicide. Although Read more

In Delaware, They Lynch Negros

Research by: Donald Ayotte Doug Beatty Dr. Jahi Issa EShed Alston Part one Yes, I admit plagiarizing my headline from the movie, "The great Debaters," starring Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker, and I also admit, we are far from Marshall Texas and 1935, or so I and many others had thought. This story starts in Dover Delaware on October 17, 2010. A young African American Man, a Wesley College student and star athlete from Edison, New Jersey was found hanging from a tree in an alley off of the 200 block of North Governors Ave in Dover. Charles Conley was found hanging from two belts linked together, according to his mother. Conley was a well liked intelligent young man, with apparently no reason to commit suicide. Although Conley's friends, family and neighbors lend little credibility to the Dover Police's ruling of suicide in Conley's untimely and violent death, the case Read more

Institutional Corruption and Racism Are Alive in Delaware

Co-written By: Don Ayotte and Doug Beatty Cross-posted in Myself and others from The Independent Party of Delaware attended an arbitration hearing on Tuesday May 28th at the Carvel Building in Wilmington. The meeting was held to arbitrate a grievance of dismissal in the case of Dr. Jahi Issa, an African American History Professor at Delaware State University. I expected a modicum of professionalism and courtesy but what we were all confronted with was one of the worst examples of institutional racism and corruption that I've ever personally witnessed. In the room for this ten and a half hour hearing were a large and diverse group of activists and supporters from as far as Atlanta Georgia and Philadelphia. Many local Delaware Black and White activists arrived to show support for what has become known as the "worst case of institutional corruption and racism," that Read more

Dead Party Talking

Guest Post By: Doug Beatty On May 1 2013 Delaware Politics administrator Don Ayotte graciously allowed me to enter a guest post on the plight of my colleague, Dr. Jahi Issa. Interestingly enough, a vociferous anonymous poster began making comments on that post accusing Dr. Issa of racism and forwarding the position that Dr. Issa should have been arrested by campus police and fired for being a “black supremacist” and “racism” and “preaching exclusion” among other perceived crimes of thought. When this anonymous poster had their card pulled for lying, they simply changed to another anonymous name and kept up with the same lies. This person showed inside knowledge of the case and Delaware State University and academia in general, but they refused to identify themselves or agenda. When I informed this poster that I would find out who they were a general outcry Read more