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Delaware Compromise Saves Transportation Funds

Delaware Republicans forced Democrats to compromise and begin reforms to address the prevailing wage anomaly and remove some administrative costs from the transportation trust fund. Senate Republicans used their new status to block the fee hikes which required a super majority that Democrats no longer had. Democrats used to being able to pass whatever they wanted with their own numbers on budgetary matters played a game of chicken until the last minute. To their credit, they came to the table and negotiated a compromise opposed by the unions to link the prevailing wage more to the federal survey not one made up by local unions. Local governments were relieved that the cuts threatened by the JFC eliminating road maintenance did not materialize because of the deal. The state will now have a minimum amount to continue approved road projects and maintenance and begin to address the longer Read more

Wage Pressures Mount

I received this email from one of our readers. A local union is concerned about an out of state contractor using cut rate labor at a local mall. I think it illustrates the pressure that business is under to cut costs and the pressure that will put on our families. It is a vicious cycle with no winners. I am not taking sides on this one. Hello, my name is Al Martino I am a representative of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #1 Pa.- De. Whether you are pro union or not everyone should be concerned with what's happening across the Delaware Valley. The blueprint for attacking local workers is being drawn up at Christiana Mall with their contracting policies. Hiring out of area construction contractors to renovate their mall has devastated local construction workers and their families. It is well within their rights to get the best prices but when the prices come Read more

Let’s play cut that budget.

Our leaders in state government are grappling for ways to keep government afloat.  I think the revenue shortfall will not be as bad as now projected any more than it was as good as projected 3 months ago.  Nonetheless, they are the best numbers we have and we have to make tough decisions.  Our leaders could use fresh ideas.  Let's play cut that budget. Here are my top ten in no order of priority. Repeal the  new prevailing wage law because it is not the real prevailing wage.  I am all for a decent living wage in government contracts, but it makes no sense to cancel projects and have no wages.  Balance is a good thing. Allow more competition in the state supplier list by opening it up to new suppliers every quarter for mundane items and simplify the process.  Many times it is cheaper to go to Sam's or Staples than buy from the state's approved list.  If a company can come up with Read more