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Should the Alleged Victim Charles DePrisco Be Charged With Perjury?

At the recently concluded Bodenweiser trial, I witnessed the commission of the crime of Perjury in the 1st Degree. Two Deputy Attorneys General, a Delaware State Police Detective and a Superior Court Judge also witnessed the crime. During the Bodenweiser trial, the alleged victim, Charles DePrisco was placed under oath and said that he had been completely truthful with the information he had presented to the authorities during course of several police interviews. The definition of the words complete and truth were given to him on the stand to ensure that he understood. In one of his initial statements back in 2012, DePrisco said he’d had no further contact with Eric Bodenweiser after the activity he alleged ended. According to DePrisco, the alleged activity ended during the spring of 1990. Due to the nature of the crimes he alleged, he said he was highly motivated not to ever have Read more