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Profitable Alternative Polution Control For Delaware’s Inland Bays

Guest Post By: David O. Rickards Duckweed is an aquatic floating plant which is native, fast growing, and should be an essential part of any comprehensive plan to lower nutrients from reaching our inland bays. If our drainage system were used appropriately we would be able to lower pollution enough to allow the colonization of freshwater mussels. Pollution has reduced the number of these important filtering animals by over 90%. Each adult mussel is capable of filtering between 5 and 15 gallons of water daily; therefore a bed of 500 thousand would be equivalent to having a small wastewater treatment plant in that drainage system. Sussex's drainage system connects to several rivers such as the Pocomoke, the Indian River and St. Martins. These major ditches need to be used in order to reduce non-point source pollution from reaching our bays. Birdsong Gardens was a subcontractor for Read more