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Gallup: Top 11 Questions the People Would Ask

The well anticipated debate is tonight. Often the debates focus on questions that we the people are not asking. I find most of these questions intriguing and on point. A couple do not belong in a federal debate but on the state stage, for instance education is not a question for the President. The low confidence goes away with accomplishment. I am more concerned with Iran, the military and the Russo-Chinese axis. Gallup had this take on the questions the people would like asked. If the American people were running the Republican debate Thursday night, here are the questions they would ask the candidates -- based on our latest assessment of what the people say are the most important problems facing the country today. No gotcha questions or efforts to stump the candidates or push them off their talking points, just sincere questions from the people to help them understand how these Read more

Delaware’s “Well-Being” Index Drops

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer. Delaware's "Well-Being" Index has dropped for 2014, according to the annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The study, conducted via telephone survey, asked about 2.1 million people nationwide on their perceptions of purpose as well as social, financial, community and physical factors. Healthways company officials claim that levels of "well-being" correlate with health care utilization and cost and productivity measures that, in turn, affect economic competitiveness. Delaware's well-being score now ranks 38th among the 50 states. This translates to a drop of 10 places from the previous 2013 study. In comparison, the surrounding states in the Mid-Atlantic Region ranked as follows: Pennsylvania (35th), New Jersey (34th), and Maryland (29th). The First State's rankings in the survey's ranged from 11th in the social to 47th in the community Read more

Oops: Maybe Romney Would Have Been Better

Should have, could have.   A new poll says that voters wish they choose Romney over Obama.   Sure now you think this.   The same Quinnipiac  poll says President Obama is the worst President since WW2.   74%  of Democrats are still happy with their choice.  Republicans were never on board, but Independents are abandoning the President.  That doesn’t bode well for Democrats this November. The poll also shows the polarization of this country.  Democrats still despise Bush 43 making him the second most unpopular President in modern times.  I guess Nixon and Johnson finally have company at the bottom

Rand Paul’s Drone Position Supported by Overwhelming Numbers

Only 13% of the American people surveyed by Gallup recently, support drone strikes on against American citizens on American soil while 79% oppose. 65% support them as a weapon of war on enemy soil against terrorists or enemy forces. Significant majorities do not want them used on American soil even against terrorists. In other words, we stand with Rand. So much for the dummies who pretend to be political analysts and John McCain who thought the American people could not distinguish between the two concepts.Most intriguing is the fact that a similar survey in February, gave 50% to 45% opposition. Now with a month of debate, it is 79 to 13%. Leadership matters. Engagement matters. It is why our side has to stop ducking issues and engage them intelligently.

Same Sex Marriage a Disaster for Obama

The President is in big trouble in North Carolina, where he went from even to down big and is now in the margin of error in national polls including down in Rasmussen and CBS. He is losing swing states. All of the bondage to gay bundlers may be taking a toll with GOD fearing voters. It would be fitting to see the house of cards called the Democrat party fall due to failed attacks on the core values of America.

Do You Approve of GOD’s Job Performance?

Americans are not happy with Democrats, Republicans and a large percentage are even unsure of GOD's job performance according to a new Public Policy Poll.  52% approved of GOD's job performance while 40% were unsure.  Only 9% disapproved, but they were struck by lightning and unavailable for follow up questions. (Joke) Obviously GOD has huge positive to negative ratings that our leaders would only dream of having.   Still the fact that GOD has an approval rating of 52% shows two things, a general discontent and the fact 40% of Americans surveyed either were off put by the question or have a crisis of faith.  If almost half of those surveyed cannot even manage an approval of the GOD of the universe, what chance do politicians have?   They just have to do the best they can then the public will appreciate success. Conservatives are, as expected, more likely to approve of GOD's performance, Read more

Huckabee Leads the Pack

Actually at 21% of primary voters to 19% for Palin and 18% for Romney, it is in the margin of error with Palin and Romney right behind in the latest CNN poll.   Gingrich and Paul round out the top 5.   Also interesting is that around 51% have decided they are not likely to vote for the President.  Polls this far out only matter in fundraising and organization, things can change as the race gets close to the primary dates.

GOP Brand IS Back; Democrats Have Partial Recovery

The GOP has a net positive image with the public for the first time since 2005 according to Gallup.  Other polling shows John Boehner is the most popular figure in the government by a net positive measure with Mitch McConnell not far behind.  Real Clear Politics has the GOP with a healthy lead in the generic ballot.  Democrats have recovered from their lows though more people see them unfavorably.  I referred to this as an era of good feelings.  Let's see how long it lasts with the Middle East in flames.  Still the Democrats would be the losers in that scenario. The GOP has some challenges.  46% of Palin supporters would consider voting for a third party if she doesn't win the nomination.  1/3 of the party wants anyone but Palin to the point that 1/3 of the Romney and Huckabee supporters would seriously consider voting for a third party if she is the nominee.  It is not insurmountable, Read more

We Know Who Creates Jobs

Business not government.  Half of Democrats don't get it, unfortunately they are the half that run the party. President Obama argued strongly in his State of the Union speech last night for a bipartisan effort to create jobs, but most Americans think the best thing government can do is get out of the way. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Adults think decisions made by U.S. business leaders to help their own businesses grow will do more to help create jobs in America than decisions made by government officials. Just 24% say decisions made by government officials to help the economy grow will do more. Sixteen percent (16%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) Yet while 79% of Republicans and 58% of adults not affiliated with either of the major political parties think decisions by business leaders will do more to create jobs, Read more

Since He Has Been Quiet

Now that people are forgetting the socialist musing of Vice President Biden, his soft approval in poll numbers are up. We are in a flash of good feelings except for the despised Nancy Pelosi. People like the tax and stimulus deal which is bringing hope and growth to the economy. The same polling has The Speaker with positive numbers with increasing favorable ratings. The President has been at 50% for consecutive days for the first time in a year. Good feelings abound for both parties. I say don't forget. Vice President Biden thinks every great innovation came because of government. It did not. Most innovations came because government didn't hinder the brilliance of the free individual. The government has issued well over 7 million patents (the 8 millionth should happen in 2012) with at least 5 million coming from Americans. Now less the statists get confused, a patent is not a grant by Read more

Don’t Mess With Rasmussen

The left wing critics of Rasmussen polling are just out to lunch.  Rasmussen captured the trends of 2010 earlier than most other pollsters.  When he did the same in 2006, the left wing critics did not find fault with him.  The final results are out.  Compare Rasmussen to the results.  Rasmussen correctly predicted the outcome of 33 of 36 senate races and every house race it followed.   The other 3 races show the limits of polling which should be instructive. It wasn't a poll problem.  No matter how much I point out that polls are snap shots and not destinations, people --even some media-- want to conflate them into elections.   2 of the Senate races were too close to call.  When a race is in the margin of error a week out, it is likely to be determined by turnout operations and late momentum.  Alaska is a great example.  Joe Miller got exactly what he polled in the last Read more

The Gap Closes

Feel the Momentum Baby. I love it. Urquhart is within 7 and closing. O'Donnell is within 10 and closing hard. Don't be surprised to see Congressman Urquhart. And maybe just maybe, Senator O'Donnell. Oops, a liberal head just exploded call 911. For those who are wondering what is up with the FDU Public Mind poll and why is it so different than the rest, here is my explanation. First the poll tends to overstate Democratic support just like it did with Governor Corzine in NJ. The generic ballot in it shows 11 point Democratic lead. That is bogus. No other poll shows that. It was a decent sample size (not as large as the Monmouth), but it polled over 7 days. 4 of those 7 days corresponded to a low point in GOP support. In addition to being skewed to the Democrats, it took a snap shot at a poor time which does not reflect current trends. The Monmouth poll uses recent data which is 2 to 4 days Read more

Christine beats Chris: Castle loses Ground but still leads

UPDATED with Statement by O'Donnell at the end: The argument for Congressman Castle is that he is inevitable.   Rasmussen has just changed Delaware from being safe to leaning GOP.  Congressman Castle still looks safe, but he dropped below 50% for the first time against Tax hiker Chirs Coons who is still mired in the 30's versus either Castle or O'Donnell who both go into 40's.  Mr. Castle is at 47% and Ms. O'Donnell is at 41%.  The fact that Christine has a chance in the general may make the primary more competitive though he is still the front runner.  Conservative voters may be more comfortable going with their heart.  Time will tell. O'Donnell for Senate issued a response to the poll as always candidate releases are the view solely of the candidate and not necessarily Delaware Politics. The Following statement was released by Christine O'Donnell in response the Rasmussen Read more

Ehrlich leads in latest poll

Jack Markell seems to have a thankless task overseeing the demise of the Democrat majority in the statehouses.  Former Governor Bob Ehrlich is loved by the people personally and that seems to be translating into poll numbers. According to the Magellan poll, Mr. Ehrlich was preferred by 46 percent of state voters to 43 percent for Mr. O'Malley, a close political ally of President Obama. About 4 percent of those polled preferred another candidate and 7 percent were undecided. The spread was within the poll's 3.5 percent margin of error, but another finding suggested more political troubles for the Democratic incumbent. Only 41 percent of Maryland voters said they had a favorable opinion of the governor, compared to 45 percent with an unfavorable opinion. For Mr. Ehrlich, 51 percent of voters reported having a favorable opinion vs. 32 percent with a negative opinion. Read more

49% Say Dems too Liberal – Gallup

The latest Gallup Poll has 49% of the respondents as saying that Democrats are too liberal.  In 2008 this number was 39%.  I’ve got to say Obama is doing wonders. Those who view the Democrats as having “about right” views is 38%. 41% of the Repondents labeled the Republicans as being “about right” on thier views. The increase in the view of the Democratic Party as being “too Liberal” came in large part from the views of Independents. In 2008 Independents who described Democrats as “too Liberal” stood at 40%.  In 2010 that number has risen to 52%. Obama and the Democrats have been pushing their far left agenda and people are starting to notice.

Democrats trending lower

Gallup shows Republicans having the largest lead on the generic ballot in the history of their polling. Rasmussen shows a consistent solid lead as well. Rasmussen also notes that Democrat identification by voters is a record low for the history of the poll. Increasing regulation of the financial system by the government has only 37% support while 46% oppose it. I guess that avenue will not work for Democrats. 80% of Americans surveyed favor auditing the Federal Reserve. Read more

Why Toomey Will Win

Congressman Sestak received a well deserved bounce from his primary victory. For the first time, he has a narrow lead in race for U. S. Senate over former Congressman Pat Toomey. That same polls internals has a lot of good news for Mr. Toomey. Mr. Sestak has pretty much maxed out his base of support. He is in the high eighties among Democrats, proponents of health care deform, and those who approve of the President. Toomey is in the mid 70% of his larger group. He leads among independents and has solid Republican support. He is also viewed more favorably by voters.  I never doubted that Mr. Sestak is a more formidable candidate, but it will be all for naught. All of the space for upward momentum is with future Senator Toomey. Read more

Paul Jeparodizes Senate Victory–Not

Paul has a 25 point lead. He has been leading all year and has 33% who strongly favor him which is higher than President Obama nationally. Also interesting is that Governor Perry is building a bigger and bigger lead. 51 to 38%. Governor Jan Brewer was left for dead last year is now the front runner. Voters like a fighter. Linda McMahon knows how from co-owning the WWE. She has pulled within 3 of AG Bluementhalin the Connecticut Senate contest. Rubio has an 8 point lead over Crist in Florida. What does this mean? It is not an anti-incumbent year. It is an anti-big government year. Whether it is a newcomer like Paul or an old timer like Perry it is the position on expansive government that they have in common.  Far from the values of the "Tea Party movement" being a liability, they really are shared by the plurality of Americans. What we have is a revival of Constitutionalism. Read more

A Message for All People and for All Times

It is doesn't matter the color you are as long your blood was red. Polling confirms this fact. 78% of Americans believe in the Resurrection, including 99% of Evangelicals. So much for the hope of the secularists in the media who want Christianity to go away. The power of the Resurrection is timeless and is for all people. Nearly as many adults (81%) believe that Jesus was the son of God who came to Earth and died for our sins. Ten percent (10%) don't think that's true, and nine percent (9%) are not sure. Read more

Republicans gain; Steele Critics Launch American Crossroads

Karl Rove and company are taking advantage of  RNC missteps and Launching American Crossroads to fund candidates across America.  I wondered why Mr. Rove would be publicly discouraging people from giving to the RNC until I found out that he launched his own organization.  Since the questions about RNC financing Republicans have gained on the generic ballot for all Americans and hold steady with likely voters. 54% of American likely voters favor repeal of health care deform and now voters trust Republicans far more than Democrats on this issue 53 to 37%. The health care vote also destroyed trust in Democrats to deal with the abortion issue (down to 32% for Dems) and taxes are also an 18 point advantage for Republicans. Read more

Poll Numbers Still Sour

The President has generated some improvement among Democrats with his passage of Health Care Deform Legislation. The problem is not too many others like it. 50% say it is bad for the country. His Gallup numbers match his low. The lastest Rasmussen numbers give a 14 point spread between strong approval and strong disapproval. His over all numbers are 47% approve and 52% disapprove with 1% still waiting for the Friday night hangover to clear up (I added the last part.) So much for the bounce of gratitude, I guess the announcements of benefit cuts and possible layoffs due to the bill dimmed any bounce.

A Poll that has to annoy Libs

Republican David Vitter has a 23 point lead in his reelection to the Senate seat in Louisiana. Issues matter more than personal attacks. That is a lesson for both sides. The hand wringing wimps on our side who wanted Vitter to resign haven't been heard from all year. They are too busy tripping over themselves to be seen backing a winner. The fact is that Vitter sought redemption. That makes him humble. No matter what, we all need redemption. We may not have made fools out of ourselves and hurt those who love us like Vitter did, but we all have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD. We all need redemption. Voters, being human, can relate to that fact. They will be happy to be a part of his redemption as long as he opposes health care deform. The Senator who would be in trouble is the one who sold the voters out for deal. That is something they are far less forgiving about. The Read more