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Holder Slams Ferguson Police Discrimination

Exoneration of Darren Wilson Brings more Protests for Ferguson Residents, In The Wake Of DOJ,s Announcement Eric Holders scalding speech of the Ferguson Police Department's racial practices incited more protests that resulted in two more people being arrested. Holder quoted statistics and individual accounts of police brutality and bias while enforcing the law. After an extensive investigation, the DOJ found that there existed, an extreme imbalance in the way law is enforced when it came to African Americans and European Americans. It was found in an investigation by the Justice Dept. that a disproportionate use of force was used toward blacks by the city's police force. "The highly toxic environment created by years of problems explains why Ferguson was set off like a power keg, after Michael Read more

Civil Liberties or “Le Nouveau Police State,” The People Must Decide

This question has quickly become the issue that is on the front burner of American politics. There are clearly two sides to this question and they are sharply divided on the question of how the country should proceed. One side originates with the law enforcement community and their supporters. According to recent casual conversation with one DSP Officer, he feels that the world has changed and disagreed with my statement that, "I don't believe that state and local police should have become a para-military force that stifles the citizens' civil rights." He believes that police are being unjustly targeted. I agree with him on some of the recent situations that have gone down. Especially on the issue of the two officers in NYC that were simply doing their job when they were assassinated. Many, including myself do not agree that attacking innocent police that are simply doing their Read more

The Rise of a National Police State

At 68, I've lived to view and differentiate the vast change in America that has caused a chasm and paradigm shift in the way the police force is trained and taught. There exists a shift is the way police view the public. The slogan, "To Protect and Serve" has disappeared from the cars of most municipal police forces. Why, you might ask; because that is not longer their objective. I'll start my remembered journey of police and their mindset in the middle 1950's when I was about nine years old. I was taught by my parents to respect the authority of "Peace Officers." In the 1950's, things were different in America, there was a real sense of country and patriotism. One must understand that WWII had just been won less than a decade earlier and the Korean War was just ending. In my memory, the local police and Sheriffs were there to protect and serve and for the most part, they did. Read more

The Police Shooting of Michael Rogers, An Interview With His Mother

This is a follow-up of this earlier post.…-longer-theory/, Cross-posted on Before I start, Mrs Rogers stated that she has nothing against the state police; Her father, George Tidwell was Captain of DSP Troop 4 in Georgetown in the 1950's When I arrived at the house of Michael Rogers, a rural Georgetown address on Deep Branch Rd, I thought what a nice quiet country setting, nothing could destroy this peaceful setting. I was wrong! On August 1st, a 53 year-old Master Mason, (brick) Michael Rogers was sleeping at his home around 10pm when a knock came at the door. His mother Lorraine 87, opened the door to Delaware State Police Officer, Matthew Morgan, a three year veteran of the force. He requested Read more

The ‘Police State’ Of Delaware Is No Longer Theory

Cross-posted on Michael Rogers and DSP Officer Mathew Morgan had a meeting on August 1st that did not bode well for Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers a 53 year-old man was at his home at 22507 Deep Branch Rd. just five miles east of Georgetown on a quiet country road in Sussex county, when a knock came at the door that would change his life. Mathew Morgan, a young Delaware State Police veteran of three years came to the house that Rogers was sharing with his elderly mother, to investigate an alleged hit-and-run incident on a parked car in Millsboro. The events that occurred during that home investigation defy explanation. Apparently the officer questioned Mr. Rogers about a hit and run incident on the parked car, and Mr. Roger denied the allegations and asked the officer to Read more